Meaning and Lyrics of DON’T SEND ME FLOWERS by Sorana

Song Lyrics meaning of DON’T SEND ME FLOWERS by Sorana

About Sorana

Sorana is a talented musician known for her unique blend of indie pop and electronic music. She gained recognition with her hit song “Don’t Send Me Flowers,” which captivated audiences with its catchy hooks and soulful lyrics. Sorana’s music is characterized by her emotive vocals and experimental production, creating a sound that is both contemporary and fresh. With her distinct style and powerful storytelling, Sorana continues to captivate listeners and establish herself as a rising star in the music industry.
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Meaning of DON'T SEND ME FLOWERS by Sorana

The song “Don’t Send Me Flowers” by Sorana seems to convey a message of emotional complexity and a plea for sincerity and understanding in a relationship. The lyrics in the snippets indicate a mix of symbolism associated with different types of flowers and the emotions they represent.

In the pre-chorus, the mention of “Lilacs for all the lies” suggests a sense of betrayal or deception, possibly addressing past falsehoods within the relationship. “Daisies for days that I cry” paints a picture of vulnerability and sadness, where the narrator seems to equate tears with the simplicity of daisies. “Orchids when I wanna kiss” could allude to a desire for intimacy or passion, as orchids are often seen as symbols of love and sensuality. Finally, “All I need is your tulips on mine” may signify a longing for connection and unity with the person being addressed.

Moving into the chorus, the repeated refrain “Don’t send me flowers on a night like this” emphasizes a sense of futility or insufficiency in material gestures like sending flowers. The line “There’s some things even a rose can’t fix” suggests that there are deeper issues that cannot be remedied by superficial offerings. The mention of “There’s too much that you already missed” implies a past of unfulfilled needs or overlooked moments, perhaps accentuating a sense of longing or regret. Ultimately, the direct plea to refrain from sending flowers on such a night underscores a desire for genuine communication or understanding instead of token gestures.

Overall, the song appears to touch on themes of betrayal, longing, and authenticity in relationships, using the symbolism of flowers to convey a range of emotions and experiences. The repeated refrain of not sending flowers underscores a yearning for deeper connection and emotional honesty, indicating a desire for resolution or clarity in the face of past hurts and missed opportunities.

Lyrics of DON'T SEND ME FLOWERS by Sorana

Lyrics from Snippet 1 & Snippet 2

Lilacs for all the lies
Daisies for days that I cry
Orchids when I wanna kiss
All I need is your tulips on mine

Don't send me flowers on a night like this
There's some things even a rose can't fix
There's too much that you already missed
Don't send me flowers
Don't send me flowers on a night like this

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