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Song Lyrics meaning of You Came by Kim Wilde

About Kim Wilde

Kim Wilde is an English pop singer, author, DJ, and television presenter. She burst onto the music scene in the 1980s with hits like “Kids in America”, “You Keep Me Hangin’ On”, and “You Came”. Kim Wilde’s unique voice and edgy style helped her achieve international success and establish herself as a prominent figure in the music industry. Throughout her career, she has released numerous albums and continues to delight audiences with her timeless music.

Meaning of You Came by Kim Wilde

“You Came” by Kim Wilde is a heartfelt song that speaks about profound personal transformation brought about by love. The lyrics depict a significant change that occurs within the narrator, possibly inspired by a romantic partner. The song opens with the narrator reflecting on their past self, feeling a sense of detachment and unfamiliarity with who they used to be. This sets the stage for the transformative impact of the person who came into their life.

The chorus celebrates the arrival of this person, emphasizing how they have completely altered the narrator’s feelings and outlook on life. The repetition of “No one could love you more” and “No one could take your place” underscores the depth of gratitude and affection the narrator feels towards this individual.

In the second verse, the narrator expresses a newfound contentment and desire for stability, a departure from their previous reluctance towards permanence. The joy and positive influence brought by the person who came into their life is highlighted, leading to a sense of unwavering support and commitment from the narrator’s side.

The bridge provides a tender moment of observation, with the narrator admiring the beauty and peacefulness of their sleeping partner. This contrasts with the superficiality and lack of authenticity observed in many other people’s lives, emphasizing the profound connection and openness that exists between the narrator and the person who came into their life.

The chorus repeats throughout the song, reinforcing the message of love, transformation, and the irreplaceable impact that the person has had on the narrator’s life. Overall, “You Came” by Kim Wilde is a poignant ode to the power of love to bring about change, inspire, and deeply affect one’s sense of self and purpose.

Lyrics of You Came by Kim Wilde

Verse 1
Someone I know is staring at me
And when I look into her eyes
I see a girl that I used to be
I hardly recognize
'Cause in the space of a year
I've watched the old me disappear
All of the things I once held precious
Just don't mean anything anymore
'Cause suddenly

You came and changed the way I feel
No one could love you more
Because you came and turned my life around
No one could take your place

Verse 2
I've never felt good with permanent things
Now I don't want anything to change
You can't imagine the joy you bring
My life won't be the same
And I'll be there when you call
I'll pick you up if you should fall
'Cause I have never felt such inspiration
Nobody else ever gave me more because

You came and changed the way I feel
No one could love you more
Because you came and turned my life around
No one could take your place
You came
You came and turned my life around
No one could take your place

I watch you sleep in the still of the night
You look so pretty when you dream
So many people just go through life
Holding back, they don't say what they mean
But it's easy for me since you came

No one could love you more
Because you came and turned my life around
No one could take your place
You came and changed the way I feel
No one could love you more
Because you came and turned my life around
No one could take your place
You came

Discography Kim Wilde

Love Blonde: The RAK Years

Release: 2024-02-23
Label: Cherry Pop
1. Water On Glass – 2020 Remaster
2. Our Town – 2020 Remaster
3. Everything We Know – 2020 Remaster
4. Young Heroes – 2020 Remaster
5. Kids In America – 2020 Remaster
6. Chequered Love – 2020 Remaster
7. 2-6-5-8-0 – 2020 Remaster
8. You’ll Never Be So Wrong – 2020 Remaster
9. Falling Out – 2020 Remaster
10. Tuning In Tuning On – 2020 Remaster
11. Shane – 2020 Remaster
12. Boys – 2020 Remaster
13. He Will Be There
14. Ego – 2020 Remaster
15. Words Fell Down – 2020 Remaster
16. Action City – 2020 Remaster
17. View From A Bridge – 2020 Remaster
18. Just A Feeling – 2020 Remaster
19. Chaos At The Airport – 2020 Remaster
20. Take Me Tonight – 2020 Remaster
21. Can You Come Over – 2020 Remaster
22. Wendy Sadd – 2020 Remaster
23. Cambodia – 2020 Remaster
24. Cambodia Reprise – 2020 Remaster
25. Child Come Away – 2020 Remaster
26. Bitter Is Better – 2020 Remaster
27. Watching For Shapes – 2020 Remaster
28. Just Another Guy – 2020 Remaster
29. House Of Salome – 2020 Remaster
30. Back Street Joe – 2020 Remaster
31. Stay Awhile – 2020 Remaster
32. Love Blonde – 2020 Remaster
33. Dream Sequence – 2020 Remaster
34. Dancing In The Dark – 2020 Remaster
35. Shoot To Disable – 2020 Remaster
36. Can You Hear It – 2020 Remaster
37. Sparks – 2020 Remaster
38. Sing It Out For Love – 2020 Remaster
39. Rain On – 2020 Remaster
40. Back Seat Driver – 2020 Remaster
41. Kids In America – Luke Mornay Remix
42. Chequered Love – Matt Pop Extended Version
43. Water On Glass – Project K Soundtrack
44. Cambodia – Matt Pop Extended Version
45. View From A Bridge – Project K Soundtrack
46. Take Me Tonight – Luke Mornay Profondo Giallo Mix
47. Child Come Away – Matt Pop Remix
48. Love Blonde – Project K’s Limelight Mix
49. Dancing In The Dark – Luke Mornay Moonlight Mix
50. House Of Salome – Luke Mornay Mix Of The Seven Veils
Tracklist Collapse

Wilde Winter Songbook (Deluxe Edition)

Release: 2020-11-13
Label: Cherry Pop
1. Winter Wonderland
2. Hope
3. One
4. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
5. Winter Song
6. New Life
7. White Winter Hymnal
8. Burn Gold (Silent Night)
9. Song for Beryl
10. Let It Snow
11. Hey Mister Snowman
12. Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree
13. Keeping the Dream Alive
14. Isobel’s Dream
15. Deck the Halls (Angels Sing)
16. Last Christmas (Acoustic)
17. Hope – Electric Penguins Remix [Mixed]
18. Burn Gold – Electric Penguins Remix [Mixed]
Tracklist Collapse

Aliens Live

Release: 2019-08-16
Label: earMUSIC
1. Stereo Shot – Live in London
2. Water on Glass – Live in Antwerp
3. Never Trust a Stranger – Live in Gateshead
4. Kandy Krush – Live in Utrecht
5. Cambodia – Live in Paris
6. Birthday – Live in Munich
7. Yours ‘Til the End – Live in Hannover
8. Solstice – Live in Berlin
9. Words Fell Down – Live in Salford
10. Bladerunner – Live in Hamburg
11. Rosetta – Live in Bochum
12. Cyber.nation.War – Live in Haarlem
13. View from a Bridge – Live in Glasgow
14. Chequered Love – Live in Bournemouth
15. You Came – Live in Birmingham
16. You Keep Me Hangin’ On – Live in Vienna
17. 1969 – Live in Zurich
18. Pop Don’t Stop – Live in Mannheim
19. Kids in America – Live in London
Tracklist Collapse

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