Meaning and Lyrics of Yonaguni by Bad Bunny

Song Lyrics meaning of Yonaguni by Bad Bunny

About Bad Bunny

Bad Bunny is a Puerto Rican reggaeton and Latin trap artist who gained international fame for his unique style and socially conscious lyrics. Born Benito Antonio Martinez Ocasio on March 10, 1994 in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Bad Bunny started his music career by independently releasing music on SoundCloud. He rose to fame with hits like “Yonaguni” and collaborations with renowned artists such as J Balvin, Cardi B, and Drake. His music often blends various genres to create a distinct sound that has garnered him a large following worldwide. Bad Bunny has also used his platform to speak out on important issues, including mental health, LGBTQ rights, and social justice. With numerous chart-topping hits and a passionate fan base, Bad Bunny continues to make a significant impact on the music industry.
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Meaning of Yonaguni by Bad Bunny

“Yonaguni” by Bad Bunny is a song that delves into feelings of longing and desire. The song opens with the narrator expressing his inability to stop thinking about a past lover, despite knowing it’s not right. The chorus highlights how memories of the person resurface when he’s drinking and how he’s willing to go to great lengths, even flying to Yonaguni, to find them.

In the first verse, the narrator talks about not wanting to be searched for on social media but rather being found at home, emphasizing a desire for a real connection. He admires the physical attributes of the person, hinting at a strong physical attraction. Despite wanting to reach out, he holds back, hinting at a complex emotional state.

The second verse showcases the narrator’s deep infatuation, promising grand gestures like sending a thousand letters or a million pesos if given the chance. He prays for a kiss from the person before the year ends and envisions a future filled with love and indulgence. The verse paints a picture of devotion and fantasy, with the narrator willing to go to extremes to win over the person.

The bridge and outro bring a mix of emotions, with the narrator expressing a desire for intimacy with the person but also pondering their whereabouts and the longing for a connection solely with them.

Overall, “Yonaguni” explores themes of desire, yearning, and the lengths one is willing to go to for love. The song captures the complexities of emotions, from passion and infatuation to restraint and contemplation, creating a rich tapestry of feelings that listeners can relate to on different levels.

Lyrics of Yonaguni by Bad Bunny

Letra de "Yonaguni"

Yeah-yeah-yeah-eh, yeah

Una noche más y copas de más
Tú no me dejas en paz, de mi mente no te vas

Aunque sé que no debo, ey
Pensar en ti, bebé, pero cuando bebo
Me viene tu nombre, tu cara, tu risa y tu pelo, ey
Dime dónde tú está', que yo por ti cojo un vuelo
Y a Yonaguni le llego, oh
Aunque sé que no debo, ey
Pensar en ti, bebé, pero cuando bebo
Me viene tu nombre, tu cara, tu risa y tu pelo, ey
Dime dónde tú está', que yo por ti cojo un vuelo
Y a Yonaguni le llego, ey

Verso 1
No me busque' en Instagram, mami, búscame en casa
Pa' que vea' lo que pasa, ey
Si tú me prueba', te casa', ey
Ese cabrón ni te abraza
Y yo loco por tocarte
Pero ni me atrevo a textearte
Tú con cualquier outfit la parte'
Mami, tú ere' aparte
Shorty, tiene' un culo bien grande, eh
De-Demasia'o grande
Y yo lo tengo estudia'o, ya mismo me gradúo
Y en la cara me lo tatúo
Vi que viste mi story y subiste una pa' mí
Yo que me iba a dormir, ey
En la disco habían mil
Y yo bailando contigo en mi mente

Aunque sé que no debo
Pensar en ti, bebé, pero cuando bebo
Me viene tu nombre, tu cara, tu risa y tu pelo, ey
Dime dónde tú está', que yo por ti cojo un vuelo
Y a Yonaguni le llego

Verso 2
Si me da' tu dirección, yo te mando mil carta'
Si me da' tu cuenta de banco, un millón de peso'
To'a la noche arrodillado a Dio' le rezo
Pa' que ante' que se acabe el año tú me de' un beso
Y empezar el 2023 bien cabrón
Contigo y un blunt
Tú te ve' asesina con ese mahón (¡Wuh!)
Me matas sin un pistolón
Y yo te compro un Banshee
Gucci, Givenchy
Un poodle, un frenchie
El pasto, lo' munchie'
Te canto un mariachi
Me convierto en Itachi, eh

Bad Bunny, baby, bebé
Bad Bunny, baby, bebé


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