Meaning and Lyrics of Yeern 101 by ScHoolboy Q

Song Lyrics meaning of Yeern 101 by ScHoolboy Q

About ScHoolboy Q

ScHoolboy Q is an American rapper known for his unique style and introspective lyrics. Born Quincy Matthew Hanley on October 26, 1986, in Los Angeles, California, he gained recognition with his debut studio album “Setbacks” in 2011. His music combines elements of West Coast hip-hop with personal storytelling, addressing themes of gang culture, addiction, and perseverance. One of ScHoolboy Q’s popular songs is “Yay Yay,” known for its gritty production and Q’s confident flow. The song showcases his lyrical prowess and ability to craft captivating narratives. With his distinctive voice and vivid storytelling, ScHoolboy Q has solidified his place as a prominent figure in the rap scene.
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Meaning of Yeern 101 by ScHoolboy Q

“Yeern 101” by ScHoolboy Q is a song that delves into themes of success, ambition, self-worth, and the challenges faced while striving for a better life. The lyrics in the song showcase a mix of confidence, determination, and reflection on past struggles.

In the first verse, the narrator reflects on his past experiences and aspirations. He talks about wanting to emulate a certain lifestyle but acknowledges the hard work required to achieve it. References to material possessions like a new house and luxury car indicate a desire for success and status. The mention of overcoming obstacles, such as dealing with losses and striving for financial stability, adds depth to the narrative.

The lyrics also touch upon moments of self-realization, such as the impact of significant events like receiving a Nike endorsement and making lucrative deals. The narrator’s pride in his achievements and the defiance against those who doubt him are evident throughout the verse.

The second verse shifts towards discussing the consequences of choices made. The narrator juxtaposes the lifestyle of someone who is struggling with that of someone who has found success. Themes of resilience and perseverance emerge as the narrator navigates challenges like betrayal and adversity while maintaining a sense of self-assurance.

Overall, “Yeern 101” can be interpreted as a reflection on personal growth, the pursuit of dreams, and the complexities of success in the face of adversity. The song portrays a journey of self-discovery and empowerment, with the narrator boldly asserting his worth and determination to overcome obstacles in his path.

Lyrics of Yeern 101 by ScHoolboy Q

Verse 1
Like damn, Wop, how I get a bitch like yeern?
I'm a drop-top nigga 'cause the sun won't burn
Wanna live like Wop, but the stripes ain't earned
I'ma get it right now, I ain't waitin' no turn
Got a brand new house, tryna avoid my hurt
'Bout six point somethin' and it feel like church
Heard the hood got whack and the set went turn
Got a 488 and it glide like Kurt
I've been livin' off golf from the last few deals
When the Nike check came, man, I still got chills
Hit a 2K lick, I ain't even go pro
Got a boss outlet, now I'm smellin' like goat
Call me Ice Cube baby, way they sit on my chain
Heard a lame-ass nigga tryna play with my name
When I'm twenty-three to it and I'm goin' no brain
Goin' dumb with these hundreds and my thumb got stained
I'm a nigga out here, everything come free
I ain't never met God, but I bet he know me
Put the money in a set, a nigga die in them streets
Threw the boy alley oop, now he ridin' on fleek (Suu)
Got a Porsche light skin and the ceilin' got peeled
I was twenty plus young when this shit got real
Young black boy runnin', got me out of that field
Made a livin' off game, you should get it on film
I ain't never your kind, late but I'm really on time
Girl, what you put in your mind? I ain't diggin' your sign
Truth or that pussy ain't mine, hurt, but I made it out fine
Still in my prime, broke nigga, really out lyin'
Talk like he Tony Hawk grind, throwin' twenty on nine
Nigga how you live with no spine? Broke nigga better off dyin'
Man, you niggas got nerve, broke ass, need to get a bird
Fuck it, I'ma get it off first, find a wave you ain't surf
You bitch-niggas lookin' all hurt, funny 'til your ego got nerfed
Boy done made it all worse, woke up lookin' like work
One-fifty lay on my shirt, twenty lay on my teeth
Boy, I make a M in my sleep, everything I want in my reach
I'ma run it off tops, wonder where I've been? I've been pullin' off lots
Four-fifty for it, I'ma keep it on stock
Cognac bezel with the ticker on rocks
Fig-side nigga, tell me what I ain't got
Get it right now way I got it back then
Number one stunna about the level
Raised by the gang with a mill' like Philly (Brr, ay)
With the watch, two-fifty and a bitch so— (Blue)

(Su, su, su)
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, uh
Yeah, uh

Verse 2
When the door got closed, I ain't feel too bad
I'ma run mine up, I'ma have some stashed
Now you in a broad purse, boy, you goin' out sad
Now you wanna couch surf and you keep a little rash
Nigga livin' out his backpack, need to get a bag
Got a gray double R and it need both lanes
Got a dollar to his name, but he all gang-gang
Boy, you all on my dick and I find that strange
Keep playin' with the fire, bet his ass get burned
Heard your boy got spent when the light got turned
Got his head all cracked, man, the boy won't learn
Big racked up shawty way the block gets served
Niggas always sorry when the cap don't work
Got the butterfly doors and it fly like bird
Bet I love my bitch, but I ain't them nerds
Like damn, Wop, how I get a bitch like yeern?

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