Meaning and Lyrics of Wildfire by Hands Like Houses

Song Lyrics meaning of Wildfire by Hands Like Houses

About Hands Like Houses

Hands Like Houses is an Australian rock band formed in 2008. They have released several albums and gained a loyal following due to their unique blend of post-hardcore and alternative rock music. The band is known for their dynamic sound, powerful vocals, and introspective lyrics. One of their well-known songs is Wildfire, which showcases their distinctive style and emotional depth. Hands Like Houses’ music is characterized by intricate instrumentals, anthemic choruses, and thoughtful storytelling. Hands Like Houses has toured extensively and gained a reputation for their energetic live performances. They continue to be a prominent presence in the rock music scene, captivating audiences with their passionate music and captivating lyrics.

Meaning of Wildfire by Hands Like Houses

The song “Wildfire” by Hands Like Houses seems to delve into the themes of internal turmoil, the struggle against self-destructive behavior, and the consequences of our actions. The opening lines, “This sea of silence, is getting way too loud. The cold inside my head, has all the voices washing out,” illustrate a feeling of overwhelming pressure that intensifies with each passing moment. The reference to “rust” and “light slowly fading out” implies a sense of decay and loss of vitality.

The repetition of “I close my eyes again” could signify an attempt to retreat into oneself, to find solace or escape from the chaos and noise around. The imagery of a burning fallout and walking into a wildfire paints a picture of willingly stepping into danger or destruction, perhaps as a metaphor for facing one’s demons head-on.

The lyrics convey a sense of defiance and resilience when the singer expresses “I’m fighting through it. These acid clouds of blue. My eyes are full of dust and bitterness.” This determination to push through the toxic elements in one’s life, even when faced with overwhelming challenges, is a powerful message of inner strength.

The lines “Why can’t we see it. We’re poison to ourselves. The rubble left behind, is that how we remember us?” reflect on the self-destructive tendencies that humans often exhibit, the realization that we harm ourselves and others in the process. The idea of leaving rubble behind and questioning if that is the legacy we want to leave behind is thought-provoking and poignant.

The haunting imagery of “As ashes fall around us, we bury what we once loved, we once loved” evokes a sense of loss, destruction, and the inevitability of change. The act of burying what was once cherished suggests a process of mourning and letting go, acknowledging that some things need to be left in the past in order to move forward.

Overall, “Wildfire” by Hands Like Houses explores themes of struggle, introspection, resilience, and the consequences of our actions, urging listeners to confront their inner battles, break free from destructive patterns, and strive towards growth and renewal.

Lyrics of Wildfire by Hands Like Houses

This sea of silence, is getting way too loud
The cold inside my head, has all the voices washing out
Feel something stranger, and all I taste is rust
There’s nothing left but light, it’s  slowly fading out

I close my eyes again

Cause this feels like a burning, fallout
Walk in to a wildfire
Burning, blackout
Walk in to a wildfire

I’m fighting through it
These acid clouds of blue
My eyes are full of dust and bitterness

Why can’t we see it
We’re poison to ourselves
The rubble left behind, is that how we remember us?

As ashes fall around us
We bury what we once loved
We once loved

Discography Hands Like Houses


Release: 2018-10-12
Label: Hopeless Records
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Release: 2016-01-01
Label: Hopeless Records
Popularity: 👏👏
1. I Am
2. Perspectives
3. Colourblind
4. New Romantics
5. Glasshouse
6. Division Symbols
7. Stillwater
8. Momentary
9. Motion Sickness
10. Degrees of Separation
11. Grey Havens
12. Bloodlines
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Release: 2013-07-19
Label: Rise Records
Popularity: 👏👏
1. Developments
2. Introduced Species
3. Weight
4. Shapeshifters
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6. A Tale of Outer Suburbia
7. Oceandust
8. No Parallels
9. Fountainhead
10. Wisteria
11. A Fire On A Hill
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