Meaning and Lyrics of White Horses by Hurts

Song Lyrics meaning of White Horses by Hurts

About Hurts

Hurts is a British synth-pop duo formed in Manchester in 2009, consisting of singer Theo Hutchcraft and synthesist Adam Anderson. Characterized by their dramatic, melancholic aesthetics and anthemic soundscapes, Hurts have carved a unique niche in the modern music scene.

Their debut album, “Happiness”, released in 2010, propelled them into the spotlight with hits like “Wonderful Life” and “Stay”. The duo’s lush, orchestral arrangements and poignant lyrics quickly earned them a dedicated following.

White Horses, a track that exemplifies their sound, showcases Hurts’ ability to blend haunting melodies with stirring, evocative vocals, creating an emotionally charged listening experience.

Over the years, they have continued to evolve, merging their brooding, emotive roots with a more polished, pop-savvy sensibility. Through albums such as “Exile” and “Desire”, Hurts have demonstrated a relentless commitment to pushing the boundaries of their genre while remaining true to their core aesthetic.

In an ever-changing music industry, Hurts stand out for their unwavering dedication to crafting evocative, emotionally resonant music.

Meaning of White Horses by Hurts

“White Horses” by Hurts tells the story of Madeleine, a woman longing for love and adventure. The lyrics paint a vivid picture of Madeleine’s journey and desires through various symbolic imagery.

In the first verse, Madeleine is depicted as someone with luxury and privilege, having a chauffeur taking her to the coastline to watch the sunrise. This scene sets the tone for her yearning for a romantic ideal, waiting for her prince charming to arrive and sweep her off her feet.

The refrain, repeated throughout the song, adds to the dreamlike and wistful quality of the narrative, emphasizing the longing and hope that Madeleine holds in her heart.

The second verse introduces a contrasting reality to Madeleine’s glamorous facade as a showgirl. She expresses disillusionment with Paris but finds love and comfort in Montreux with a wealthy man who seems to provide for her material needs. However, the mention of clipped wings suggests that this relationship may stifle her true desires and dreams.

The chorus metaphorically describes Madeleine and her lovers as riding white horses, a symbol of purity, elegance, and freedom. The image of galloping under a violet sky conveys a sense of romance and exhilaration, suggesting a transient escape from reality into a world of fantasy and passion.

The bridge, set against the backdrop of vast plains, adds a sense of expansiveness and openness to the narrative, emphasizing the contrast between the confined world Madeleine inhabits and the untamed wilderness where her fantasies may roam free.

Overall, “White Horses” delves into themes of desire, escapism, and the search for meaning in a world of fleeting pleasures and illusions. Madeleine’s journey, as portrayed in the song, is a poignant exploration of the complexities of love, identity, and the eternal quest for something more profound and meaningful in life.

Lyrics of White Horses by Hurts

Verse 1
Madeleine had a chauffeur
She took a drive to the coastline
She stood on the sand and watched the sunrise
Hoping one day that her prince will come

Oh-eh, oh-eh
Oh-eh, oh-eh
Oh-eh, oh-eh

Verse 2
Madeleine was a showgirl
She said Paris was not the way it seems
But in Montreux, she found a lover
A blue-eyed rich man who clipped her broken wings
But diamonds and pearls are her religion
Her princes, they come and then they go

But they ride white horses
(Oh-eh, oh-eh)
Yeah, they ride white horses
(Oh-eh, oh-eh)
And she'll be up on the saddle
And she'll be holding him tight
They'll be galloping thunder
Under the violet sky
As they ride white horses

Out on the plains
Oh-eh, oh-eh
Oh-eh, oh-eh
White horses
Oh-eh, oh-eh
Oh-eh, oh-eh

But they ride white horses
(Oh-eh, oh-eh)
Yeah, they ride white horses
(Oh-eh, oh-eh)
And she'll be up on the saddle
And she'll be holding him tight
They'll be galloping thunder
Under the violet sky
As they ride white horses
Out on the plains

Discography Hurts


Release: 2020-09-04
Label: Lento Records
Popularity: 👏


Release: 2017-09-29
Label: Lento Records
Popularity: 👏
1. Beautiful Ones
2. Ready to Go
3. People Like Us
4. Something I Need to Know
5. Thinking of You
6. Wherever You Go
7. Chaperone
8. Boyfriend
9. Walk Away
10. Wait Up
11. Spotlights
12. Hold on to Me
13. Magnificent</a
Tracklist Collapse

Surrender (Deluxe)

Release: 2015-10-09
Label: Columbia
Popularity: 👏
1. Surrender
2. Some Kind of Heaven
3. Why
4. Nothing Will Be Bigger Than Us
5. Rolling Stone
6. Lights
7. Slow
8. Kaleidoscope
9. Wings
10. Wish
11. Perfect Timing
12. Weight of the World
13. Policewoman
Tracklist Collapse

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