Meaning and Lyrics of Walk Down by Phantogram

Song Lyrics meaning of Walk Down by Phantogram

About Phantogram

Phantogram is an American duo consisting of Sarah Barthel and Josh Carter. Formed in 2007 in Greenwich, New York, they are known for their unique blend of electronic rock and dream pop. Their music often features atmospheric synths, catchy melodies, and Barthel’s ethereal vocals. Phantogram has released several critically acclaimed albums, including “Voices” and “Three”, achieving widespread success and accolades in the indie music scene.
Song: Walk Down
“Walk Down” is a track by Phantogram known for its haunting melodies and hypnotic beats. Released as part of their album “Three” in 2016, the song showcases the duo’s signature sound with its atmospheric production and introspective lyrics.

Meaning of Walk Down by Phantogram

“Walk Down” by Phantogram is a song that delves into themes of companionship, vulnerability, and the passage of time. The lyrics in the song convey a sense of longing for connection and comfort amidst life’s struggles.

In the first verse, the speaker describes walking down the street and finding solace in their only friend, who imparts wisdom about life being a form of energy. This sets the tone for the song, suggesting a search for understanding and support in the face of existential questions.

The refrain emphasizes the notion of knowing how, which can be interpreted as a sense of familiarity or awareness of the challenges and emotions being faced. It could also suggest a kind of resilience or acceptance of circumstances.

Moving to the second verse, the scene shifts to a more somber setting, with the speaker dying on a Saturday near a hospital. The imagery of looking at someone and wishing to move forward but feeling stuck conveys a sense of helplessness and longing for resolution.

The chorus reveals a plea for reassurance and comfort, with the desire for fear to be kissed away and the past to be erased, highlighting the need for emotional support and a sense of security. The recurring mention of walking down symbolizes a journey towards emotional healing and peace.

In the third verse, the speaker entrusts their memories to another person, symbolized by items behind the bed and magazines. This act of sharing personal experiences and emotions suggests a desire for connection and a belief in the healing power of shared memories.

The refrain in this section reinforces the idea that the recipient understands how to navigate the complexities of the speaker’s emotions, suggesting a deep bond and mutual understanding between them.

As the song progresses to the outro, the speaker expresses love and gratitude, promising to always care for the other person even in their absence. This final declaration of love and commitment brings a sense of closure to the song, encapsulating the themes of connection, support, and emotional resilience.

Overall, “Walk Down” by Phantogram is a poignant exploration of vulnerability, love, and the enduring power of human connection amidst life’s challenges. The lyrics evoke a sense of emotional depth and intimacy, inviting listeners to reflect on the importance of companionship and understanding in times of need.

Lyrics of Walk Down by Phantogram

Verse 1
I'm walking down the street again
I know I'II find my only friend
She probably will say to me
That life is just an energy

I know how
I know how

Verse 2
I'm dying on a Saturday
The hospital is down the street
I look at you, you look at me
If only I could get my feet

To walk down
To walk down
To walk down
To walk down

I wish you could kiss away all the fear
I need you to erase what was here
I need you to walk down

Verse 3
I'm giving you my memories
Behind my bed and magazines
You can keep them for a sunny day
To let you know you'll be okay

You know how
You know how
You know how
Yeah, you know how

I wish you could kiss away all the fear
I need you to erase what was here
I need you to behave when I'm gone

I promise you, I love you
I love you

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