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Song Lyrics meaning of Wait Up by Hurts

About Hurts

Musician Hurts Biography:
Hurts is a British musical duo formed by Theo Hutchcraft and Adam Anderson in Manchester in 2009. Known for their emotive and dramatic synth-pop sound, Hurts quickly gained a following with their debut album “Happiness” in 2010. They have since released several albums and singles, carving out a niche for themselves in the music industry with their distinctive style and heartfelt lyrics. One example song:
“Wait Up” is one of Hurts’ popular tracks that showcases their signature blend of electronic beats and poignant melodies. The song is characterized by its atmospheric production and Theo Hutchcraft’s emotive vocals, capturing the duo’s talent for creating anthemic and emotive music.

Meaning of Wait Up by Hurts

The song “Wait Up” by Hurts delves into themes of guilt, infidelity, and the desire for forgiveness and redemption. The lyrics paint a vivid picture of a narrator who finds himself in a cycle of repeating mistakes, causing pain and disappointment to their partner.

In the first verse, the scene is set at 4 AM, with the mention of passing by the partner’s apartment seeing a candle in the window. This imagery conveys a sense of longing and familiarity but also hints at a recurring situation that brings emptiness and uncertainty. The pre-chorus emphasizes the detachment and distraction as the narrator is lost in their thoughts, highlighted by the metaphorical act of staring at their phone in the taxi cab, possibly seeking distraction or solace.

The chorus serves as a moment of confession and plea for understanding. The narrator acknowledges their wrongdoing, expressing sorrow and a desire for acceptance despite feeling shameful and unholy. The repetition of “wait up for me” reflects the need for patience and forgiveness from the partner, who serves as a beacon of hope and compassion in a situation filled with regret.

In the second verse, the self-destructive behavior is further revealed as the narrator arrives at the partner’s street, marked by the scent of alcohol and the aftermath of infidelity. The conflict between love and self-sabotage is evident as the narrator grapples with the consequences of their actions, recognizing the destructive pattern but feeling trapped in its grip.

The bridge emphasizes the plea for the partner to wait, suggesting a yearning for a chance to make amends and return to a sense of home and belonging. The repetition of “I’m coming home” conveys a sense of longing for reconciliation and emotional connection.

As the song progresses to the final chorus and outro, the emotions intensify, with the narrator’s plea becoming more urgent and heartfelt. The repeated calls for the partner to wait up, coupled with the acknowledgment of shame and unholiness, reveal a deep sense of remorse and a longing for forgiveness and redemption.

“Wait Up” by Hurts captures the complex emotions involved in seeking forgiveness after causing pain, portraying a poignant narrative of turmoil, regret, and the persistent hope for reconciliation and renewal.

Lyrics of Wait Up by Hurts

Verse 1
It's four in the mornin'
We pass by your apartment
And there's a candle in the window
It's happened again
And I don't know where it ends, but
It always leaves me hollow

Pre-Chorus 1
The driver asks me which way to go
And I'm starin' at my phone
In this taxi cab

So if you're worried
Then I'm sorry
I'm coming home, so wait up for me
'Cause I feel shameful
Oh, so unholy
Unlock the door and wait up for me
Wait up for me

Verse 2
I pull up on your street
Stinking of whiskey
Wipe the lipstick from my collar
The more I cheat, the more I love
The more it eats me all up inside
And I wonder why I bother

Pre-Chorus 2
Still got your perfume on my coat
And I'm starin' at my phone
In this taxi cab

If you're worried
Then I'm sorry
I'm coming home, so wait up for me
And I feel shameful
Oh, so unholy
Unlock the door and wait up for me
Wait up for me

Wait up for me, baby
Wait up for me, darling
'Cause I'm coming home
I'm coming home

If you're worried
Then I'm sorry
I'm coming home, so wait up for me
(open up your heart and wait)
I feel shameful (shameful)
So unholy, yeah
Unlock the door and wait up for me
(wait up, wait up, wait up, wait up)
Wait up for me

(Wait, wait, wait…)

Discography Hurts


Release: 2020-09-04
Label: Lento Records
Popularity: 👏


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Release: 2015-10-09
Label: Columbia
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