Meaning and Lyrics of Ve Haaniyaan by Danny

Song Lyrics meaning of Ve Haaniyaan by Danny

About Danny

Danny is a singer and musician known for his soulful voice and heartfelt lyrics. His song Ve Haaniyaan showcases his emotive singing and skillful musical arrangements, winning the hearts of fans worldwide. Danny’s music has resonated with audiences for its unique blend of traditional and modern influences, establishing him as a rising star in the music industry.
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Meaning of Ve Haaniyaan by Danny

The song “Ve Haaniyaan” by Danny is a beautiful and emotional portrayal of love and longing. The lyrics reflect intense feelings of affection and connection between the singer and their beloved.

The opening lines express a deep desire to be close to the loved one, finding solace and peace in their presence. The yearning for companionship and understanding is evident as the singer wonders about the tranquility that comes when they are with their beloved.

The chorus, repeating the words “Ve Haaniya Ve Dil Janiya”, emphasizes the emotional bond and closeness shared by the two individuals. The plea for the loved one to stay nearby and not go far showcases the fear of separation and the need for constant togetherness.

The lyrics further delve into the beauty of the relationship, describing it as a beautiful dream that has now become a reality. The transformation from strangers to feeling like belonging to each other amplifies the depth of the connection and the sense of completeness found in each other’s company.

The song conveys that the beloved is everything to the singer, encompassing their days and nights, making it impossible to envision life without them. The lyrics highlight the significance of the relationship, portraying it as the center of the singer’s world.

The verses also touch upon the power of love, describing how the path became clear and the heart found direction when the singer began to speak their heart out to the loved one. The journey of meeting and falling in love is celebrated, underscoring the uniqueness and importance of the bond shared.

In essence, “Ve Haaniyaan” is a heartfelt expression of love, affection, and the deep connection between two individuals. The song resonates with anyone who has experienced the joy and completeness that true love brings, capturing the essence of intimate relationships and the profound impact they have on one’s life.

Lyrics of Ve Haaniyaan by Danny

Tere Kolon Mainu Sha Mil De Assi
Aivein Ni Tainu Bewajah Milde
Tere Ch Koyi Gall Ae Sahiba
Haan Assi Tainu Taan Milde
Mainu Pata Nahi Hunda Sukoon Ki
Tainu Mile Taan Pata Laggeya
Mit Gayi Meri Sab Tanhaai
Jee Tere Kole Aa Laggeya

Ve Haniya Ve Dil Janiya
Tu Nehde Nehde Reh
Na Door Kitte Ja
Bhull Gaye Eh Saari Duniya
Ke Tera Hi Naa
Hai Boldi Zubaan

Ye Jo Sadde Naal Hoya Ae
Khoobsurat Sapna Lagdae
Ajnabee Si Kal Tak Jo
Haan Hunn Mainu Apna Lagdae
Tu Hi Din Tu Hi Meri Raat
Koyi Nahi Hai Tere Ton Bina

Ve Haaniya Ve Dil Jaaniya
Tu Nehde Nehde Reh
Na Door Kitte Ja
Bhull Gaye Eh Saari Duniya
Ke Tera Hi Naa
Hai Boldi Zubaan

Tainu Vekhi Jaawan Main Haye
Ishq Tere Wich Gaawan Main
Mere Dil Nu Mil Gaya Raah
Jad Tainu Gall Laawan Main
Ke Likheya Si Sadda Milna
Tu Aiddan Milna
Eh Nahi Si Pataan

Ve Haaniyaan Ve Dil Jaaniya
Tu Nehde Nehde Reh
Na Door Kitte Ja
Bhull Gaye Eh Saari Duniya
Ke Tera Hi Naa
Hai Boldi Zubaan

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