Meaning and Lyrics of Unlearn by IDER

Song Lyrics meaning of Unlearn by IDER

About IDER

IDER is a dynamic indie-pop duo hailing from London, consisting of Megan Markwick and Lily Somerville. Formed in 2016, IDER has quickly carved out a niche in the music scene with their emotionally resonant lyrics and meticulously crafted melodies. The pair met while studying at Falmouth University and discovered a shared passion for creating music that seamlessly blends introspective themes with compelling, often ethereal soundscapes. Their music is a potent mix of sleek electronic production, heartfelt indie-pop, and addictive hooks, drizzled with a haunting, introspective edge. Drawing inspiration from a diverse array of genres and artists, IDER’s sound is both familiar and refreshingly original, making them a standout in a crowded field of indie duos. One notable track from their discography is “Unlearn.” This song is a testament to their skill in marrying poignant lyricism with atmospheric production. “Unlearn” features lush synths, intricate harmonies, and a beat that is both danceable and deeply contemplative, embodying the duo’s signature style of introspective pop. IDER’s journey thus far includes the release of their critically acclaimed debut album, “Emotional Education,” in 2019, which further cemented their reputation as one of the most exciting acts in indie music today. As they continue to evolve and push the boundaries of their craft, IDER remains a compelling voice in contemporary music.
Indeed, IDER is not just a band; they are a movement, encouraging fans to explore the depths of their emotions through music that is as thought-provoking as it is undeniably catchy. Their blend of aesthetic, atmosphere, and authenticity makes them a powerful act to watch.

Meaning of Unlearn by IDER

“Unlearn” by IDER is a song that delves into the concept of self-discovery, growth, and breaking free from past burdens and expectations. The chorus sets the tone for the song, emphasizing the need to let go of negative narratives and pain that have been accumulatively gathered over time in order to rediscover one’s inner strength and authenticity.

In the first verse, the lyrics depict a struggle between the speaker’s perspective on their experiences as “trauma bonding” while also questioning societal norms and expectations. This juxtaposition highlights a desire for deeper understanding and a willingness to challenge the status quo. The reference to the mother’s words adds a layer of familial influence and guidance, suggesting the importance of staying true to oneself despite external pressures.

The pre-chorus reinforces the message of empowerment by urging the listener to be bold, brave, and unique, encouraging individuality and self-assertion as essential components of personal growth and confidence.

Continuing into the second verse, the theme of unlearning is further explored, touching upon the suppression of desires and emotions, the dangers of overanalysis, and the idealization of false ideals. The refrain to remember one’s roots and origins as a source of strength and grounding echoes throughout, reminding the listener of the importance of staying connected to their true self amid life’s challenges.

Overall, “Unlearn” can be seen as a call to introspection and self-renewal, encouraging listeners to shed societal constraints, personal inhibitions, and toxic relationships to embrace their inner power and authenticity. The repetition of the chorus reinforces the significance of letting go of past grievances and rediscovering one’s inherent strength and resilience. Through its introspective lyrics and empowering message, the song serves as a reminder of the transformative power of self-awareness and the journey towards self-acceptance and personal liberation.

Lyrics of Unlearn by IDER

Unlearn every story that I picked up (Unlearn)
I burn all the pain that I tripped on (I burn)
Reverse animosity I slipped on (Reverse)
I yearn for the power that I came from (I yearn)

Verse 1
You call it love, I call it trauma bonding
You say, “Play it cool,” I ask what you're avoiding
We learn from women's words, I heard they're half the story
I walk out the door, I hear my mother tell me

Be big, be brave, be special
Be big, be brave, be spеcial

Unlearn every story that I pickеd up (Unlearn)
I burn all the pain that I tripped on (I burn)
Reverse animosity I slipped on (Reverse)
I yearn for the power that I came from (I yearn)

Verse 2
Unlearn apologizing for my desire and anger
Unlearn the analyzing that tries to pull me under
Unlearn romanticizing the altar that we're saved on
I hear my mother calling, “Remember where you came from"

Be big, be brave, be special
Be big, be brave, be special

Unlearn animosity I slipped on
I yearn for the power that I came from (I yearn)

Discography IDER


Release: 2021-08-06
Label: IDER
Popularity: 👏
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Emotional Education

Release: 2019-07-19
Label: IDER
Popularity: 👏
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3. Busy Being a Rockstar
4. Brown Sugar
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6. Clinging to the Weekend
7. Swim
8. You’ve Got Your Whole Life Ahead of You Baby
9. Body Love
10. Saddest Generation
11. Slide
Tracklist Collapse
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