Meaning and Lyrics of The First Train Home by Hazlett

Song Lyrics meaning of The First Train Home by Hazlett

About Hazlett

Hazlett is an Australian singer-songwriter known for his emotive lyricism and atmospheric soundscapes that seamlessly blend folk and indie pop. With a sonic palette that evokes both introspection and expansiveness, Hazlett has carved out a unique space in the contemporary music scene. His music often explores themes of love, loss, and the complexities of human emotion, delivered with a hauntingly beautiful vocal performance. The First Train Home is one example of Hazlett’s evocative storytelling. The track is a poignant journey that captures the longing and melancholy of returning to a place that feels both familiar and distant. The lush production, combined with Hazlett’s heartfelt delivery, makes this song a standout piece that resonates deeply with listeners. Hazlett’s ability to create such emotionally charged music places him among modern musicians who prioritize authenticity and connection in their art. His discography invites listeners to sit with their feelings and explore the depths of human experience through a rich musical lens.

Meaning of The First Train Home by Hazlett

“The First Train Home” by Hazlett is a heartfelt song that delves into themes of nostalgia, longing, and the complexities of relationships. The lyrics tell a story of emotional turmoil, regrets, and the desire for escape.

In the first verse, the singer expresses a willingness to let go of memories and embrace sadness. The mention of ghosts wanting to come back hints at unresolved issues or past experiences haunting the protagonist. The decision to take the first train home symbolizes a longing for comfort and a retreat from the challenges of life.

The second verse reveals a sense of stagnation and escapism. The reference to dirty shoes used for running away suggests a recurring pattern of avoiding confrontations or difficult situations. The line “You think it’s funny, and that’s making me mad” reflects a deep-seated frustration with the indifference or lack of understanding from others.

The chorus highlights a sense of missed opportunities and unfulfilled desires. The singer wishes for others to see them as they truly are, expressing a sense of yearning for genuine connection and recognition. The mention of bad luck and a broken mirror alludes to feelings of discord and shattered illusions.

In the third verse, there is a juxtaposition of lightheartedness and underlying pain. The idea of joking about getting stoned while feeling like nobody’s problem conveys a sense of detachment and numbing. The protagonist acknowledges their own defense mechanisms, yet also longs for someone to fill the emotional void and provide companionship.

Overall, “The First Train Home” paints a picture of a person grappling with inner conflicts, seeking solace and understanding in a world that often feels disconnected. The mix of melancholy, reflection, and subtle hope within the lyrics creates a poignant narrative that resonates with themes of vulnerability and human connection.

Lyrics of The First Train Home by Hazlett

Verse 1
Sell all my memory
'Cause I'd rather be sad
I heard the ghosts
Say they want to come back
Too tired of waiting
Take the first train home
We all wanna sleep
'Til we start to feel old

Mm, mm

Verse 2
Slow to my feelings
Either smoke or I stay
The same dirty shoes
Used for running away
You think it's funny
And that's making me mad
But that night
Was the worst that I had

And I wish you could see how I see ya
It's too sad you won't get to meet her
Gimme bad luck and a broken mirror
'Cause I've never been a big believer

Verse 3
We joke around
That we're gonna get stoned
I'm nobody's problem
If I never go home
Can you come on over
And just fill up the space?
I'll say I'm sorry
When I push you away

And I wish you could see how I see ya
It's too sad you won't get to meet her
Gimme bad luck and a broken mirror
'Cause I've never been a big believer

Discography Hazlett

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Release: 2023-01-13
Label: Nettwerk Music Group
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