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Song Lyrics meaning of Still Outside by M1llionz

About M1llionz

M1llionz, born on February 6, 1996, in Birmingham, England, is a burgeoning force in the UK rap scene. Known for his raw, gritty lyricism and compelling storytelling, M1llionz quickly carved out a niche for himself, blending elements of UK drill, grime, and trap into a unique soundscape that resonates deeply with his audience. His vivid narratives often reflect the harsh realities of urban life, providing an unfiltered glimpse into the world that shaped him. Still Outside is one of M1llionz’s standout tracks, exemplifying his nuanced approach to rap.
The song’s haunting beat sets the stage for a lyrical journey through the trials and tribulations of street life, marked by M1llionz’s distinctive flow and sharp, incisive bars.
With each release, M1llionz continues to cement his place as a powerful voice in contemporary British music, unafraid to tackle complex themes with authenticity and intensity.

Meaning of Still Outside by M1llionz

“Still Outside” by M1llionz provides listeners with a deep dive into the life of the artist and his experiences in the world of street hustling and striving for success amidst challenges. Let’s break down the detailed interpretation of the song:

The song opens with an acknowledgment that the harsh reality of life mentioned is familiar and recognized, setting the tone for a narrative that delves into the struggles and triumphs faced by the artist.

Verse 1:
The artist describes his continued presence in the gritty environment of the trap, where he is dedicated to his work while acknowledging his significance among his peers. The lyrics depict a lifestyle filled with risks and alliances, emphasizing the need for caution and skill in navigating such a world.

Verse 2:
The artist reflects on his persistence in his activities, balancing between the dangerous and exhilarating aspects of his life. He mentions personal losses and victories, illustrating the unpredictability of the streets and the impact it has on individuals.

Verse 3:
The third verse touches upon the constant state of alertness and vigilance required in his environment. The artist discusses the struggles faced, emphasizing the ever-present dangers and the mental toll of evading law enforcement.

The chorus serves as a reflection on the artist’s roots and his continuous presence in a place that feels both familiar and confining. It captures the essence of resilience and determination as he navigates through adversity while recognizing the support and connections he has forged.

Verse 4:
Here, the artist provides insight into the daily operations and dynamics of his trade, showcasing the intricacies involved in maintaining control and efficiency. He paints a vivid picture of the structure and discipline required in his dealings.

Verse 5:
The artist highlights the rigorous routines and responsibilities within his circle, illustrating the strategic maneuvers and calculated decisions needed to thrive in his line of work. The lyrics convey a sense of organization and adaptability to ensure success.

Verse 6:
This verse delves into the material aspects of his business and the meticulous attention to detail required to manage his resources effectively. The artist reflects on the progression and evolution of his endeavors, underscoring the continuous learning and adaptation process.

Verse 7:
The artist details the diverse operations and locations involved in his ventures, demonstrating the reach and scope of his activities. He touches on the challenges faced and the solitude of his journey, highlighting the resourcefulness and independence that have driven his success.

Verse 8:
In the final verse, the artist reflects on his achievements and the constant movement and progression within his endeavors. He mentions partnerships and transactions, showcasing the strategic planning and connections that have propelled him forward.

Overall, “Still Outside” encapsulates the artist’s resilience, resourcefulness, and determination in navigating the complexities of street life, showcasing a raw and candid portrayal of survival, ambition, and growth within a challenging environment.

Lyrics of Still Outside by M1llionz

Ken, that was you, you know
? that's cold

Verse 1
Still in the kitchen, still in the trap
Still addin' carb to the hard for my pack
Still I'm a star, but a star to the cats
Not chartin', but I still chart in the trap
Still go halves with my dog on a wap
Same thing goes if we're buyin' a brick
Don't slip, don't risk 'cause you might get hit
Still no magic when I tamper the brick
Still no magic when I tamper the brick
Don't slip, don't trip 'cause you might get hit
Make the wrong move and you might get dipped
Still in the fast lane movin' swift
One thousand grams of carb and fliz
Just drop the oil and watch it fizz
Still no safety on the side of the stick (Yo, yo)

Verse 2
I'm still trappin', still rappin'
Still jump in a hot car, still slap it
Still lookin' in rear mirrors in traffic
Still got digital scales, still baggin'
Still breathin', so I can't complain
Little bro burst, that yute got framed
And local yutes in OT got stained
And nuff man with big bros got saved

Verse 3
Saved, safe
One compound to a next, that's fate
And kitchen times, Borwicks and flake
I'm still on the strip, can't get me a break (No)
Wait, barricade clamped on the door from the raid
That's two sticks there, four clips, be safe
And still got mad paranoia from the jakes

Still the same, nothin' ain't changed
I'm still outside
Remember them days, stuck in the rain
I was still out grindin'
Still in this place, I'm tryna escape
Bro, it's about time
You know me, I'm from north west
Got links in the south side

Verse 4
I'm still outside in the gyaldem's mouth side
Still got phones on vibrate
Me not trappin', it don't even sound right
I still got bits in wholesale
None of my workers out there part time
Pub doin' up coke sales
All of my punters finish at half 5

Verse 5
And my young boy switches at 6
What you know about rotational shifts?
When it's only straight on the line
That's what you call straight strategical flips

Verse 6
We still spend P's on bine
The four one's nice, but you see when it kicks
I swear it was only last week that I realised that the got a switch
In candy's with a red beam on a blick

Verse 7
That's three Pyrex's, three different stoves
Got three waps in like three different zones
From a phone and a O
Came up on my own in joes with no reception on my phone

Verse 8
Got one more left, got one on the go
Put one in Z's, put one on the roads
From a baller of each, OT with Steve
Paid one on one for his humble abode

Still the same, nothin' ain't changed
I'm still outside
Remember them days, stuck in the rain
I was still out grindin'
Still in this place, I'm tryna escape
Bro, it's about time
You know me, I'm from north west
Got links in the south side
Still the same, nothin' ain't changed
I'm still outside
Remember them days, stuck in the rain
I was still out grindin'
Still in this place, I'm tryna escape
Bro, it's about time
You know me, I'm from north west
Got links in the south side

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