Meaning and Lyrics of SPLIT ENDS by Oblé Reed

Song Lyrics meaning of SPLIT ENDS by Oblé Reed

About Oblé Reed

Oblé Reed is a contemporary musician known for their unique fusion of jazz, funk, and R&B styles. Originally hailing from New Orleans, Reed honed their musical talents performing in local clubs before gaining wider recognition for their soulful vocals and intricate guitar work. With a diverse musical background, Reed seamlessly blends different genres to create a sound that is both familiar and fresh. One of Reed’s popular songs is SPLIT ENDS, which showcases their smooth vocals and skillful guitar playing. The song blends catchy melodies with intricate harmonies, creating a dynamic and engaging listening experience. Reed’s music resonates with audiences for its emotional depth and infectious rhythms, establishing them as a rising star in the music industry.

Meaning of SPLIT ENDS by Oblé Reed

“SPLIT ENDS” by Oblé Reed is a captivating and introspective song that delves into themes of self-acceptance, growth, and love. The lyrics paint a vivid picture of personal struggles and transformations, using the metaphor of split ends in hair to symbolize the complexities and imperfections that make up the individual.

In the first verse, the song starts by describing a sense of restlessness and inner turmoil. The protagonist navigates through challenges and confrontations, metaphorically represented by the image of “twists” in the hair and the need to “hit the 7-10” due to various pressures. The lyrics touch upon themes of peer influence, emotional detachment, and the need to cleanse oneself from negativity.

The chorus repeats the image of split ends in hair, emphasizing a sense of detachment and letting go. The protagonist is depicted as someone who is tired of pretenses and seeks a better, more authentic way of living. The reference to losing money (“lost a pack of bands”) suggests a sacrifice made in pursuit of a genuine existence, despite feeling anxious and uncertain.

The bridge adds a layer of vulnerability and longing to the narrative. The protagonist prays for connection and understanding, grappling with the complexities of relationships and the desire for acceptance. The imagery of falling and searching for someone who shares similar experiences adds depth to the emotional journey portrayed in the song.

In the second verse, the protagonist reflects on past experiences and regrets while acknowledging personal growth. The struggle with identity, self-image, and acceptance is highlighted through the metaphor of hair texture and style. The transition from self-doubt to self-assurance is illustrated beautifully, culminating in a sense of empowerment and independence.

The outro brings the song full circle, with the repeated declaration of love for split ends symbolizing a newfound acceptance of one’s flaws and imperfections. The closing lines express a sense of self-awareness and resilience, emphasizing the importance of embracing one’s unique journey and not succumbing to societal pressures.

Overall, “SPLIT ENDS” is a thought-provoking and poignant piece that explores the complexities of identity, relationships, and personal growth. Through powerful imagery and introspective lyrics, Oblé Reed captures the universal struggle for acceptance and the beauty of embracing one’s true self, flaws and all.

Lyrics of SPLIT ENDS by Oblé Reed

Verse 1
Uh, butterflies flutter on the tip of my tongue
n***a got twists, now he dreading the one
Now I gotta go and hit the 7-10
All cause the homies fell in love with the pins and funds
Spare me all the emotional junk
Garbage in the bowl, kinda gutted me up
Lane swerve, knock all the junk out the trunk
A bunch of the bunch turned to handfuls of the runts
Small fishes (Swim, swim)
If you can't float, it's fin
All of my dawgs get in
All of my rats pay rent
That's why all the cheese blue tint
That's stinky stank face
Only got one wish like Ray J
Herbs or whatever shordie put in my face
That's puffin on lavender
But these roots ain't having that

Dread head, splitting ends, couple said he done with them
Head scratcher, lost a pack of bands just tryna be in here
Five star service, kinda nervous what you seen in them
Wig splitting, better living, baby what you should've been
Dread head, splitting ends, couple said he done with them
Head scratcher, lost a pack of bands just tryna be in here
Five star service, kinda nervous what you seen in them
Wig splitting, better living, baby what you should've been

I pray and I pray for someone to be found, oh, woah, oh
And the ocean tells me that it's bad faith to fall to my knees for somebody like you, oh
Somebody like you, oh
And I find myself falling again
Find myself falling again

Verse 2
Imagine we ain't break it off
Imagine we ain't shake it up
Imagine that we take a sec to pray that our part even
Conditioned to leavin'
It's dry, prolly blame it on the season
I mean, word to my split ends
Word to my dreadlocks, waking up early
Some days I wish that my hair wasn't curly
Some days I wish that the follicles fall off spiralin', twirlin'
Ballet, tap dance, bonnets ain't girly
You ever seen a n***a in a scrunchie?
You ever seen a n***a start punchin'?
He out weighed, out class, bell rang, so now we
Getting rowdy at the function
Smell tree getting louder in the function
See she in the corner of the function
Said "Please can I get an introduction?"
I mean, I been using tea tree for the roots
'Member used to cut with double deuce
'Member when the hairline slanted, crooked
Lucky for me, no one wasn't looking
Mama started fading it
Man, thought I hated it
Then she started crying like–
(Sorry 'bout it, mama)
Now I'm independent, and I never cut it
Cause I couldn't cut it
Now I'm feeling like I'm Sampson (Like why, why don't you just cut it)
And now my locs, they blind me from the truth
They cover my eyes, they cover my eyes for you
And now it feels a cut is overdue
The longer it grows, the longer my love for you
I ain't the man that I fear no more
I don't let my past disappear no more
All I do is pass all my peers on the road and they know
They don't even cry tears no more
And you ain't even gotta lend your ear no more
Cause no, I won't cut it, no you won't love it
Two strands from the same cloth
From the same home
Man this where my split ends

I love my split ends
I love my split ends

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Release: 2024-06-04
Label: Oblé Reed
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Release: 2023-05-30
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