Meaning and Lyrics of Space and Time by Emma Russack

Song Lyrics meaning of Space and Time by Emma Russack

Meaning of Space and Time by Emma Russack

“Space and Time” by Emma Russack seems to delve into the complexities of memory, love, and the passage of time. The repetition of the phrase “space and time” in each verse suggests a return to these fundamental elements that shape our experiences and relationships.

In the first verse, the mention of having someone’s key symbolizes access to their world and a connection that remains despite physical distance or time elapsed. The lyrics convey a sense of holding onto a piece of someone, perhaps a memory or a feeling, through the passage of time.

The second verse delves deeper into the narrative of the relationship, hinting at a shared history (“a story to tell”) that is deeply ingrained in the singer’s mind. The juxtaposition of “a lifetime to learn” with “an instant to burn” highlights the paradox of how much can be built over time and yet how swiftly it can all be changed or lost.

Moving on to the third verse, there is a sense of regret or nostalgia for something that was said and possibly led to a moment of separation or departure (“the moment I fled”). The reference to shared dreams falling suggests a sense of disappointment or a rupture in the shared vision they once had.

Throughout the song, there is a contemplation of the impact of past experiences and conversations on the present moment. The imagery of “traces in my mind” further emphasizes how memories and moments linger with us, shaping our perception of reality and influencing our emotions.

Overall, “Space and Time” appears to capture a reflective and wistful mood, exploring the lasting effects of connections, the weight of memory, and the inevitability of change as time moves forward. It invites listeners to ponder their own experiences with love, loss, and the enigmatic interplay of space and time in shaping our lives.

Lyrics of Space and Time by Emma Russack

Verse 1
Space and time
The places in my mind
I've still got your key
The one you gave me

Verse 2
Space and time
The faces in my mind
A story to tell
You know it so well
A lifetime to learn
An instant to burn

Verse 3
Space and time
Traces in my mind
Of something you said
The moment I fled
A story to tell
Our dreams

Discography Emma Russack

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Release: 2021-10-08
Label: Bobo Integral
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3. Oh Alice
4. POB
5. That Love of Mine
6. Authenticity
7. Done My Time
8. My Best
9. Long Road
10. Still Life
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Release: 2019-10-18
Label: Bobo Integral
1. Hiding
2. Love for Myself
3. Catch
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5. When You Wake Up
6. Help
7. Cake
8. Reins
9. Letting Go
10. Sunsets and Sand
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Winter Blues

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3. Keeping My Cool
4. I Could Say
5. Winter Blues
6. Be Real
7. Follow My Heart
8. Like the Wind
9. Floating Seeds
10. Never Before
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