Meaning and Lyrics of something will give by Amie Blu

Song Lyrics meaning of something will give by Amie Blu

Meaning of something will give by Amie Blu

The song “Something Will Give” by Amie Blu appears to touch upon themes of frustration, uncertainty, and a sense of waiting for change or resolution.

In the first snippet, the lyrics suggest a late-night atmosphere (“almost three”) where the speaker is grappling with doubts about a relationship. The hesitation to express true feelings (“I go to say things that I don’t mean”) hints at internal conflict and a fear of being vulnerable.

The second verse conveys a sense of being stuck in a situation where efforts are unappreciated (“But still you don’t give, despite all the myths”) and the question of the partner’s intentions is raised (“What you tryna prove?”). The plea to “cut me loose” could reflect a desire for clarity and decisiveness, as well as a recognition of one’s own worth.

The imagery of “Violet and blue, comfort with you” suggests a bittersweet nostalgia for moments of solace within the relationship, juxtaposed with the repeated refrain of “something will give.” This repetition emphasizes a feeling of inevitability, a yearning for change or resolution to the emotional turmoil.

The line “If it’s a joke, then what a sick joke” adds a layer of bitterness and betrayal, hinting at a sense of disillusionment and manipulation within the dynamic. The repeated question of “When will it give?” underscores the uncertainty and longing for a breakthrough or a release from the tension.

Overall, “Something Will Give” seems to capture the complexities of emotional struggles, unmet expectations, and the desire for clarity or closure in a relationship marked by confusion and dissatisfaction.

Lyrics of something will give by Amie Blu

Lyrics from Snippet 1, 2, and 3

And it's almost three
And to test you won't leave
I go to say things
That I don't mean
No I don't mean

Verse 2
But still you don't give
Despite all the myths
What you tryna prove?
Go ahead and cut me loose
Go ahead and save your time
I'll wait in the meantime

Violet and blue
Comfort with you
​​something will give
When will it give?
And if it's a joke
Then what a sick joke
​​something will give
When will it give?
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