Meaning and Lyrics of Sign From The North Side by Amorphis

Song Lyrics meaning of Sign From The North Side by Amorphis

About Amorphis

Amorphis is a Finnish metal band formed in 1990. Originally starting as a death metal band, they have continually evolved their sound over the years, incorporating elements of folk and progressive metal into their music. The band has released numerous critically acclaimed albums and is known for their dynamic style and unique fusion of different musical influences. One of their well-known songs is “Sign From The North Side,” which is a track from their fourth studio album “Elegy” released in 1996. The song showcases Amorphis’ signature blend of heavy riffs, melodic vocals, and atmospheric soundscapes, earning them a dedicated global fanbase over the years.
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Meaning of Sign From The North Side by Amorphis

“Sign From The North Side” by Amorphis is a song that delves into themes of heritage, strength, and personal growth. The lyrics evoke a sense of pride in one’s Celtic roots, with references to the power originating from the cape of Cornwall, a place rich in Celtic history and mysticism.

The song opens with the proclamation of “True Celtic power,” suggesting a deep connection to ancient traditions and mystical forces. The mention of angels crying and omens being the sign of prediction sets a mysterious and foreboding tone, hinting at a destiny or prophecy that is intertwined with the protagonist’s life.

As the lyrics progress, the protagonist reflects on their upbringing in a proud land, where strength and resilience were instilled in them from a young age. The imagery of tears flowing and sorrow being twisted by the wind conveys a sense of inner turmoil and struggle that the protagonist has endured.

The reference to a distant gate and gothic grave speaks to the longevity and endurance of their clan throughout the ages, hinting at a legacy that has been carried through generations. The repetition of the chant-like phrase “True Celtic power” reinforces the idea of ancestral strength and a connection to a higher power.

The mention of carrying a ring as a symbol of the omen reflects a burden or responsibility that the protagonist has shouldered throughout their life. This enigmatic fragment from their past seems to hold significant meaning and influence over their actions and choices.

The lyrics then delve into the protagonist’s loneliness and sense of being born into a world of conflict and strife. They were taught the ways of battle and victory, but also the importance of fighting for peace and love, embodying a duality of strength and compassion.

The protagonist is described as an “unburied child,” symbolizing a lack of identity or belonging, yet paradoxically carrying the weight of their heritage and lineage. The reference to being reborn suggests a transformation or renewal, perhaps through the journey of self-discovery and acceptance of their past.

Overall, “Sign From The North Side” explores themes of heritage, destiny, inner conflict, and personal growth, weaving a narrative that is both introspective and mythic in nature. The song invites listeners to reflect on their own roots and the influence of the past on shaping their present identity and future path.

Lyrics of Sign From The North Side by Amorphis

True Celtic power
From the cape of Cornwall
Cry of hope, angels cry
This was omen, our sign, prediction

In this proud land I grew up strong
My tears are flowing all around
The wind is twisting my sorrow

Distant gate, gothic grave
Through ages our clan still remain

True Celtic power
From the cape of Cornwall
Cry of hope, angels cry
This was omen, our sign, prediction

All through my life
I have carried our ring
The omen
All this was the fragment from my life

In this proud land I was born alone
I was taught to fight, taught to win

They told me the way
Of steel and secret
I am the unburied child
Child without a name
Without fate
I fight for peace and love
I am reborn

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