Meaning and Lyrics of sick by The Boys

Song Lyrics meaning of sick by The Boys

Meaning of sick by The Boys

The song “Sick” by The Boys features a combination of dark, humorous, and boastful lyrics that revolve around themes of Halloween, mischief, and showcasing the personalities and bravado of the group members.

In the first verse, JoshDub introduces himself with confidence, referencing Halloween tropes like trick or treating and getting into the spirit of the season with a touch of rebellion and swagger. He presents himself as someone who enjoys a good time but also has a tough edge.

Mully’s verse continues the Halloween theme, along with elements of luxury and bravado, emphasizing a sense of playfulness mixed with a hint of danger. The imagery of riding in a Bentley, scaring kids, and being in control adds to the larger-than-life persona of The Boys.

YourNarrator’s verse delves deeper into the spooky atmosphere of Halloween, painting a picture of mystery and allure. The lyrics suggest a seductive yet eerie presence, highlighting the group’s ability to captivate and intrigue their audience with their enigmatic personas.

The chorus ties these themes together, portraying a sense of internal struggle, perhaps alluding to the pressures and challenges the group faces in their journey through fame and success. The contrasting emotions of fear and determination create a dynamic tension in the song’s narrative.

EddieVR’s verse adds a multicultural element to the mix, infusing the lyrics with Spanish phrases and references to Mexican culture. He combines horror movie tropes with humor and boasts about his abilities, creating a playful yet impactful presence in the song.

Juicy’s verses bring a sense of energy and unpredictability, with rapid-fire delivery and witty wordplay. His freestyle section adds a touch of randomness and humor, showcasing his ability to weave together disparate elements while maintaining a sense of charisma and confidence.

Overall, the song “Sick” by The Boys is a blend of spooky Halloween vibes, brash confidence, and playful banter that highlights the group’s diverse personalities and their ability to entertain and surprise their audience with their distinctive style and flair.

Lyrics of sick by The Boys

Verse 1: JoshDub
Ayy, it's DubDaddy on the track
Not a rapper but I thought I'd have a crack
Another song, another bar, another stack
We keep coming back, now we're picking up the slack
Get laid, get paid, get a raid
Trick or treat sweet, but can't beat the blade
It's Halloween bitch, it's time to get made
Better lock up or you're gonna get slayed
Ayy, The Boys are coming in
Got lit last night on the Cherry Gin
Smoking gas, eating ass, not committing sin
We're going large like Amy Schumer's second chin
Hey everybody, my name is JoshDub
When I don't do crime, I talk shit at the club
I like Corona, no lime, and having a tug
I get my bread no crust, cause you know I'm a thug

Verse 2: Mully
It's Halloween, my girl cook and clean
Doing flips in the sheets, call that trick 'n' treat
In the back of a Bentley and we got on rings
Riding in the streets, shouting scary things (Boo! Aah!)
The Boys in town and we hunting clowns (honk, honk)
Couple kings with a couple crowns (dank memes)
Scaring kids while we're blowing clouds
It's Mully in the back and your bitch is getting plowed

Verse 3: YourNarrator
Spooky and cold on this dreadful night
But we got some beauties in our sight
We love the shadows and fear the light
But we'll steal your girl with one quick bite
On Halloween you can hear many sounds
Some screaming, some crying in the background
But if I see some kind of creepy clown
Oh, you better believe it's going down
All the witches they be on me, with glee
When I walk up in the room it's a party
Got no reflection but there's one thing you can see
Our competition running, scared as they should be
Never giving out our secrets so like (hush, hush, hush)
Wiping away all the haters like a (brush, brush, brush)
We be stealing all your candy in a (rush, rush, rush)
Dropping songs and videos that always (crush, crush, crush)

Chorus: The Boys
Got these demons in my head overwhelming me with fear and dread (dread, dread, dread)
Screaming in my bed, keep me grinding till' I'm dead (dead, dead, dead)
Spirits in my mind come and visit me from time to time (time to time, time)
People say I'm sick but I swear to God I'm fine (I'm fine, I'm fine)

Verse 4: EddieVR
Trick or Treat, excuse me, what the f**k is this?
Candy corn, Bit-O-Honey, one Hershey Kiss?
¿Que no sabes que me dicen "El Mexorcist"?
If you don't know who I am then I'll tell you what it is
Got a blanket to protect me, and a wooden cross
I sprinkle Holy Water to show demons who's boss
I make videos to scare all the kiddos
And I'll exorcise your tía with a bag of Hot Cheetos
I shook Freddy Krueger's hand
Crawl harder than The Grudge
Made Pennywise float too and gave Huggy Wuggy a hug
I got good at hide and seek, you can always ask the Fed
I put poison in your goat, now that Chupacabra's dead
I live in the States, born in Monterrey
Got a gringa by my side, she can cook some frijoles
I crossed the border and la migra said "hey"
Come on down, but you just can't stay"
Running and hiding and working and fighting
You don't got the papers to even be trying
To say it was easy then I would be lying
Soy un imigrante con un gran corazón
Empecé recogiendo la basura de tu escalón
Y ahora ocupo la pantalla de tu habitación
Hasta parece que yo tomo gasolina
Te incendio con mi rap, es los pura adrenalina
Mi tierra, la extraño, nunca olvidaré mi casa
Un saludo para todos mis latinos y mi raza!
Now gimme the Reese's Cup, bitch

Verse 5: Juicy
Ya-da ya-da ya-da ya-da, something 'bout a square
You, me, and Juice Box 'bout to go Blair
Like the witch, that's a sitch
Halloween night, 'bout to wake up in a ditch
And I'm stacking up dinero
Got this young man feeling like George Romero
Pick the bone clean, know we saw it in the taros
Dig a little deeper boy, you almost got the marrow

Bridge: Juicy
I don't really know
I don't really know

Freestyle: Juicy
My goldfish took a little holiday
Left me feeling sour like that Minute Maid
One day he said he wanna go to outer space
So I made a little rocket out of Gatorade bottles
Catch your grandma at the Walmart
And she gonna catch the fade
I don't really give a f**k
I'm just tryna get paid
I'll smoke your granddad too
If he even looks my way
I will kick your little sister
In her m**********n' face
That's that shit you learn in Florida when you smokin' K-2
Hold that shit up in my chest boy, I'm 'bout to turn blue
I may mosey down to Target, man, and buy me that canoe
I can't, haha, uh…

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