Meaning and Lyrics of Shampoo by Kodak Black

Song Lyrics meaning of Shampoo by Kodak Black

About Kodak Black

Musician Kodak Black:
Kodak Black, born Dieuson Octave on June 11, 1997, is an American rapper and songwriter. Hailing from Pompano Beach, Florida, he rose to fame with his debut single “No Flockin” in 2014. Known for his unique voice and introspective lyrics, Kodak Black has released multiple successful albums and mixtapes, including “Painting Pictures” and “Dying to Live”. Example Song: “Shampoo”
“Shampoo” is a track from Kodak Black’s mixtape “Project Baby 2”, released in 2017. The song showcases his raw talent and distinctive storytelling style, earning praise from both fans and critics. With catchy hooks and clever wordplay, “Shampoo” exemplifies Kodak Black’s ability to create music that resonates with audiences.
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Meaning of Shampoo by Kodak Black

“Shampoo” by Kodak Black can be interpreted as a vivid reflection of the artist’s extravagant lifestyle and the consequences of fame. The lyrics in the song display themes of wealth, excess, and a sense of detachment from reality.

In the song’s Intro, Kodak Black sets the tone by showcasing his flamboyant lifestyle, using creative imagery and wordplay to describe his opulent possessions and persona. The references to “Yak sauce” and “condiment” symbolize his unique style and swagger, highlighting his confidence and individuality.

In Verse 1, Kodak Black talks about his relationships with women, material possessions, and his Haitian heritage. He mentions having a preference for a Caucasian woman from Michigan, showcasing a contrast in cultural backgrounds. The mention of turning Haitians into Jews metaphorically emphasizes his influence and power in his community. The lyrics also hint at his involvement in criminal activities, as he talks about discussing murder on an iPad and switching rental cars to evade detection.

The Chorus reflects Kodak Black’s self-indulgent lifestyle, where he brags about smoking and drinking excessively, surrounded by luxury furniture and flaunting his wealth. The line “bitch soakin’ wet, nigga, shampoo” suggests a hedonistic and sexual energy in his encounters with women.

In Verse 2, Kodak Black delves into darker themes, referencing incidents of overdosing and comatose states. He juxtaposes this with images of luxury, such as expensive cars and designer clothing, showcasing a contrast between glamour and tragedy. The lyrics also hint at his desire for intimacy and sexual encounters, juxtaposed with a sense of aggression and violence.

Overall, “Shampoo” can be interpreted as a complex depiction of Kodak Black’s life, blending elements of fame, wealth, desire, and consequences. The song captures the artist’s bravado, conflicts, and the multifaceted nature of his experiences in a captivating and provocative manner.

Lyrics of Shampoo by Kodak Black

Got the bitch dizzy, yeah
Yak and cheese whip
Yakeroni drip
Yak sauce, condiment
Drip store, condiment
I got the condiment, man
Know what I'm sayin'? (DzyOnDaBeat)
The drip store
Condiment, Yak sauce

Verse 1
Baby love got the fake job with the botox
Yeah, nigga, donk paint job like butterscotch
I was 'cross town zoolin' with my dog Pookaduke
Yeah, nigga, chain different color like fruit loop
Favorite girl caucasian, she stay in Michigan
Drunk a lotta coffee now I gotta shit again
Niggas know they ain't seein' Yak 'cause they never did
Yeah, nigga, MAC can't suppress like the evidence
Made a lot of Haitians turn JДwish, told 'em, "God said"
I ain't got no phone, I'm talkin' murder on thĐ” iPad
Switchin' up rentals, you ain't even know what car I'm in
Yeah, nigga, I got the sauce like condiment

Yeah, nigga, I been smokin' deuce with the camera crew
Yeah, nigga, I been drinkin' Goose like the animal
Furniture mahogany and the whole floor bamboo
Yeah, nigga, bitch soakin' wet, nigga, shampoo

Verse 2
Drop my last album same day a bitch overdosed
Next day, they found Jay Martin lay in comatose
Donk paint job butterscotch, seats butter toast
Bitch, I'm tryna fuck you, why you think I got your number for?
Bakin' soda Pyrex, whippin' up a dope cake
Mix match designer, rockin' Gucci with the Dolce
Flees on fluffy and McQueen on '61
Kodak Black went "Bodak Yellow" on a Bentley truck
Cuban links so damn big, they like, "What the fuck?"
Bitch, I'm tryna fuck, why you think I got your number for?
Ain't nothin' sweet, keep a piece like buttercup
Snuck up in a club with the fire, that's a tummy tuck

Yeah, nigga, I been smokin' deuce with the camera crew
Yeah, nigga, I been drinkin' Goose like the animal
Furniture mahogany and the whole floor bamboo
Yeah, nigga, bitch soakin' wet, nigga, shampoo

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