Meaning and Lyrics of Secret by Peach PRC

Song Lyrics meaning of Secret by Peach PRC

About Peach PRC

Peach PRC is an Australian musician known for her captivating blend of pop and R&B music. With her soulful vocals and introspective lyrics, she has garnered a dedicated following. One of her popular songs is Secret, which showcases her unique sound and songwriting style.
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Meaning of Secret by Peach PRC

The song “Secret” by Peach PRC delves into the clandestine nature of a romantic relationship that must be kept hidden from others. The lyrics paint a picture of hiding and secrecy, filled with moments of intimacy and passion that can only be shared in private.

The mention of the narrator’s presence being unknown to the other person’s mother highlights the forbidden aspect of the relationship. The line “making out to Britney Spears” evokes a sense of rebellion and youthful rebellion, suggesting that the relationship is one of defiance against societal norms.

The reference to sneaking out late at night and the imagery of clothes scattered on the floor imply a sense of urgency and intensity in the connection between the two individuals. The narrator wrestles with the internal conflict of wanting to continue the relationship but feeling constrained by the need for secrecy.

The repeated emphasis on the word “secret” underscores the central theme of the song – the need to keep the relationship hidden from the outside world. Despite the desire for more openness and togetherness, the reality of the situation is that the relationship thrives on being hidden and kept in the shadows.

The chorus reflects the bittersweet nature of the relationship, encapsulating the contradictory feelings of passion and secrecy. The longing for a more open connection is juxtaposed with the acknowledgment that the secrecy is what keeps the relationship alive and exciting.

Overall, “Secret” by Peach PRC captures the complexities of a hidden romance, exploring the thrill and tension of a love that exists in the shadows, away from the scrutiny of the outside world. The song conveys a sense of intimacy and vulnerability, as well as the struggle to reconcile the desire for closeness with the necessity of secrecy.

Lyrics of Secret by Peach PRC

Your mama doesn't know I'm here
She's got indoctrinated fears
Can't tell your friends the truth
Hiding in club bathrooms
And making out to Britney Spears

So you sneak out around 10
While they're all saying amen
And now your clothes are on my floor again
And I'm playing along
But I don't know if I'm strong
To keep on hiding like I'm something wrong

I know you wanna keep it
Your secret
And I would never speak it
Your secret
You only wanna kiss me in your car
You only wanna love me in the dark
Oh woah
(But I'll never tell)
Keep it forever
But I just wanna be together
You only wanna kiss me in your car
You only wanna love me in the dark
(Love me in the dark)
You only wanna keep it secret
I'll be your secret
You only wanna keep it

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