Meaning and Lyrics of Schaukel by M.I.K.I

Song Lyrics meaning of Schaukel by M.I.K.I

About M.I.K.I

Musician M.I.K.I is a German music artist known for his unique blend of hip-hop and pop music. He gained popularity in the music scene for his catchy beats and meaningful lyrics. One of his popular songs is Schaukel, which showcases his versatile musical style and skillful songwriting. M.I.K.I continues to captivate audiences with his dynamic performances and insightful songs, establishing himself as a rising star in the music industry.
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Meaning of Schaukel by M.I.K.I

The song “Schaukel” by M.I.K.I opens with the plea to “forget everything I said, I was out of my head,” suggesting a sense of regret or confusion. The line “Quoting funny things you’ve read, Oscar Wilde is dead, now we’ve got you instead,” could be interpreted as a comparison between the witty and iconic Oscar Wilde and the subject of the song, implying that the subject is now the focus of attention or admiration.

The lyrics then describe feeling out of place and express a desire for the subject to take notice: “Excuse the expression on my face, I feel out of place, you could steal a heart without a trace, I wish you were on my case.” This conveys a sense of longing or infatuation, with the singer wishing for more attention or connection from the subject.

The repeated line “I wish you were on my case” emphasizes the longing for a closer relationship or more significant interaction with the subject. The use of the word “wish” suggests a sense of unfulfilled desires or dreams.

Overall, the song “Schaukel” by M.I.K.I seems to capture a sense of longing, infatuation, and perhaps a bit of confusion or regret. The imagery and emotion conveyed in the lyrics provide a glimpse into the complex emotions and dynamics of human relationships, where desire, admiration, and uncertainty all play a role.

Lyrics of Schaukel by M.I.K.I

Forget everything I said
I was out of my head
Quoting funny things you've read
Oscar Wilde is dead
Now we've got you instead, oh

Excuse the expression on my face
I feel out of place
You could steal a heart without a trace
I wish you were on my case
I wish you were on my case, oh

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