Meaning and Lyrics of Saturday Night Special (feat. Rick Ross & Fat Joe) by LL COOL J

Song Lyrics meaning of Saturday Night Special (feat. Rick Ross & Fat Joe) by LL COOL J


LL COOL J (born James Todd Smith) is an American rapper, actor, and entrepreneur. He rose to fame in the 1980s with hits like “I Need Love” and “Mama Said Knock You Out.” LL COOL J is known for his smooth delivery and charismatic stage presence, earning him the title of one of the greatest of all time. As an actor, he has appeared in movies and TV shows, including a long-running role on “NCIS: Los Angeles.” One of LL COOL J’s popular songs is Saturday Night Special, which features Rick Ross and Fat Joe. The track showcases LL COOL J’s lyrical skills and ability to collaborate with other artists to create dynamic music.

Meaning of Saturday Night Special (feat. Rick Ross & Fat Joe) by LL COOL J

“Saturday Night Special” by LL COOL J featuring Rick Ross & Fat Joe delves deep into the world of hustling, showcasing different personas and mindsets prevalent in the game. The lyrics provide an intricate narrative, emphasizing themes of trust, self-preservation, reputation, and loyalty.

In the first verse, LL COOL J paints a vivid picture of the hustler’s world, warning about the dangers of trust. He discusses various types of individuals, such as the greedy killer who values money and respect above all, and the daredevil who seeks attention but is overly sensitive to criticism. The lyrics stress the importance of self-preservation and highlight the complexities of navigating different situations in the hustle.

The chorus, featuring Q-Tip and Rick Ross, emphasizes the importance of keeping one’s word and repaying debts in the world where reputation is key. Rick Ross, in his verse, portrays a lavish lifestyle but also hints at the underlying desire for peace amidst the chaos of the hustle. He reflects on the dynamics of material wealth and the fleeting nature of success.

LL COOL J’s second verse introduces the boss player, a figure of authority with a strategic mindset and a keen sense of respect. This character is calculated and patient, always upholding his word, but ready to defend his honor when necessary. The verse underscores the importance of loyalty and discretion when dealing with those in power.

Fat Joe’s verse further explores the hustler mentality, emphasizing the need to stay true to oneself and one’s principles. He references the gritty reality of the streets, drawing parallels between the hustle and the high-stakes game of moving contraband. His lyrics echo themes of consistency, integrity, and steadfastness in the face of challenges.

Overall, “Saturday Night Special” offers a nuanced portrayal of the hustler’s journey, showcasing the different archetypes and moral codes that govern this world. The song delves into the complexities of trust, loyalty, and reputation, highlighting the constant struggle for survival and success in the hustle.

Lyrics of Saturday Night Special (feat. Rick Ross & Fat Joe) by LL COOL J

Verse 1: LL COOL J
So many different hustlers you meet in the game
Shit is cold, don't put your trust in 'em, let me explain
The greedy killer, he wanna f**k hoes and get the money
But he quick to feel disrespected
One slip of the tongue, wrong words selected
Bullets drillin' in your melon when you least expect it
Number one priority, self-preservation
That applies to majority different situations
The daredеvil type, he love to makе a scene, the n***a hype
If he's the center of attention, you alright
He worried 'bout his rep
Put dirt on his name, you gettin' slept
Extra sensitive, quiet as kept
So you gotta play it cool with him, laugh at his jokes
Don't inhale too deep when he pass you the smoke
He askin' you a question, he might go for your throat
It's best to be transparent or that's all she wrote

Chorus: LL COOL J & Q-Tip (Rick Ross)
(Livin' legend, Cool James)
Always keep ya word, always pay him back
Always keep ya word, always pay him back
(Ricky Rozay AKA Ravioli)
Always keep ya word (Always pay him back)
(Q-Tip, what up?)

Verse 2: Rick Ross
Livin' like a villain, sippin' V on out the glass
Million on the wrist, quick to skip a battle rap
Corvette club, wavin' Maybach flags
Hunnid for yachts, jumpin' waves, runnin' laps
Really just wanna smoke, really just wanted peace
The n****s who want the most, some might end up with the least
Shawty just broke the lease, ready to move with me
I put it all in the book, prayin' that she could read
Really are you a G? (Uh) n****s just wanna see (Uh)
I'm runnin' the numbers up, I feel I'm still in the lead
Tentacles in the streets, criminals gettin' cream
The 7 series new Beemer, really is not a thing
Always gettin' the money, still hustle the max
Always keepin' it real, always gettin' it back
Bitches come with the thrills, all I want is the cash
My n****s still on the rise while I'm chargin' a tax

Chorus: Q-Tip
Always keep ya word, always pay him back
Always keep ya word, always pay him back
Always keep ya word, always pay him back

Verse 3: LL COOL J
Then there's the boss player, he got a shrewd intellect
He thinkin' big picture, he patient with disrespect
He always keep his word, but there's pressure when he collect
He keep the blicky close, he smart when he invest
Stay away from his hoes, that'll keep you out the mess
He act like you treat him cold, but that is just a test
Keep your jokes to a minimum when wifey is around
Remember he's the man, and f**k how it sounds
Give you the shirt off his back
Cross him, that's that (Yeah, uh)

Chorus: LL COOL J & Q-Tip
Always keep ya word, always pay him back
Always keep ya word, always pay him back (Uh)
Always keep ya word, always pay him back

Verse 4: Fat Joe
Always keep it real, always like crack
'Bout kicks I can teach ya
Just blew a mini mason in Atlanta on some sneakers
I brought the purses to the Verzuz
Been bodyin' shit, big boy hearses
Stain careers like windows in the churches
Brought the yay to the trap, this Sunday Service
Always have a gauge, always had the MAC
Always move weight, always move the pack
Always keep your word, always pay it back
Always keep it real, always like crack

Chorus: LL COOL J
Always keep ya word, always pay him back
Always keep ya word, always pay him back
Always keep ya word, always pay him back
Always keep ya word (Always pay him back)

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