Meaning and Lyrics of Russian Roulette – Radio Edit by Porter Robinson

Song Lyrics meaning of Russian Roulette – Radio Edit by Porter Robinson

About Porter Robinson

Porter Robinson is an American musician and DJ known for his innovative blend of electronic dance music and synth-pop. Born in 1992 in North Carolina, Robinson gained prominence in the music industry with his debut album “Worlds” in 2014, which received critical acclaim for its unique sound and emotional depth. His music often features intricate melodies, ethereal vocals, and atmospheric production. One of Porter Robinson’s popular songs is “Russian Roulette – Radio Edit,” which showcases his signature style of combining catchy beats with introspective lyrics. This track reflects his ability to seamlessly merge different genres and create a truly immersive listening experience for his audience. Overall, Robinson continues to push the boundaries of electronic music and remains a prominent figure in the EDM scene.

Meaning of Russian Roulette - Radio Edit by Porter Robinson

“Russian Roulette” by Porter Robinson, in its radio edit version, delves into themes of taking risks, facing challenges, and dealing with the pressures of fame and self-worth.

Verse 1:
The song opens with the protagonist appearing confident and smiling despite the chaos around them. The reference to Russian Roulette implies a dangerous game, symbolizing the uncertainty and risk-taking in life. The line “Best friend, we don’t have to pretend one day I could make you your salary” hints at a desire to succeed and uplift others, perhaps through fame or success. The mention of a machine and dependence suggests the complexity and potential pitfalls of the protagonist’s aspirations.

The chorus reflects on the gamble of life, where the protagonist must face challenges with uncertainty and apprehension. The emotional turmoil is palpable in lines such as “Maybe this time I won’t be alright,” indicating a sense of doubt and vulnerability amidst the high stakes.

Verse 2:
The second verse portrays external validation and recognition, with Pitchfork labeling the protagonist as the “big new thing.” The mention of a YouTube review and the imagery of a monkey performing a bizarre act suggest the absurdity and scrutiny of fame. The struggle between selling one’s image and staying true to oneself is evident, leading to a confrontation signified by putting a gun against an obstacle, potentially representing a figurative barrier to personal growth or authenticity.

The outro offers a contrasting message of self-preservation, urging against self-harm with the blunt statement, “Don’t kill yourself, you idiot.” This abrupt shift from the preceding themes of risk and uncertainty highlights the importance of valuing one’s life and mental well-being amidst challenges and societal pressures.

Overall, “Russian Roulette – Radio Edit” appears to be a profound reflection on navigating unpredictable circumstances, managing public expectations, and finding resilience in the face of adversity. It explores the complexities of identity, fame, and personal struggles with a mix of boldness, vulnerability, and introspection.

Lyrics of Russian Roulette - Radio Edit by Porter Robinson

Verse 1
It's me, smiling for the team
As I stare directly into the storm, oh
Trust me, it's a sure thing
Russian Roulette, you won't get bored
Best friend, we don't have to pretend one day
I could make you your salary, oh
The saddest thing about my whole machine
She says, and she's right, "It depends on me"

Then I close my eyes
Gamble with my life
Trying not to smile
Maybe this time I won't be alright
Maybe this time

Verse 2
Pitchfork reports
Thеy're calling me, their words, "Thе big new thing," oh
YouTube review, funny monkey
Takes a piss into his own mouth, crazy
And I thought it's strange to sell my face
But let's just make the most of it
Now my hand is drawn
I put the gun against the thing that's stopping me

Then I close my eyes
Gamble with my life
Trying not to smile
Maybe this time I won't be alright
Maybe this time

Don't kill yourself, you idiot

Discography Porter Robinson


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Label: Mom+Pop
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Label: Astralwerks (ASW)
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