Meaning and Lyrics of Russian Roulette – Edit by Porter Robinson

Song Lyrics meaning of Russian Roulette – Edit by Porter Robinson

Meaning of Russian Roulette - Edit by Porter Robinson

“Russian Roulette – Edit” by Porter Robinson is a song that delves into themes of risk, uncertainty, fame, and self-preservation.

In the first verse, the singer describes a situation where they are facing challenges head-on, akin to staring into a storm. The mention of Russian Roulette introduces the idea of taking risks and not knowing the outcome. There’s a hint of disillusionment with lines like “Best friend, we don’t have to pretend one day, I could make you your salary,” suggesting a desire for authenticity in relationships amidst a backdrop of potential success. The reference to a machine and the phrase “It depends on me” allude to personal responsibility and perhaps the pressure that comes with it.

The chorus reflects a sense of resignation or acceptance of fate. Closing one’s eyes and metaphorically gambling with life can symbolize taking chances and possibly facing the consequences with a somewhat fatalistic attitude. The uncertainty and lack of control in the lyrics convey a vulnerable yet determined perspective.

Moving on to the second verse, the mention of media attention and being labeled as “the big new thing” highlights the fickle nature of fame and public perception. The imagery of a “funny monkey” and its bizarre behavior could represent the absurdity of being in the public eye and the pressure to entertain or conform to certain expectations. The singer appears conflicted about selling their image but acknowledges the need to adapt and make the most of their situation. The reference to putting a gun against something stopping them suggests a struggle or confrontation with obstacles, whether literal or metaphorical.

The outro, with the encouragement “Don’t kill yourself, you idiot,” could be interpreted as a direct plea to the listener or the singer themselves to persevere and not succumb to the challenges or pressures they face. It serves as a abrupt but impactful reminder of the value of one’s own life and the importance of self-care and resilience in the face of adversity.

Overall, “Russian Roulette – Edit” combines introspective lyrics with a mix of vulnerability, defiance, and a touch of dark humor to create a compelling narrative about navigating uncertainty, fame, and personal agency.

Lyrics of Russian Roulette - Edit by Porter Robinson

Verse 1
It's me, smiling for the team
As I stare directly into the storm, oh
Trust me, it's a sure thing
Russian Roulette, you won't get bored
Best friend, we don't have to pretend one day
I could make you your salary, oh
The saddest thing about my whole machine
She says, and she's right, "It depends on me"

Then I close my eyes
Gamble with my life
Trying not to smile
Maybe this time I won't be alright
Maybe this time

Verse 2
Pitchfork reports
Thеy're calling me, their words, "Thе big new thing," oh
YouTube review, funny monkey
Takes a piss into his own mouth, crazy
And I thought it's strange to sell my face
But let's just make the most of it
Now my hand is drawn
I put the gun against the thing that's stopping me

Then I close my eyes
Gamble with my life
Trying not to smile
Maybe this time I won't be alright
Maybe this time

Don't kill yourself, you idiot

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