Meaning and Lyrics of Red Flag by Kittie

Song Lyrics meaning of Red Flag by Kittie

About Kittie

Kittie is a Canadian heavy metal band formed in 1996. The band consists of sisters Mercedes and Morgan Lander, Tara McLeod, and “Ivy” Vujic. They gained popularity in the late 1990s and early 2000s for their powerful blend of heavy metal and nu-metal music. Known for their aggressive sound and raw energy, Kittie has released several albums and toured extensively, earning a dedicated fan base around the world. One of their notable songs is “Red Flag“, which showcases their signature heavy riffs, intense vocals, and fierce attitude. The track reflects the band’s uncompromising style and rebellious spirit, making it a fan favorite and a staple in their live performances.

Meaning of Red Flag by Kittie

“Red Flag” by Kittie is a haunting and intense song that delves into themes of feeling trapped, manipulation, and the struggle for freedom. The opening lines convey a sense of being overwhelmed and powerless, with the speaker feeling like their situation is spiraling out of control and their hands are tainted with the consequences.

The lyrics suggest a toxic relationship dynamic where one person is depicted as difficult to please and possibly controlling. The imagery of being brought to one’s knees indicates a position of vulnerability and subservience in the relationship, with the other person exerting dominance. This power struggle is further emphasized by the recurring motif of red flags, symbolizing warning signs and danger that the speaker may be ignoring or unable to escape from.

The verse about feeling like going under points to a sense of drowning or being consumed by the negative aspects of the relationship. The description of the other person as cold, calculating, and holding a knife to the speaker’s lips evokes a sense of threat and danger. The anticipation of pain and betrayal is palpable, with the imagery of a blade bleeding for a kiss painting a vivid picture of sacrifice and suffering for the sake of twisted affection.

The chorus introduces a sense of resignation and inevitability, with the speaker acknowledging the destructive nature of the relationship and questioning whether it is fate that they must endure this suffering. The repetition of the phrase “Stay here forever” suggests a feeling of being trapped in a cycle of pain and deceit, unable to break free and constantly haunted by the scars and lies that have accumulated over time.

The symbolism of whispering while beauty dies conveys a sense of decay and corruption within the relationship, with truths being hidden and distorted as the bond deteriorates. The desperate search for answers and the realization that life is slipping away add a sense of urgency and finality to the narrative.

The closing lines, “Take me away,” could be interpreted as a plea for release from the suffocating grip of the relationship, a desire to be liberated from the emotional turmoil and pain that have become all-consuming. Overall, “Red Flag” paints a grim and powerful portrait of a toxic relationship characterized by manipulation, pain, and the struggle for self-preservation.

Lyrics of Red Flag by Kittie

I feel trapped and it's all
In my dirty hands
These walls are closing in

You always were so hard
To please
You thought you had me on
My knees

I think I'm going under
Red flags for all of this

You're cold and calculating
A knife held to my lips
And this anticipating
Blade bleeding for a kiss

This is the day, and you wait
Is this fate, laying waste
And you'll stay here forever
Stay here forever

And all that's left are scars
And lies
Whispering while beauty dies

I claw my neck for answers
As last life slips away

Take me away

Discography Kittie


Release: 2024-06-21
Label: Sumerian Records
Popularity: 👏👏
1. Fire
2. I Still Wear This Crown
3. Falter
4. Vultures
5. We Are Shadows
6. Wound
7. One Foot In The Grave
8. Are You Entertained?
9. Grime
10. Eyes Wide Open
Tracklist Collapse

Origins/Evolutions (Live)

Release: 2018-03-30
Label: Sumerian Records
1. Spit – Live
2. Charlotte – Live
3. Brackish – Live
4. Oracle – Live
5. What I Always Wanted – Live
6. Burning Bridges – Live
7. Funeral For Yesterday – Live
8. Never Again – Live
9. Cut Throat – Live
10. Sorrow I Know – Live
11. Empires – Pt. 2 / Live
12. We Are The Lamb – Live
Tracklist Collapse

Until the End

Release: 2004-07-27
Label: Vanguard
1. Look So Pretty
2. Career Suicide
3. Until the End
4. Red Flag
5. Sugar
6. In Dreams
7. Into The Darkness
8. Burning Bridges
9. Loveless
10. Daughters Down
11. Into the Darkness (Vocal Remix)
Tracklist Collapse

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