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Musicianskaiwater Biography:
Kaiwater is a talented musician known for their unique blend of electronic and indie pop music. Hailing from an undisclosed location, they began their musical journey at an early age, honing their skills and crafting a distinct sound that resonates with fans around the world. Kaiwater’s music is characterized by compelling melodies, thoughtful lyrics, and innovative production techniques. Example Song:
“Real Feel” is one of Kaiwater’s most popular tracks, showcasing their signature style and creative flair. The song features mesmerizing vocals, catchy hooks, and infectious beats that capture the essence of their music. With its introspective lyrics and emotive delivery, “Real Feel” has cemented Kaiwater’s reputation as a rising star in the music industry.

Meaning of real feel by skaiwater

The song “Real Feel” by Skaiwater reflects on love, relationships, and self-empowerment through its bold and vivid lyrics. The verses and chorus convey a mix of emotions and experiences that the artist is going through.

In the Verse 1, the artist talks about being in a complicated situation with someone, where they are hesitant to fully commit emotionally. They express a sense of distance and detachment, mentioning physical intimacy but drawing a line at emotional involvement. The lyric “I’ve been turning down some real guys by the way, and that’s what hurts the most” suggests a conflict between pursuing genuine connections and maintaining a facade of indifference.

The Bridge adds a plea for love and strength, perhaps indicating a desire for deeper emotional connections despite the tough exterior portrayed in the previous verse.

The Chorus delves into a sense of being out of place or out of sync in a relationship, while also hinting at a thrill or excitement (“Ride me like a Kawasaki”). The notion of telling others about the relationship being locked in could symbolize a need for validation or recognition from external sources.

In Verse 2, there’s a theme of empowerment and self-confidence, especially in relationships. The artist asserts their independence and refusal to be taken for granted. They embody traits inherited from their mother, emphasizing strength and resilience. The lyrics hint at a rebellious attitude and a willingness to confront challenges head-on.

The song ends with an Outro that introduces a character named Marni, who seems assertive and self-assured. The dialogue suggests a playful and confident personality, unafraid to speak their mind and stand their ground.

Overall, “Real Feel” by Skaiwater seems to explore themes of love, strength, independence, and authenticity. It touches on the complexities of relationships, the importance of self-worth, and the challenges of maintaining personal boundaries in a world that often blurs the lines between love and control. The song carries a mix of vulnerability and empowerment, creating a nuanced narrative of modern-day emotional struggles.

Lyrics of real feel by skaiwater

Verse 1
I could put you down (I could put you down)
Make you feel evil
Your baby came from a dark place
I play-play with real things and watch myself bleed, oh
Three-thousand, three-thou' miles away
Play with my pussy, not my heart
I told you this was different to me
I've been turning down some real guys by the way
And that’s what hurts the most, I know they got what I need

(I need your love today)
(Give me the strength to stay) (What's up?)
What's up Westside shawty?
I've been outside, I've been

Out of pocket, out of pocket (Oh, yeah)
Out of body, out of body with you, baby
Ride me like a Kawasaki (Kawasaki)
Tell the hoes the truth, show them that we locked in
I feel (I feel), I feel like you're up to somеthing (Oh yeah, feel)
I feel like you're up to sumn (Yеah, oh yeah)

Verse 2
Rule number one for being a bad bitch (Rule number one)
Yeah, never let a n***a take you for granted (Never let a n***a, huh, what?)
Yeah, I took the shot that they gave me and ran with it (I took the shot that they gave me and ran with it)
Uh, bitch, I get the gangsta shit from my mammy (Oh, yeah, get the gangsta shit from my mammy)
We need two cars, bitch, we out to Miami
Isabel Marant for when your bitch is ready
Bitch, I'm your blackest opp and I'm the last bitch standing (Last bitch standing)
I see that bitch in your Instagram DM, she still get an answer (Still get a answer)
Yeah, I do a drive by, do a manhunt (No cap)
(I need your love today)
I go crazy, I go brazy, go bad, yeah (No cap)
Give a f**k if that's a girl, bitch, I'll still blam them (No cap)
(Give me the strength to stay)
But I could calm it down, baby, put down the hammer (No cap)
Tell me everything I read in your phone, it was random

Out of pocket, out of pocket (For real)
Out of body, out of body with you, baby
Ride me like a Kawasaki
Tell the hoes the truth, show them that we locked in
I feel, I feel like you're up to something (Feel)
I feel like you're up to sumn

Outro: Marni
(I f*****g ha—)
Gigi, it's Marni, killmarni
Why you're not answering the phone? (I f*****g ha—)
Don't ever in your life
The Slizzy Princess, the Slizzy General
A.K.A. Miss Backtalk, 'cause I'm always talking back
I'm the princess, word, you the princess too

Discography skaiwater


Release: 2024-06-14
Label: GoodTalk/Capitol Records
Popularity: 👏👏
1. real feel
2. bleach
3. wna torture me tn? (with KARRAHBOOO)
4. richest girl alive
5. choke (feat. Cortisa Star & CARTERTHEBANDIT)
6. box
7. light! (with Lil Nas X & 9lives)
8. play
9. run
10. rain
11. princess
12. heavy metal
13. shut up and drive
Tracklist Collapse

Happy Hour

Release: 2021-05-05
Label: GoodTalk/Capitol Records
1. Sun
2. Thrift Shop
3. The Blade
4. Work!
5. Bad Luck
6. Nirvana
7. Emani
8. Fear
9. There Is Blood In The Air
10. RIP Dro
11. Vetements
Tracklist Collapse

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