Meaning and Lyrics of PROTAGONIST by lilbubblegum

Song Lyrics meaning of PROTAGONIST by lilbubblegum

Meaning of PROTAGONIST by lilbubblegum

“PROTAGONIST” by lilbubblegum is a rap song that delves into themes of resilience, determination, and self-assurance. The lyrics are filled with clever wordplay and references that paint a vivid picture of the artist’s mindset and attitude.

The opening lines “Don’t crease my forces when I step on opposition, Taking Ls in Jordan’s family competition” set the tone of the song, highlighting the artist’s confidence and willingness to face challenges head-on. The mention of “Chamber loading, your b*tch need my ammunition” portrays a sense of assertiveness and power in dealing with any obstacles that may come their way.

The reference to popular culture figures like “Rick Riordan Percy” and “King Krule” adds depth to the lyrics, showcasing the artist’s influences and interests. The verse that mentions “Pop pop pop, Shots fired, Start the ignition like a motherf*cking Hotwire” creates a sense of momentum and intensity, depicting a drive to succeed and overcome obstacles.

The artist’s wordplay is evident in phrases like “Levels to this sh*t akl we go way higher” and “Ocean bed when I just clap, King Krule.” These lines suggest a sense of superiority and confidence in their abilities.

The lyrics also touch on relationships and experiences, with lines such as “When I’m in your chick leave a print on her ass, David Letterman sh*t yea I’m talking to cat” hinting at a playful and possibly provocative attitude towards romantic encounters.

The chorus presents a strong and unwavering persona, as the artist asserts their identity and dedication to their craft. The references to “TMNT,” “SOLO,” and “RONIN” evoke images of strength, independence, and resilience.

The imagery of brewing potions in Skyrim and references to alchemy and enchanting in video games add a layer of complexity to the artist’s characterization, portraying them as someone who is not only skilled in their craft but also creative and innovative in their approach.

The concluding lines emphasize the artist’s commitment to their path, highlighting their determination to succeed and leave a lasting legacy. The mention of overcoming obstacles and staying true to themselves despite challenges reflects a sense of perseverance and a refusal to be deterred by detractors.

In summary, “PROTAGONIST” by lilbubblegum is a song that showcases confidence, determination, and a strong sense of self-identity. The lyrics are rich in wordplay and cultural references, offering a glimpse into the artist’s mindset and attitude towards their craft and life in general.

Lyrics of PROTAGONIST by lilbubblegum

Don’t crease my forces when I step on opposition
Taking Ls in Jordan’s family competition
Chamber loading your bitch need my ammunition
Rick riordan Percy I be diving it
That’s a splash
Chris smoove
If you ever got a chance
Make a big move
Don’t you ever ever lack
I got big tools
Ocean bed when I just clap
King krule
Pop pop pop
Shots fired
Start the ignition like a m***********g Hotwire
Light this bitch up why they childish? Bonfire
Levels to this shit akl we go way higher
When I’m in your chick leave a print on her ass
David letterman shit yea I’m talking to cat
Got a venomous dick cobra Kai whеn I spaz
When I’m spreading I be sick covid 19 I pass
Bitch I’m in it, bitch I’m rеally widit I don’t even gotta talk about it cause these Groupies spinning
You don’t even wanna walk around it cause they only picking
m***********s never slipping
All these shawties wanna be around yet they never listen
Mixing the vodka with a 'lil shot of me
And she used to getting A’s but tonight she getting D
Don’t sip on the brown liquor hate the hennesy
Did every position from the a-z

TMNT bitch I’m SOLO
The last of the RONIN
See the future wit my HAN
Catch me out honing
My skills I’m devoted
100 my focus
Like I’m playing Skyrim
I’m brewing dis potion
My alchemy goated
This drink got me floating
I’m Himothy notice
If uso they cheated won’t morph to a rodent
Can never ever switch on my bros you know dis
Won’t break if it’s molded
Strong like polys
Set a m**********n up volley
Spike that shit, straight down not sorry
Bite that kick, don’t trip on molly
Need me some energy only black coffee
And f**k all the enemies need me a Bonnie
My only damn remedy sipping Bacardi
2 horsey no ketamine vision 2 foggy
It’s a blur when I splurge
Put in work yeah I earned
Every strip that a m**********r got let it burn
To the ash to the urn
Legacy that’s the word
That I wanna live by till I hit the f*****g dirt
That’s on Bones yeah we turnt
There’s some crows they got smirks
They be waiting for the falloff but the peak is coming first
We go up they reverse
But we kick em in the curb
Stomping every m**********r that be trynna wish the worst
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