Meaning and Lyrics of Prom Queen by Beach Bunny

Song Lyrics meaning of Prom Queen by Beach Bunny

About Beach Bunny

Beach Bunny is an indie pop-rock band that has come to define the anxieties and joys of youth in the 21st century. Formed in 2015, the project began as a solo endeavor by Lili Trifilio, a Chicago-based singer-songwriter with a knack for blending upbeat melodies with introspective lyrics. Over time, Beach Bunny evolved into a full-fledged band, now featuring Trifilio on vocals and guitar, backed by Matt Henkels (guitar), Jonathan Alvarado (drums), and Anthony Vaccaro (bass). Beach Bunny gained a significant following with their 2018 EP, **Prom Queen**, whose title track quickly became a viral sensation. The song, “Prom Queen,” encapsulates the pressures and insecurities faced by many young people, striking a chord with listeners through its candid and relatable themes. The band’s ability to channel raw emotion through catchy, melodious tunes has earned them a loyal fanbase and critical acclaim within the indie scene. Their music is characterized by its infectious energy and sharp lyrical wit, often exploring themes of self-doubt, relationships, and the tumultuous journey of growing up. Despite their relatively recent emergence, Beach Bunny has carved out a distinct niche, blending the breeziness of surf rock with the earnestness of bedroom pop.

With a sound that’s both nostalgic and refreshingly contemporary, Beach Bunny continues to leave an indelible mark on the indie music landscape.

Meaning of Prom Queen by Beach Bunny

The song “Prom Queen” by Beach Bunny delves into themes of self-image, societal beauty standards, insecurity, and the pressure to conform to a certain ideal. The lyrics paint a compelling narrative of a young woman grappling with her appearance and feeling inadequate compared to the societal norms of beauty portrayed by others.

In the first verse, the singer expresses feelings of inadequacy compared to a stereotypical “perfect” image, highlighting body insecurities and the desire to fit in with societal ideals. The reference to “mom jeans” and the longing to be like a “blue-eyed blondie” speaks to the pressure many individuals face to conform to a certain physical aesthetic for acceptance and validation.

The chorus reflects the internal struggle of feeling like one needs to change or meet unrealistic beauty standards in order to be liked or accepted by others. The repeated refrain of “I was never cut out for Prom Queen” suggests a sense of not fitting into the mold of what is traditionally considered desirable or beautiful.

The post-chorus raises the question of whether becoming more physically attractive will lead to being liked, illustrating the toxic belief that one’s worth is contingent upon their external appearance.

In the second verse, the singer delves deeper into personal insecurities, likening herself to a “defect surgical project” and feeling suffocated by societal pressures to look a certain way. The image of “plastic wrap in my cheeks” conveys the artificial and suffocating nature of trying to conform to beauty standards.

The bridge delves into the internalized pressure to be pretty in order to be liked or happy, touching on the damaging effects of societal messaging on self-esteem and self-worth. The mention of starvation and carving skin reflects the extreme measures some may take to try to achieve an unrealistic beauty ideal, at great personal cost.

The poignant outro expresses a plea for acceptance and self-assurance, juxtaposing the idea that beauty is synonymous with pain and that happiness is contingent upon meeting certain appearance standards. The desire to be okay and not downplay emotions reflects a universal longing for self-acceptance and inner peace in a world that often equates value with external beauty.

Overall, “Prom Queen” offers a poignant exploration of the struggles individuals face in navigating societal beauty standards, the impact of these pressures on self-image, and the quest for self-acceptance and inner peace amidst a culture that often prioritizes superficial beauty over authentic self-worth.

Lyrics of Prom Queen by Beach Bunny

Verse 1
Shut up, count your calories
I never look good in mom jeans
Wish I was like you
Blue-eyed blondie, perfect body

Chorus 1
Maybe I should try harder
You should lower your expectations
I'm no Quick-Curl Barbie
I was never cut out for Prom Queen

If I get more pretty, do you think he will like me?

Verse 2
Dissect my insecurities
I'm a defect surgical project
It's getting hard to breathe
There's plastic wrap in my cheeks

Chorus 2
Maybe I should try harder
You should lower your beauty standards
I'm no Quick-Curl Barbie
I was never cut out for Prom Queen

If I'm pretty, will you like me?
They say beauty makes boys happy
I've been starving myself, carving
Skin until my bones are showing

Teach me how to be okay
I don't want to downplay my emotions
They say beauty is pain
You'll only be happy
If you look a certain way
I wanna be okay
I wanna be okay

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