Meaning and Lyrics of Positively Madison Avenue by David Duchovny

Song Lyrics meaning of Positively Madison Avenue by David Duchovny

Meaning of Positively Madison Avenue by David Duchovny

“Positively Madison Avenue” by David Duchovny is a poignant and thought-provoking song that delves into themes of disillusionment, societal expectations, commercialism, and the struggle to maintain integrity in a world consumed by superficiality. The lyrics present a colorful narrative that critiques the facade of modern society while reflecting on personal convictions and the complexities of human behavior.

In the first verse, the “Joker man” metaphorically takes off his mask, revealing the superficiality of societal norms and the pressure to conform. The reference to a car salesman urging the protagonist to “grow up” and provide beverages for him and the boss encapsulates the idea of being trapped in a cycle of performative behaviors. The mention of following Gandhi on Twitter and the advice against bitterness juxtapose the wisdom of a spiritual leader with the absurdity of contemporary digital interactions.

The song explores the struggle for authenticity in a world that glorifies materialism and appearance. References to needing abstinence and protein shakes to maintain shape juxtaposed with the idea of losing your appetite by witnessing moral compromises point to the dissonance between personal values and societal expectations. The mention of iconic figures like Bob Dylan selling cars underscores the disillusionment with the commercialization of art and the commodification of authenticity.

The lyrics also touch on themes of social critique, highlighting the exploitation of culture by corporations and the voyeuristic nature of modern society. The notion of inequality and the superficial pursuit of success are tackled with biting sarcasm and a call for introspection. There is a sense of resignation mixed with defiance in the acknowledgment of personal flaws and societal injustices, leading to a reflection on the power each individual holds in shaping their own narrative.

The repeated refrain “Save me a place at the bar” symbolizes a desire for connection and authenticity in a world rife with artifice. The mention of iconic figures like Leonard Cohen hints at the search for genuine artistic and spiritual resonance amidst the noise of contemporary culture. The song ultimately challenges listeners to question their own role in perpetuating or resisting the status quo and encourages self-reflection on what truly matters in a world dominated by illusions and distractions.

Lyrics of Positively Madison Avenue by David Duchovny

Verse 1
Joker man takes off his mask
Reveals a car salesman and at last, says
“Grow up, son, you know it’s just a masquerade, now
Be a good boy and get me and the boss a Gatorade"

You can work up quite a thirst
Watchin' all them bubbles burst
I was following Ghandi on the twitter
He tweeted “Son, I don’t like to see you bitter”

But if you wanna get in this kind of shape
Well, it’s abstinence and a protein shake
Or you could lose your appetite
Watching wrong pass for right
Yeah, you could lose your appetite
Watching wrong pass for right

Save me a place at the bar
Bobby Dylan who was selling cars
All hail the stripes and the stars
Bobby Dylan, was selling cars

Voyeurs, critics, bloggers, vultures
Pick their percentage off the carcass of the culture
In wrote we fiddle as corporations
Pull out to other nations, give Mother Earth a facial
All men are created equal, more or less
Free to negotiate a sequel, God bless!
Don’t call me a hypocrite, naive
You can take as good as given, still believe
Mo-Town slam pictures of Lucky 7
While they believin' Pete Seeger has to hitch his way to heaven
Oh, I have learned the victor’s secrets
You can show panties and still remain a Jesus

Save me a place at the bar
Bobby Dylan who was selling cars
All hail the stripes and the stars
Bobby Dylan, was selling cars

I don’t wanna
But this whole world
Seems strange
The writing on the wall, I think
Was written to disappear in ink

I’m sure your morals are beyond reproach
But it’s not like I’m asking you to fly coach
I know it’s uncool not to be ironic
And I know that you’re bulletproof iconic
I really shouldn’t be throwin' stones, no
Cause chasing spooks on Fox I made my bones
We’re all guilty of sin
Comes up and force someone to keep from gettin' in
Those who used to hustle ho
Fashion the nooses now out of a velvet rope
But I guess there’s nothin' much to do
Cause only you can write the song that gets to you
I guess there’s nothing much to do
Cause only you can write the song that gets to you

Save me a place at the bar
Bobby Dylan who was selling cars
Well, I guess I should be goin'
Aw, shit, is that Leonard Cohen?

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