Meaning and Lyrics of Personality Test by Seb Lowe

Song Lyrics meaning of Personality Test by Seb Lowe

Meaning of Personality Test by Seb Lowe

“Personality Test” by Seb Lowe delves into the complexities of human nature and the questions we face when examining our own personalities and behaviors. The song starts by inviting the listener to take a personality test, encouraging reflection on various aspects of life and values.

The lyrics prompt introspection on topics like privilege, morality, selflessness, and ambition. The questions posed in the song challenge the listener to assess their upbringing, values, and ethical choices. It highlights the dichotomy between selfishness and altruism, personal gain and social responsibility.

The different scenarios presented in the song, such as being born into wealth, doing the right thing, or dodging responsibilities like paying taxes, serve as mirrors reflecting the moral dilemmas individuals often encounter. The song also touches on the idea of escaping consequences and ethical accountability amidst chaos and turmoil.

The mention of a fourth option, “all of the above,” suggests a comprehensive view of human nature – one that encompasses both the virtuous and the flawed aspects of our personalities. It explores the complex interplay between ambition, power, and morality, ultimately culminating in a reflection on leadership and self-doubt.

The later part of the song addresses feelings of inadequacy and uncertainty, expressing a desire to make a difference but feeling ill-equipped to navigate the complexities of life. The internal struggle between ambition and self-doubt, confidence and hesitation, is a recurring theme that encapsulates the universal fear of failure and the quest for validation.

In the end, the song circles back to the notion that questioning one’s abilities and motives is a vital part of personal growth and self-awareness. It suggests that acknowledging one’s fallibility and self-doubt can ironically lead to a deeper understanding of oneself and one’s place in the world.

Lyrics of Personality Test by Seb Lowe

Take this personality test
Discern between the worst and the best
The leaders and the-

Question one, were you born into wealth?
Or did you ever have to think for yourself?
Did you have to work to get help, or did you just get help?
Did you ever think of anyone else?

Question two, what matters to you?
Do you do the right thing 'cause it’s the right thing to do?
Or do you do the right thing after everything?
Realizing the right thing's thе popular thing

Three, pick from A, B, and C
A, you're prepared to causе grief
And you won’t even blink as you do it, you do that, you lose it
Kill or be killed, you are not stupid

B, in the mirror you see
A man who's traversed the world to get free

C, you don't pay taxes
Well, it would be unfair if you paid taxes
But sleep at night as an esteemed philanthropist
That is no solution but a bandage

Wrapping up the mess you made, you and your friends
Come out unscathed as the rest of the world ends

You pick a fourth option, all of the above
Your cronies surround you, you're in luck
You possess the mindset, the heart, the sinister
Your personality is fit for prime minister

Wait, I'm not finished yet
I wanna make a difference but I don't know what I think is best
I'm no leader, I don't think I could face it
The pressure, you know I never really take risks
I’ve got ideas but I’m not smart enough to say 'em yet
Let alone believe in ’em, why is what I say correct?
What if I'm not built for it, what if I get undermined?
What if I'm wrong? Well, that's exactly why you’re right

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