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Song Lyrics meaning of Out Of The Blue by Joelistics

About Joelistics

Joelistics is a masterful storyteller whose artistry dissects the complexities of the human condition through the lens of hip-hop. Born in Sydney, Australia, and raised on a diet of diverse sounds and cultural influences, Joelistics, whose real name is Joel Ma, has etched his name into the annals of contemporary music with his unique blend of introspective lyrics and infectious beats. He first rose to prominence as a member of the alternative hip-hop group TZU, where his lyrical prowess and charismatic stage presence caught the attention of audiences and critics alike. Out Of The Blue, one of his standout tracks, is a testament to his evolutionary journey as an artist. The song navigates through themes of unexpected life changes and the inherent unpredictability of human experiences. With a hauntingly catchy chorus and thought-provoking verses, Out Of The Blue encapsulates the essence of Joelistics’ ability to merge personal narratives with broader social commentaries. Beyond his solo projects, Joelistics is also renowned for his work as a producer and collaborator, lending his signature touch to tracks across a slew of genres. His contributions to the music scene extend beyond the mic, making him a pivotal figure in the ever-evolving tapestry of Australian music.

Meaning of Out Of The Blue by Joelistics

“Out of the Blue” by Joelistics is a poignant and emotive song that tells the story of a young couple faced with unexpected challenges, the passage of time, personal growth, and the power of love and forgiveness.

In the first verse, the lyrics describe a young man and woman who find themselves in a difficult situation after discovering they are expecting a child. Despite their initial struggles and the man’s sense of inadequacy, the woman stands by him, showing unwavering support. However, the strain of the situation leads to the man spiraling into self-destructive behavior, ultimately resulting in their separation.

The chorus, sung by Kaity Dunstan and Joelistics, emphasizes the inevitability of life’s hardships and the constant cycle of coming together and falling apart, capturing the universal experiences of love and loss.

As the song progresses to the second verse, the narrative shifts five years later, revealing how the woman has rebuilt her life in the city with their daughter. When the man reaches out after turning his life around, there is a tentative reconnection as he seeks a chance to reconcile and be a part of their lives again.

The bridge, beautifully sung by Kaity Dunstan and Joelistics, speaks to the profundity of life’s moments, the ability to learn from mistakes, and the importance of the people we love in sustaining us through adversity.

The third verse depicts the man’s journey to reunite with the woman, showcasing his nervous anticipation and the emotional reunion at her doorstep. The song beautifully captures the raw emotions and vulnerability of the characters as they confront their past and share a moment of reconciliation and forgiveness.

The recurring theme of unexpected events and love prevailing “out of the blue” underscores the idea that life is unpredictable, yet love has the power to heal and bring people back together. Ultimately, “Out of the Blue” conveys a message of hope, resilience, and the profound impact of love in overcoming obstacles and learning important life lessons.

Lyrics of Out Of The Blue by Joelistics

Verse 1
Out of the blue, it all changed in an instant
He was nineteen when she told him she was pregnant
Barely out of high school, living in a small town
Neither of 'em had a job or money in the bank
He got work on the factory floor
Struggling to make ends meet but she adored him
Always in his corner when her parents started on her, like
"He won't ever amount to that much"
The baby arrived, really, they tried
She said, "Let's do the best we can, a day at a time"
He started staying out all night, getting drunk
Convinced he couldn't deal with what he had and what he'd done
He lost his job and that was no surprise
She said, "I can't go on watching you destroy your life
You need to get it together or I'm leaving with our kid"
He said, "It's probably best if you left," so she did

Chorus: Kaity Dunstan & Joelistics
So when you gonna learn?
It'll hit you hard
Even if it hurts
And it always does
So when you gonna learn?
Let it in your heart
We come together and fall apart
Out of the blue, my love

Verse 2: Joelistics
Five years later and she's living in the city
She'd severed all contact to her old life
Her little girl's at school, and she was working days
Staying up late and studying through the night
Out of the blue, he called up and they talked
He said he'd got a job up north on fishing trawlers
He hadn't touched a drink, for two years, he'd been clean
Plus he saved some money on the side in between
He cleared his throat, made an awkward joke
And asked, "Maybe I could come and visit you both?
But only if you think it's alright, I mean"
She said she'd think about it, the next day, she agreed

Chorus: Kaity Dunstan & Joelistics
It'll hit you hard
Even if it hurts
Like it always does
So when you gonna learn?
Let it in your heart
We come together and fall apart
Out of the blue, my love
Out of the blue
Out of the blue
Out of the blue, my love

Verse 3: Joelistics
He got on a plane and flew across the desert
Watching as the world flew by
It felt like he held his breath from the airport
All the way to her front door the whole time
He knocked soft and she opened up
And they looked at each other, both dumbstruck
Each waiting for the other one to speak first
But neither of 'em could find any words, then
Out of the blue, as if on cue
Trying to hold back the tears in their eyes
And with a voice full of cracks and a heart fit to burst
She said, "Well, you took your time"

Bridge: Kaity Dunstan & Joelistics
These moments make up a lifetime
Mistakes we make are not fixed in stone
People we love are a lifeline
And none of us can do it on our own
Out of the blue
Out of the blue
Out of the blue, love saves us
Out of the blue, we all learn that lesson

Chorus: Kaity Dunstan & Joelistics
So when you gonna learn?
It'll hit you hard
Even if it hurts
Like it always does
So when you gonna learn?
Let it in your heart
We come together and fall apart
Out of the blue, my love

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