Meaning and Lyrics of Out of Our Hands by RIKA

Song Lyrics meaning of Out of Our Hands by RIKA

Meaning of Out of Our Hands by RIKA

“Out of Our Hands” by RIKA is a poignant and reflective song that delves into the complexities of love, loss, and acceptance. The lyrics paint a vivid picture of a relationship that is faltering, where the narrator is struggling to come to terms with the changing dynamics between them and their partner.

In the opening verse, the narrator acknowledges the gradual unraveling of their connection, symbolized by the fading impressions on the partner’s skin. There is a sense of resignation as they observe that the person they once knew is no longer present, and despite their efforts, they find it challenging to let go. The reference to being “high on chemicals” could allude to the intoxicating nature of love and the difficulty of breaking away from it.

The chorus acts as a reflection on the uncertainty of the relationship’s future. The mention of building castles out of dust conveys the ephemeral and fragile nature of their bond, suggesting that their efforts to maintain it may be futile. The pain of watching the partner slip away is palpable, highlighting the helplessness and inevitability of the situation.

In the second verse, there is a juxtaposition of longing for intimacy and the harsh reality of their disintegrating relationship. The imagery of lying in bed together, feeling the warmth of the partner’s body, contrasts with the realization that they are at a crossroads. Despite wanting to hold onto the moment, the narrator is confronted with the harsh truth that their relationship has reached its limit – they are out of sync, out of time, and struggling to find a common ground.

The outro beautifully encapsulates the theme of the song, reiterating that the situation is beyond their control – it is indeed “out of their hands.” This final acknowledgment hints at a sense of acceptance and resignation, as they come to terms with the inevitable end of their love story.

Overall, “Out of Our Hands” by RIKA is a somber yet introspective exploration of love’s complexities, the pain of letting go, and the bittersweet acceptance of a relationship reaching its conclusion. The evocative lyrics and melancholic melody create a heartfelt and moving musical experience that resonates with anyone who has grappled with the complexities of love and loss.

Lyrics of Out of Our Hands by RIKA

Verse 1
Loosening my grip, impressions on his skin
I held on to what was there, but it's not there
Looking in your eyes, I get a strange reply
The person that was once there no longer lives there
You're still high on the chemicals
I'm just no good at letting go

Is this the end or can we pretend
That we can build castles out of dust?
Playing with love is pain within
I can feel you slipping through my hands
We're back where we begin, mmm
It's out of our hands

Verse 2
Every now and then, I like to liе and feel the comfort of our bed
My hands on your chest
Your frizzy, curly hair, your maplе eyes, they still look back at me in protest
They're so aware
But please stay in the moment with me
Just one more night
But I'm all out of breath, you're out of lines, we're out of depth
We're out of time, it feels like death, but no one died

I guess this is end, we can pretend
They never built castles out of dust
Playing with love is pain within
I can feel you slipping through my hands
We're back where we begin, mmm
It's out of our hands

Ooh, it's out of our hands
It's out of our hands
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