Meaning and Lyrics of OOTW by Shae Universe

Song Lyrics meaning of OOTW by Shae Universe

About Shae Universe

Shae Universe is a captivating force emerging from the UK music scene, known for her soulful voice and genre-blending artistry. With roots in both Nigerian and British cultures, Shae effortlessly melds R&B, soul, and hip-hop into a unique sonic tapestry that resonates deeply with her listeners. Her journey began on social media, where her impromptu covers and freestyles garnered significant attention, quickly establishing her as an artist to watch. Her music often delves into themes of empowerment, love, and personal growth, striking a chord with fans across the globe. Example Song: “OOTW”
“OOTW,” short for “Out of this World,” is a testament to Shae Universe’s ability to craft a mesmerizing track. The song features her ethereal vocals over a lush, atmospheric beat, blending contemporary R&B with a hint of futuristic soundscapes. Lyrically, “OOTW” explores themes of love and escapism, inviting listeners to journey beyond the mundane into a space where love feels otherworldly. As Shae Universe continues to evolve as an artist, she remains committed to pushing boundaries and redefining what it means to be a modern soul singer. Her raw talent and innovative approach ensure that she is an artist with a bright future in the music industry.

Meaning of OOTW by Shae Universe

“OOTW” by Shae Universe is a sultry and seductive song that explores themes of desire and intimacy. In the lyrics, the singer expresses a strong yearning for a lover to be physically present and enjoy intimate moments together.

In the first verse, the singer sets the tone by expressing a desire for the person to be close, to stay the night, and wanting them next to her. This sets the scene for a passionate and intimate encounter.

The chorus emphasizes the idea of fulfilling desires and needs anytime, with the reference to placing an order on the way. It suggests a sense of urgency and eagerness to please the lover, promising not to keep them waiting. The repeated chorus highlights the idea of immediate satisfaction and eagerness to fulfill the partner’s desires.

The interlude adds a playful tone to the song, with the singer taking on a role similar to a server in a restaurant, asking the partner what they would like to order, creating an analogy between fulfilling desires in a relationship and ordering food.

The second verse continues with the theme of physical intimacy, suggesting a more explicit scenario in the bathroom on the table, indicating a willingness to engage in passionate encounters. The lyrics convey a sense of readiness and eagerness to please the partner, offering affection and physical closeness.

Overall, “OOTW” by Shae Universe creates a seductive and intimate atmosphere, emphasizing the importance of fulfilling desires and sharing intimate moments with a partner. The song captures a mood of passion, intimacy, and eagerness to please, making it a captivating and sensual piece that explores themes of desire and fulfillment in a relationship.

Lyrics of OOTW by Shae Universe

Verse 1
Boy, I want you right here
Bring you to your knees, right in front of me, baby
You should spend the night here (Right here)
What's it gonna be? (Be)
Want you next to me, babe (Babe)

So you just let me know (What you want)
Any time of day (When you want)
If you want it now (You can receive it)
Order on the way
Order on the way to you, babe
Tell me what you need, babe
Order on the way to you, baby, mm

So, what would you like to order?
Mm-hmm, anything else?
And how would you like that?

Verse 2
In the bathroom, on the table
From your neck down to your navel
If you're ready, boy, I'm able
So come get this loving (Ooh, ooh)
Ooh, come get this lovin'

So you just let me know (What you want)
Any time of day (When you want)
If you want it now (You can receive it)
Order on the way (Ooh)
Order on the way to you, babe
Promise I won't keep you waiting
Order on the way to you, baby
Any time of day, baby
Order on the way to you, baby
Promise not to keep you waiting (Oh)
Order on the way to you, baby (Ooh)

Discography Shae Universe

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