Meaning and Lyrics of Omni by Microwave

Song Lyrics meaning of Omni by Microwave

Meaning of Omni by Microwave

The song “Omni” by Microwave seems to delve into themes of conflict, self-destruction, and seeking redemption or escape. Here is a detailed interpretation of the lyrics:

Verse 1
The lyrics begin with a sense of regret or missed opportunities, symbolized by missing a flight to New York. The protagonist is back in familiar, perhaps destructive, surroundings, engaging in destructive behavior symbolized by “killing swallows” and “boarding up the doors.” There’s a sense of chaotic actions, such as putting holes in walls, and seeking some form of escape or absolution while denying personal responsibility.

The chorus suggests a desperate plea or prayer to a higher power or symbol, possibly a form of seeking guidance or resolution. The image of painting oneself into a corner with bridges ablaze conveys a sense of being trapped or in a dire situation where options for escape or redemption are diminishing.

Verse 2
The second verse delves deeper into inner turmoil, with hints of experiencing mental distress, perhaps indicated by “hearing voices” and feeling trapped in a metaphorical burning house. The internal conflict is highlighted by the indecision between trying to salvage or destroy what is causing distress.

The bridge conveys a sense of urgency and a need for distance or escape to ensure safety. The repetition of “No one’s safe until you’re somewhere far away” emphasizes the idea of physical or emotional distance as a form of protection or resolution.

The outro poses introspective questions about the nature of blame, redemption, and personal growth. The reference to being a martyr or seeking a new god could reflect a search for meaning or purpose in challenging circumstances. The final question about learning from mistakes hints at the possibility of growth and transformation through self-reflection.

Overall, “Omni” appears to explore the complex and often conflicting emotions that arise from internal struggles, seeking resolution, and the search for personal salvation or understanding amidst chaos and turmoil.

Lyrics of Omni by Microwave

Verse 1
You missed your flight out to New York
Now you're back here killing swallows
And boarding up the doors
Putting holes in every wall
Spinning on in absolution
'Cause none of it's your fault

Pray to your favorite constellation
Press your candle to the flame
Paint yourself into a corner
With your bridges all ablaze

Verse 2
Are you hearing voices now?
Holding your breath until you pass out
Still inside a burning house
Still not sure whether to put it out or to burn it down

Pray to your favorite constellation
Press your candle to the flame
Paint yourself into a corner
With your bridges all ablaze

No one's safe
Until you'rе somewhere far away
No onе's safe
Until you're somewhere far away

What's it like to be a martyr?
(Until you're somewhere far away)
Or is it god you blame?
(Until you're somewhere far away)
Are you looking for a new god?
(Until you're somewhere far away)
Or do you learn from your mistakes?

Discography Microwave

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Label: Pure Noise Records
Popularity: 👏👏
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Label: Pure Noise Records
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4. Neighbors
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6. Drown
7. Vomit
8. Whimper
9. Homebody
10. Wrong
11. Dull – Acoustic
12. Wrong – Acoustic
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Release: 2019-09-13
Label: Pure Noise Records
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2. Float to the Top
4. The Brakeman Has Resigned
5. Hate TKO
6. Pull
7. Love’s Will Tear Us Apart
8. Mirrors
9. Carry
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