Meaning and Lyrics of Old Days by Lil Durk

Song Lyrics meaning of Old Days by Lil Durk

About Lil Durk

Lil Durk:
Lil Durk, born on October 19, 1992, in Chicago, Illinois, is an American rapper, singer, and songwriter. He gained recognition for his mixtapes and collaborations with other artists in the hip-hop industry. Durk is known for his introspective lyrics, melodic delivery, and unique style that resonates with fans worldwide. His music often reflects his personal experiences growing up in Chicago and navigating the challenges of street life. One of Lil Durk’s popular songs is Old Days, which showcases his storytelling ability and emotional depth. The song reminisces about the struggles and tribulations of his past, highlighting his growth and resilience over time. Durk’s raw and authentic approach to music has garnered him a loyal following and critical acclaim in the hip-hop community.
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Meaning of Old Days by Lil Durk

“Old Days” by Lil Durk is a song that delves into the artist’s personal reflections, struggles, and experiences. The lyrics touch upon themes of family, loyalty, street life, and the desire for peace amidst a backdrop of trauma and hardship.

In the song’s intro, Lil Durk opens up about his family, expressing love and reminiscing about their conversations. He highlights the emotional connection and support he receives from his loved ones, emphasizing that it goes beyond material things.

The first verse unveils a range of emotions, from regret and fear to resilience and determination. Lil Durk shares his guilt about not visiting his grandmother due to fear of her condition, his struggles with substance abuse, and the pain of losing close friends like King Von. Despite the challenges, he reflects on the nostalgia of the old days and his journey through highs and lows, affirming his authenticity and growth as an individual.

The chorus serves as a prayer for the streets, indicating a plea for peace and resolution within the volatile environment that surrounds him.

The second verse delves further into the complexities of street life, acknowledging the losses, trauma, and challenges faced by those involved. Lil Durk expresses his desire to reach out to loved ones, including his cousin who has experienced significant trauma. He reflects on the harsh realities of his neighborhood, the pain of loss, and the need for unity and change within the community.

The interlude showcases Lil Durk’s introspection on the current state of the streets, the tangled relationships with the police and betrayal among peers. He emphasizes the importance of protecting loved ones, distancing oneself from negative influences, and aspiring towards generational wealth and leadership.

Overall, “Old Days” by Lil Durk serves as a deep and introspective portrayal of the artist’s personal journey, his struggles with street life, and his aspirations for a better future. The song encapsulates themes of love, loyalty, trauma, and the quest for peace and progress in the face of adversity.

Lyrics of Old Days by Lil Durk

You know, I been talkin' to my family on group FaceTime
They don't ask me for nothin', they just tell me that they miss me, know what I'm sayin'?
I be, I be tellin' 'em it ain't about money, but I'ma send it anyways
Know what I'm sayin'? I love y'all

Verse 1
All the times I said granny, that's the passion that it's from
Her condition scared me so much, I ain't visit her in months (Uh)
Chino visit me more than them and he only visit me just once (Uh)
The older rats got out before unc' and they around here like it's nothin'
How many niggas I used to fuck with told me fuck me over money?
Said thе block gon' get on his ass, that's why he ain't nevеr make a comment
The autopsy of Von body had me coughin' up my vomit
I miss the old days, the old ways, my history iconic
I was takin' so many pills, I was so high, I really abused it
Started sellin' Percs, I turned around and started to use it
Took my name off rehab, I replaced my name with Doodie's
Had to get a pacemaker, my heart was skippin' deuces
Jumpin' over hurdles, Smurk life so exclusive
Ain't lied yet about nothin'
I wish I could stop the war, I really wanna live in peace
I wish I could stop the war, but it's too late for them to speak (Oh)
I want the politics in my pocket, I wanna treat the 'Raq like Meek
But it's me, I'll do everything to show them I ain't weak
I'm the streets, who ever thought I'd make a million off of beats?
They need Smurk now, they can make millions off of me

(Wow-wow, wow-wow) I be prayin' for the street, nigga
(Wow-wow, wow-wow) I be prayin' for the street, nigga

Verse 2
Tell Petey that I miss him, can somebody give my number to him?
Plus he lost his son, that's my lil' cousin, he got trauma to him (Oh)
Crib hot, window up, blackout, thunderstorm
Rondo mama know I love her even though I ain't been talkin' to her (Yeah, yeah, yeah)
Play with me, get backdoored, he rather let the oppers do it
Don't get shot on my block 'cause St. Bernard ain't got no trauma unit (Oh)
He was filled with Xans and lean, now he filled with embalmin' fluid (Oh)
The killers gotta step in for the peace, can't no rappers do it, I can
Shout out to who locked up who was locked in (Oh)
Where them bloggers at that said Smurkio not top ten? (Woah, woah, woah)
I beat my case in 2014, they let the cops in
You can't find no peace today, go walk inside a masjid (Oh)

Now you got real street niggas that want motherfuckers in jail
So we into it with the opps, which is the police
The police, which is the—, it's like, come on, bro, like the streets over with
Niggas gotta understand that shit, man, it's nothin' left out here, bro
Like, you just gotta protect yourself, protect your family, who you love
You can't be around all this shit, this shit ain't the same no more
You got rats doin' interviews, you got everybody stickin' together who doin' the wrong shit, bro
We real stand up niggas
Like, when was it ever cool to backdoor somebody you love?
When it was ever cool to set somebody up who you love?
Like, this, this, this the new streets, like, I don't wanna be a part of that shit
I wanna be a part of the, of the generational wealth part
Where it's still leadership around, when it's still organized, like
That's why I don't never respond to shit
I'll never get on no interview and talk about nothin'
Whoever say somethin' about me, go on 'head
I never responded to no nigga in years, but guess what?
I never been bitched, I never been slapped, I never been robbed, none of that shit
So have fun, but all real niggas fuck with me and they know what's up with me

(Wow-wow, wow-wow) I be prayin' for the street, nigga
(Wow-wow, wow-wow) I be prayin' for the street, nigga

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