Meaning and Lyrics of Miraculous Theme by Jeremy Zag

Song Lyrics meaning of Miraculous Theme by Jeremy Zag

Meaning of Miraculous Theme by Jeremy Zag

“Miraculous Theme” is a song that captures the essence of the holiday season and the idea of coming together to overcome challenges. The lyrics convey a message of unity, strength, and the power of love in the face of evil.

The opening lines celebrate the significance of the holidays as a time for cherishing family and friends. It sets the scene for a time of togetherness and warmth, emphasizing the importance of these relationships in our lives.

The mention of evil threatening the group introduces a conflict or challenge that needs to be overcome. This reflects the idea that difficulties may arise, but when faced with unity and courage, we can prevail.

The repeated refrain of “Miraculous” emphasizes the extraordinary nature of the situation. It signifies that something exceptional and almost magical is happening, suggesting that the group possesses a special ability or strength to combat the evil.

The lyrics highlight the beauty of sharing this miraculous power with others, spreading joy and dispelling fear. It conveys a sense of hope and positivity, suggesting that through unity and love, we can find strength and comfort in difficult times.

The reference to the magic of Christmas time ties the song to the holiday spirit, a time traditionally associated with love, generosity, and miracles. It reinforces the message of coming together, supporting each other, and finding joy in the midst of challenges.

Overall, “Miraculous Theme” conveys a powerful message of unity, love, and resilience in the face of adversity. It encourages listeners to believe in the magic of togetherness and the ability to overcome challenges when united in purpose and strength.

Lyrics of Miraculous Theme by Jeremy Zag

The holidays are special times
For family and friends of mine
When evil tries to threaten us
That's when we become

Miraculous, share it with us
Joy in the world, nothing to fear
Miraculous, the power of love
The magic of Christmas time is here

Discography Jeremy Zag

Christmas Album (de la série TV "Miraculous")

Release: 2021-11-26
Label: La Vision Production
Popularity: 👏
1. Miraculous Theme – Christmas Version
2. Chat dans la nuit (de la série TV “Miraculous”)
3. In The Rain
4. Ma Lady (de la série TV “Miraculous”)
5. Ça ira mieux demain (de la série TV “Miraculous”)
6. Tu es celui que j’aime en secret (de la série TV “Miraculous”)
7. The Last Dance (Cat’s Noir Broken Heart)
Tracklist Collapse

Miraculous Ladybug Christmas Album

Release: 2016-09-22
Label: La Vision Production
Popularity: 👏
1. Miraculous Theme – Christmas Version
2. Marinette & the Bakery
3. Cat in the Night
4. Brand New Day
5. The Boy That I Secretly Love
6. Bad Santa Claws
7. We All Have the Right
8. My Christmas Wish – Bonus Track
9. It’s Gonna Be a Miraculous Christmas – Bonus Track
10. Miraculous Theme</a
Tracklist Collapse
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