Meaning and Lyrics of Midnight Ride by Orville Peck

Song Lyrics meaning of Midnight Ride by Orville Peck

About Orville Peck

Orville Peck is a enigmatic country singer-songwriter who burst onto the music scene in 2019 with his debut album “Pony”. Known for his distinctive baritone voice and ever-present fringed mask, Peck has quickly become a queer icon in the traditionally conservative country music landscape.

Born in Johannesburg, South Africa, Peck’s true identity remains a mystery, adding to his allure. His music blends classic country with elements of indie rock and dream pop, creating a sound he calls “homoerotic cowboy pop”.

Peck’s 2022 sophomore album “Bronco” further cemented his status as a genre-bending artist, featuring tracks like the haunting “Midnight Ride”. This song showcases his ability to craft cinematic narratives within his music, painting vivid pictures of lonesome highways and midnight encounters.

Despite his masked persona, Orville Peck has collaborated with several high-profile artists, including Shania Twain and Trixie Mattel. His unique style and powerful vocals have earned him critical acclaim and a devoted fanbase, proving that there’s still room for innovation in country music.

Meaning of Midnight Ride by Orville Peck

“Midnight Ride” by Orville Peck featuring Kylie Minogue is a song that captures the essence of a mysterious and exhilarating nighttime adventure. The lyrics depict a sense of freedom, spontaneity, and a deep connection between two individuals.

In the first verse, Orville Peck sings about taking risks and living in the moment. The imagery of doubling down and letting it ride reflects a carefree and daring attitude towards life. The sense of liberation and the idea of seizing the night is emphasized as the singer expresses a desire to explore and experience new things.

The chorus, sung by both Orville Peck and Kylie Minogue, brings a sense of intimacy and excitement. The idea of embarking on a midnight ride together suggests a journey into the unknown, filled with possibilities and shared experiences. The moonlit skies symbolize a romantic and enchanting setting, while the fire in your eyes signifies passion and intensity.

Kylie Minogue’s verse adds another layer to the song, portraying a feeling of being unencumbered and open to the wonders of the night. The lyrics convey a sense of vulnerability and a willingness to be swept away by emotions and sensations. The imagery of losing oneself in the dark and taking someone’s hand to be carried away captures a sense of trust and surrender.

The bridge section provides a reflection on past promises and the enduring nature of a deep connection. The lyrics suggest a willingness to follow the other person anywhere, highlighting the strength of the bond between two individuals. The mention of chasing hearts and the hope for eternal excitement and passion underscore the idea of a lasting and meaningful relationship.

The repetition of the chorus throughout the song reinforces the themes of togetherness, exploration, and intense emotion. The imagery of pulling closer under moonlit skies and the burning fire in the eyes evoke a sense of longing and desire. The outro, with Kylie Minogue and Orville Peck’s vocal interplay, adds a final touch of allure and enchantment to the song.

Overall, “Midnight Ride” is a captivating and evocative song that celebrates the thrill of embarking on a nighttime escapade with a loved one. The lyrics, coupled with the melancholic yet alluring musical arrangement, create a sense of longing, passion, and adventure that resonates with listeners, inviting them to get lost in the enchanting world of the night ride.

Lyrics of Midnight Ride by Orville Peck

Verse 1: Orville Peck
Double down and let it ride now
No one 'round, nowhere to go
Turn it up and turn me out, love
Something says to take it slow
But who's got the time, baby?
Don't walk the line, baby
Seems like the night is ours to know

Chorus: Orville Peck
Let me take you on a midnight ride
Baby, you and I
Ooh, so much we could explore
Pull me closer under moonlit skies
Fire in your eyes
Ooh, you got me burnin'

Verse 2: Kylie Minogue
Set free, still never tied down
All wind and no way
Do you feel me?
Head and heart are so young
Dumb or not much to say
Don't go too fast, don't go too slow
Darling, lose us in the dark, please
Take my hand and take us away, ooh, yeah

Chorus: Orville Peck & Kylie Minogue
Let me take you on a midnight ride
Baby, you and I
Ooh, so much we could explore
Pull me closer under moonlit skies
Fire in your eyes
Ooh, you got me burnin'

Bridge: Orville Peck & Kylie Minogue
Baby, something just crossed my mind
Remember when I chased your heart down?
I told you we'd always be together and you swore to me we'd never be bored
I'll follow you to the ends of the earth, darling
All the way?
Let's hope it never gets to that
I love the morning sight
You thing you can always remember
I can't wait for the moon to rise
We'll hope to always rise
There's fire in your eyes

Chorus: Orville Peck & Kylie Minogue, Kylie Minogue
Let me take you on a midnight ride
Baby, you and I
Ooh, so much we could explore
Pull me closer under moonlit skies
Fire in your eyes
Ooh, you got me burnin' (Got me burning)
Let me take you on a midnight ride
Baby, you and I
Ooh, so much we could explore
Pull me closer under moonlit skies
Fire in your eyes
Ooh, you got me burnin'

Outro: Kylie Minogue & Orville Peck

Discography Orville Peck

Stampede: Vol. 1

Release: 2024-05-10
Label: Warner Records
Popularity: 👏👏👏
1. Cowboys Are Frequently Secretly Fond Of Each Other
2. The Hurtin’ Kind
3. Saturday Night’s Alright (For Fighting)
4. Chemical Sunset
5. How Far Will We Take It?
6. Miénteme
7. Conquer The Heart
Tracklist Collapse


Release: 2022-04-08
Label: Warner Records
Popularity: 👏👏👏
1. Daytona Sand
2. The Curse of the Blackened Eye
3. Outta Time
4. Lafayette
5. C’mon Baby, Cry
6. Iris Rose
7. Kalahari Down
8. Bronco
9. Trample Out the Days
10. Blush
11. Hexie Mountains
12. Let Me Drown
13. Any Turn
14. City of Gold
15. All I Can Say
Tracklist Collapse


Release: 2019-03-22
Label: Sub Pop Records
Popularity: 👏👏👏
1. Dead of Night
2. Winds Change
3. Turn to Hate
4. Buffalo Run
5. Queen of the Rodeo
6. Kansas (Remembers Me Now)
7. Old River
8. Big Sky
9. Roses Are Falling
10. Take You Back (The Iron Hoof Cattle Call)
11. Hope to Die
12. Nothing Fades Like the Light
Tracklist Collapse

Upcoming Events for Orville Peck

Orville Peck - Stampede Tour

Price Range: $49.5 – 99.5
Date: 2024-09-25
Location: Chateau Ste Michelle Winery

Orville Peck's Sixth Annual Rodeo

Price Range: $39.5 – 129.5
Date: 2024-08-24
Location: Ascend Amphitheater

Orville Peck's Sixth Annual Rodeo

Price Range: $45 – 75
Date: 2024-09-28
Location: Hollywood Palladium
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