Meaning and Lyrics of Meet the Frownies by Mr Twin Sister

Song Lyrics meaning of Meet the Frownies by Mr Twin Sister

About Mr Twin Sister

Mr Twin Sister, formerly known as Twin Sister, is an American indie pop band hailing from Long Island, New York. Formed in 2008, the group has carved out a unique niche with their dreamy, ethereal sound that blends elements of synth-pop, disco, and ambient music.

The band consists of Andrea Estella (vocals), Eric Cardona (guitar), Gabel D’Amico (bass), and Bryan Ujueta (drums). Their musical journey began with the release of their debut EP, “Vampires with Dreaming Kids” in 2008, followed by another EP, “Color Your Life” in 2010.

Mr Twin Sister’s self-titled album in 2014 marked a turning point, showcasing a more refined and sophisticated sound. The track “Meet the Frownies” exemplifies their ability to create lush, atmospheric landscapes with Estella’s haunting vocals floating over shimmering synths and groovy basslines.

Their music has been praised for its cinematic quality and ability to evoke strong emotions. The band’s evolution from indie darlings to purveyors of sleek, genre-defying pop has solidified their place in the contemporary music scene, influencing a new generation of dream pop and indie electronic artists.

Meaning of Meet the Frownies by Mr Twin Sister

“Meet the Frownies” by Mr Twin Sister seems to delve into the intimate and personal relationship between two individuals who bond over shared experiences such as smoking weed, engaging in conversations, and spending time together in various settings.

The lyrics paint a picture of a close connection between the speaker and the other person, with references to activities like smoking weed in the fall leaves, spending time in the yard, and having deep conversations in the living room and bed. This suggests a sense of comfort and closeness in the relationship, as the speaker feels at ease sharing their thoughts and desires with the other person.

The mention of the other person turning red when the speaker expresses their wants and desires indicates a level of vulnerability and shyness in the relationship. Despite this, there is a sense of mutual affection and understanding between the two individuals, as the speaker believes in what the other person tells them and finds amusement in their interactions.

The recurring theme of passing time and the changing seasons, symbolized by the leaves changing in the yard, reflects the transient nature of relationships and the cyclical patterns of life. The reluctance to leave and the comfort found in each other’s company hint at a desire for continued connection and intimacy.

Overall, “Meet the Frownies” portrays a complex and nuanced relationship characterized by shared experiences, intimacy, vulnerability, and a sense of mutual understanding and connection between the two individuals depicted in the song.

Lyrics of Meet the Frownies by Mr Twin Sister

Smoking weed with you
In the leaves, in the fall
In the yard with your dog, till the winter came
I smoke with you, cuz you’ve taught me to

To pass the time, in your living room
And I want it with you, so you’ll show me
How you do find, me amusing, amusing
Before your shift

Talking with you, in your bed I saw
Your face turn red when I said what I want
Getting you to talk, to hear your ideas
So shy to my friends, even shy to me

And I do believe in what you tell me
How you do find me amusing, amusing
Before your shift
Same thing today, the leaves changed again

In your yard, your room
No reason to leave here soon

Discography Mr Twin Sister

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Label: Twin Group
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Mr Twin Sister

Release: 2014-09-23
Label: Twin Group / Infinite Best
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3. In the House of Yes
4. Blush
5. Out of the Dark
6. Twelve Angels
7. Medford
8. Crime Scene
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