Meaning and Lyrics of Me Porto Bonito by Bad Bunny

Song Lyrics meaning of Me Porto Bonito by Bad Bunny

About Bad Bunny

Bad Bunny is a Puerto Rican reggaeton and Latin trap artist who rose to fame in the mid-2010s. Born Benito Antonio MartĂ­nez Ocasio on March 10, 1994, in San Juan, Puerto Rico, he started gaining popularity with his SoundCloud releases before signing with a record label. He is known for his distinctive voice, eclectic style, and socially conscious lyrics. One of Bad Bunny’s hit songs is “Me Porto Bonito,” a catchy reggaeton track that showcases his unique vocal delivery and blend of traditional and modern musical elements. The song was released in 2018 and quickly became a fan favorite, solidifying Bad Bunny’s position as a leading figure in the Latin music scene.
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Meaning of Me Porto Bonito by Bad Bunny

“Me Porto Bonito” by Bad Bunny is a song that narrates a story of admiration and seduction. The lyrics express the appeal of a woman who is confident in her beauty and sexuality. The song opens with Bad Bunny and Chencho Corleone setting the scene, with references to a nostalgic smell, and a playful acknowledgment of their bold characters that bind them together.

In the chorus, Chencho Corleone and Bad Bunny talk about showcasing the woman’s attractiveness to the world, emphasizing the need to step up their game for her. Bad Bunny highlights that he is willing to change his ways and behave well if she asks and even goes as far as posting a selfie to flaunt her beauty. The lyrics suggest a willingness to go above and beyond to please her and gain her attention.

Bad Bunny’s verse further glorifies the woman’s attractiveness, mentioning her preference for adventurous encounters and bluntly stating his desire to be with her. The lyrics touch on themes of spontaneity and a willingness to take risks or explore new paths for love. There is a mix of playful flirtation and genuine affection depicted in his words.

Chencho Corleone and Bad Bunny in the second verse collaborate to express their desire for the woman, accentuating her elite status and uniqueness. They reference wanting to provide her with everything she deserves and elevating her status even higher. The lyrics present a sense of devotion and admiration towards the woman, with a hint of competitiveness in trying to win her over.

The chorus repeats, emphasizing the idea of showcasing the woman’s beauty, adapting to meet her needs, and being willing to change for her. The song overall conveys a sense of infatuation, desire, and a willingness to go to great lengths to impress and please the woman of their attention. The lyrics sparkle with a mix of confidence, playfulness, and seduction, creating a catchy tune filled with admiration and charm.

Lyrics of Me Porto Bonito by Bad Bunny

Letra de "Me Porto Bonito"

Intro: Bad Bunny & Chencho Corleone
Yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah, ey
En la guagua se quedĂł el olor de tu perfume
TĂș ere' una bellaca, yo soy un bellaco, eso e' lo que no' une
Ella sabe que estĂĄ buenota y no la presumen
Si yo fuera tu gato, subiera una foto los vierne' y los lune' (So)

Coro: Chencho Corleone & Bad Bunny
Pa' que to' el mundo vea lo rica que tĂș estĂĄ', que tĂș estĂĄ'
Contigo tengo que apretar
Y Дn la calle ando suelto, pero por ti mД quito
Si tĂș me lo pide', yo me porto bonito
Y subo un selfie pa' que vean lo rica que tĂș estĂĄ', que tĂș estĂĄ'
Las otras tienen que apretar
En la calle ando suelto, pero por ti me quito
Si tĂș me lo pide', yo me porto bonito (Ey, ey)

Verso 1: Bad Bunny
TĂș no ere' bebecita, tĂș ere' bebesota
Frikitona, ma', se te nota
Le gustan los trĂ­o' cuando estĂĄ en la nota
Si el novio no sirve, de una lo bota
Y wow, mami, dime dónde dejo el résume (Résume)
SĂ© que te dejaste hace un me' (Ey, ey)
Y de una de pecho me zumbé
Si quiere' te hago un bebé o te traigo la plan B
Uff, mami, quĂ© rica tĂș te ve'
Pa' los 2000 escuchaba RBD
Y ahora quiere perreo, to'a la noche en la pared

Verso 2: Chencho Corleone & Bad Bunny
Mami, tĂș ere' Ă©lite (Ey), no te me limite' (Okey)
DĂ©jame hacerte lo que amerite y te levite
Dale pa'l escondite (Ey), no te me arisque' (So)
Que aquí no va a poder llegar lo' satélite' (Oh)
Mami, sube algo, dame contenido
Ese culo sĂșbelo mĂĄ' seguido
Me paso jangueando, a ver si coincido, ey
Y por fin doy contigo
Mai, nuestra' bellaquera' nunca la' olvido
Ninguna como tĂș a mĂ­ me ha complacido
TĂș cree' que a toda' siempre les digo lo mismo
Quiere chingar, pero no quiere na' fijo, ey
Pero en confianza me confiesa
Dice que nadie le interesa
Pero cuando sale, se pone traviesa (Ey)

Coro: Bad Bunny, Bad Bunny & Chencho Corleone
Pa' que to' el mundo vea lo rica que tĂș estĂĄ', que tĂș estĂĄ', ey
Contigo tengo que apretar
Y en la calle ando suelto, pero por ti me quito
Si tĂș me lo pide', yo me porto bonito

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