Meaning and Lyrics of Maybe It’s Me by Jade Novah

Song Lyrics meaning of Maybe It’s Me by Jade Novah

About Jade Novah

Jade Novah is a multi-talented musician known for her soulful vocals and impressive songwriting skills. She has gained recognition for her powerful performances and unique sound in the music industry. One of her notable songs is “Maybe It’s Me,” which showcases her emotive voice and captivating lyrics. With a strong presence in both the R&B and pop music scenes, Jade Novah continues to inspire listeners with her exceptional talent and artistry.
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Meaning of Maybe It's Me by Jade Novah

“Maybe It’s Me” by Jade Novah is a raw and introspective track that delves deep into the emotional struggles and vulnerabilities of the narrator. The lyrics paint a picture of someone grappling with inner demons, past traumas, and the cyclical nature of destructive behavior.

The opening lines suggest a reckless and hedonistic lifestyle, with references to blackout nights and strip club visits. The narrator acknowledges feelings of inadequacy compared to a partner who appears to be on a different level of success and sophistication.

The mention of substance abuse, such as Fentanyl, hints at the narrator’s dependency on drugs to cope with pain and emotional turmoil. There is a sense of self-destructive tendencies and a longing for a lost love, as indicated by the confession that missing the lady breaks the narrator’s heart.

The reference to speeding past the graves of deceased friends and the wish to be under the grass like them underscores a deep sense of hopelessness and despair. The narrator reflects on a tumultuous past, marked by homelessness and hardship, which has led to a pattern of destructive behavior and drug abuse.

The repeated refrain of “Maybe it’s me” suggests a self-awareness of personal responsibility for the struggles faced, while also hinting at a sense of isolation and alienation from loved ones. The narrator questions their own actions and their impact on others, recognizing the toll it takes on relationships.

The outro leaves the listener with a sense of unresolved tension and emotional turmoil, highlighting the complexity of the narrator’s internal struggles. Overall, “Maybe It’s Me” is a poignant and poignant exploration of inner demons, self-doubt, and the search for understanding and redemption.

Lyrics of Maybe It's Me by Jade Novah


Every time that we together
Blackout i don't remember
She run it up at the gentlemen's club, fuck no i ain't a member
Gucci Leather, she buying Yves Saint Something
I'm not on her level i'll fuck her up
I can't help the streets they love him (ESKETIT)
Seven days in the same jeans
Seven days in the same streets
Seven bricks this a day dream
I wake up and bitches hate me
Then i get suicidal on my own, I go back and do the same thing
I got nowhere to call a home, The studio is where i stay g
Yeah I've got Fentanyl up in these bars
I never mean't to but i went too far, I miss my lady it's breaking my heart
Now its 180 when I'm in the car, speeding past all the graves of my homies who've passed, i wish it was me under grass
(rest in peace)
But I'm still writing these bars, Homeless and under these stars
Cunts wanna front like they hard, When i was young i had nothing i would sleep in the park
When i was trying to eat had to creep through your yard, freezing i seen heaters on through the grass
I've done starved enough for nothing
More then half my live I've been destructive, now its drugs i fuck my own shit up with
Ask my sluts they tell ya I'm a fuck with
Maybe it's me
Maybe it ain't what it seems
Maybe I'm faded off lean everyday, Maybe I'm faded off beans
Lately my lady just screams
Maybe it's me
Maybe i'll peep
Maybe it breaks her to see me so weak


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