Meaning and Lyrics of Maschinen by M.I.K.I

Song Lyrics meaning of Maschinen by M.I.K.I

About M.I.K.I

M.I.K.I is a German musician known for his unique blend of electronic and hip-hop music. He has gained recognition for his catchy beats and thought-provoking lyrics. One of his notable songs is “Maschinen,” which showcases his signature style and lyrical artistry. M.I.K.I continues to captivate audiences with his dynamic sound and innovative approach to music-making.
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Meaning of Maschinen by M.I.K.I

The song “Maschinen” by M.I.K.I explores themes of existentialism, artificiality, and the longing for genuine connection in a technologically advanced world.

In the first verse, the lyrics juxtapose the artificial (electric sheep, silicone flesh) with the natural (roses, violets), hinting at a sense of displacement and a desire for authenticity. The mention of books and a muse suggests a search for meaning and inspiration in a seemingly sterile environment.

The pre-chorus with its “Tick tock” invokes a sense of time passing inexorably, perhaps symbolizing the relentless march of technology and progress. The locked wish speaks to unfulfilled desires or aspirations that remain out of reach.

The chorus delves into feelings of isolation and disconnection, with the narrator feeling lost in a cyclical existence (“Spinning round and round”). The desire to be “brighter than the city’s book-powered fires” alludes to a longing to stand out, to break free from the monotony of a mechanized society.

In the second verse, the mention of death and liquor brewed but untasted adds a layer of melancholy and a sense of detachment from the world. The metaphor of cutting strings and rewriting presets represents a desire for autonomy and self-definition in a world that may feel predetermined.

The chorus continues the theme of yearning for authenticity, expressed through a desire for genuine emotion (“Maybe I’ll try getting drunk”) and a willingness to confront vulnerability. The repeated refrain of “Tell me why” suggests a longing for clarity and purpose in a world that may feel chaotic and meaningless.

The reference to a malfunction and imperfect paradise hints at the inevitable flaws and limitations inherent in both human and artificial constructs. The song ends with a poignant image of lying in a eulogistic lullaby, encapsulating a sense of resignation and acceptance in the face of life’s uncertainties and imperfections.

Lyrics of Maschinen by M.I.K.I

Verse 1
Roses are red
Guess still there's no use, my dear comfy bed
Violets are blue
Electric sheep cannot be true
The books I read
Told me there is hope as long as I live
Faces of you
Is that what you call a "muse"?

Tick tock tick tock
No need to overclock
My wish is locked

Only your time passes by
I'm in the rye
Spinning round and round, round and round
Pretend I don't need golden rings
Only this time I'll play nice
And I'll be brighter than
The city's book-powДred fires
So herĐ” I lie
Reading you my poetic stupid rhymes

Verse 2
I stopped for death
Guess still there's no place for my silicone flesh
Liquor I brewed
Can't taste it though I bet it's something new
Cut down all the strings, rewrite their presets
Phases of the moon
We lived in a dead cocoon

Tick tock tick tock
No need to overclock
My wish is locked

Ever dreaming to taste
The sweet nectar of morality
Allowed my heart to hold enough love to be broken
Maybe I'll try getting drunk
Finally, I'd cry for help
From the top of my simulated lungs
Only your time passes by
And from my eyes the oil leaked
Tell me why, tell me why
Tell me why, tell me why
Tell me why, tell me why
A malfunction
Only this time I'm smiling at your side
To know that I would someday be gratified
So here I lie in our imperfect paradise
A eulogistic lullaby

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