Meaning and Lyrics of Low Key (feat. Humby) by Beéle

Song Lyrics meaning of Low Key (feat. Humby) by Beéle

About Beéle

Beéle, born Fabio León Delgado, is a rising Colombian singer-songwriter making waves in the Latin urban music scene.

Hailing from Medellín, Beéle burst onto the music landscape in 2019 with his breakout single “Loco”. His unique blend of reggaeton, pop, and R&B quickly caught the attention of both fans and industry insiders.

Beéle’s smooth vocals and catchy melodies have become his trademark, earning him collaborations with established artists like Manuel Turizo and Zion & Lennox. His 2020 hit “Diosa” further solidified his place in the Latin music world.

The track “Low Key” featuring Humby showcases Beéle’s versatility, combining sultry rhythms with his signature urban flair. This collaboration exemplifies his ability to create crossover appeal while staying true to his Latin roots.

As a part of the new generation of Colombian artists, Beéle continues to push boundaries and evolve the sound of Latin urban music, positioning himself as an artist to watch in the coming years.

Meaning of Low Key (feat. Humby) by Beéle

“Low Key” by Beéle featuring Humby is a captivating song that blends various musical elements with emotional storytelling. The track opens with a dreamy intro setting the mood, then transitions into verses that speak about feelings and hidden desires.

The first verse, performed by Joeboy and Beéle, expresses a sense of admiration and attraction towards someone special. The artists convey a desire to appreciate this person’s style and personality quietly, without drawing attention. The lyrics paint a picture of a subtle yet intense connection between two individuals, suggesting a sense of secrecy in their interactions.

Maria Becerra’s verse adds another layer to the narrative, recounting the excitement and passion that arise when encountering someone special. The increase in intensity and desire is reflected in the rising temperature and heartbeat, symbolizing the rush of emotions when in the presence of a loved one. The lyrics convey a sense of urgency and the need to keep their connection hidden from the outside world.

Joeboy’s verse further intensifies the emotions portrayed in the song, describing the impact the person has on him and highlighting his commitment to them. The lyrics evoke a sense of loyalty and dedication, emphasizing the importance of the relationship and his willingness to stand by their side no matter what challenges arise.

Throughout the song, the chorus, sung by Maria Becerra and the male vocalists, repeatedly emphasizes the concept of being “low-key,” symbolizing the desire to keep their connection private and away from public scrutiny. This theme of secrecy and intimacy adds depth to the storytelling and reinforces the idea of a hidden love affair.

The bridge, performed by Beéle, introduces a sense of mystery and enchantment, describing the allure of a newfound love and the desire to keep it hidden from prying eyes. The lyrics suggest a sense of discovery and excitement in exploring a new relationship, hinting at the thrill of forbidden love and the beauty of keeping it under wraps.

In the outro, the artists reaffirm the theme of secrecy and desire, with references to staying low-key and maintaining the clandestine nature of their relationship. The combination of different vocal elements, music production, and lyrical content creates a rich tapestry of emotions and experiences that resonate with listeners.

Overall, “Low Key” is a song that delves into the complexities of love, desire, and secrecy, capturing the whirlwind of emotions that come with hidden connections and forbidden attractions. Through its evocative lyrics and captivating melodies, the song invites listeners to immerse themselves in a world of passion and intrigue, exploring the nuances of hidden relationships and the beauty of keeping love low-key.

Lyrics of Low Key (feat. Humby) by Beéle

Letra de "Low Key" ft. Humby

Intro: Joeboy & Beéle
Oou wee
Oh, naa, naa
Joeboy Pon Deck

Verso 1: Joeboy & Beéle
Lowkey I dey feel your style
Lowkey I dey feel your parole
Truly me I know wan lie
Shawty man I gatts let you know sey
Calla'o, tú estás full de style (Your style)
Tú está' por encima de todas (Your parole)
Yo paso na' más pa' mirarte (Yeah, yeah)
Low-key, pa' que no se enteren
Te propongo que me mires
Y bebé, si te provoca (Go, gaga)
De lejito pa' que la gente no escuche
Baby, apaga las luce', no nos veamos las cara'
Pero que el cora se junte

Coro: Maria Becerra & Joeboy, Beéle
(Mama, mama, mi-a-ye)
(Uoh, uoh) Low-key
(Uoh, uoh) Por debajo
(Uoh, uoh) Low-key
(Uoh, uoh) Estamos low-key
(Uoh, uoh) Low-key
(Uoh, uoh) Estamos low-key
(Uoh, uoh)
(Low-key pa' que no se enteren)
Lady, lady

Verso 2: Maria Becerra
Cuando te vi venir, no tardé en decidir
Que te quiero solo pa' mí, vámono' lejito' de aquí
De pronto sucedió, va aumentando el calor
Siente cómo suena el dembow, así late mi corazón
Sabe qué hacer pa' que pierda el control
Me muerde en el cuello
Es un delito y sabemo' los do'
Mantenerlo en secreto
Que no se enteren, keep it in secret
Nadie va a saber lo que pasó ayer

Coro: Maria Becerra & Joeboy, Beéle
(Uoh, uoh) Low-key
(Uoh, uoh) Por debajo
(Uoh, uoh) Low-key
(Uoh, uoh) Estamos low-key
(Uoh, uoh) Low-key
(Uoh, uoh) Estamos low-key
(Uoh, uoh) Estamos low-low-low-low-key
(Low-key pa' que no se enteren)

Verso 3: Joeboy
You dey scatter the area
Give me fever like sey you malaria
All the boys from the hood they be hailing ya
Hold you down so you know I'm never failing ya
So eyy
When I say, make you come dey
No dey use me
Pose, ayy a
If na lie I dey lie make water carry me go

Puente: Beéle
De lejito' y de la nada
Llegaste tú sin tener que decirme nothing
Ahora atardece en tu mirada
Y muero por tu boca, así que dale por fin
No dejes de bailarme así
Mami, nadie se va a enterar
Todo de ti lo conocí y eso nadie lo espera
En un mood tranqui es que andamo'

Coro: Maria Becerra & Joeboy, Beéle
(Uoh, uoh) Low-key
(Uoh, uoh) Por debajo
(Uoh, uoh) Low-key
(Uoh, uoh) Estamos low-key
(Uoh, uoh) Low key
(Uoh, uoh) Estamos low-key
(Uoh, uoh)
(Low-key pa' que no se enteren)

Outro: Beéle & Maria Becerra
Joeboy, Joeboy-boy-boy
Mami, voy por ti
Humby, yeah
DJ DaDari
La Nena de Argentina
No, no, no
El Súper Da-Dakis
Yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah
(Oh, mama)
(Low-key pa' que no se enteren)
Ajá, Humby, tócame esa
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