Meaning and Lyrics of Love Of A Girl by The Avett Brothers

Song Lyrics meaning of Love Of A Girl by The Avett Brothers

About The Avett Brothers

The Avett Brothers are an American folk rock band formed in 2000 in Concord, North Carolina. The band consists of brothers Scott Avett and Seth Avett, along with Bob Crawford and Joe Kwon. Known for their heartfelt lyrics and energetic performances, The Avett Brothers have gained a strong following with their unique blend of bluegrass, folk, country, and rock music. One of their well-known songs is “Love Of A Girl,” which showcases their emotive songwriting and harmonious vocal delivery. With a reputation for deeply personal and introspective lyrics, The Avett Brothers have solidified their place in the contemporary music scene as an authentic and talented group.
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Meaning of Love Of A Girl by The Avett Brothers

“Love Of A Girl” by The Avett Brothers seems to narrate a story of personal reflection, emotional struggles, and the enduring motivation to persevere, all in the name of love for a special person.

In the verses, the narrator appears to be dealing with regrets, feeling in debt to their own soul, while acknowledging their own imperfections and inner turmoil. There is a sense of searching for clarity and purpose, highlighted by the imagery of being lost underwater, nightfall, and feeling hesitant like a modern-day Huckleberry Finn. The mention of sneaking out, being alone in a darkened room, and the surreal scene of floating sheep may symbolize detachment or escapism from reality.

The chorus expresses a sense of longing and anticipation, with the narrator always on the verge of expecting someone to remind them of their struggles, which are ultimately endured for the sake of love. This repeated focus on the sacrifices made for love reinforces the theme of love as a transformative and motivating force.

The second verse introduces the narrator’s older brother, who is depicted as a complex character embodying both fighting and loving qualities. This contrast could symbolize the duality of human nature, the constant balance between strength and tenderness. The imagery of running onto a field for a touchdown celebration and racing through scenes like gasoline in a car engine conveys a sense of urgency and dynamism in life’s journey.

The third verse delves into the harsh realities of life on Earth, acknowledging the challenges and heartache that come with it. Despite facing difficulties, the narrator seems to find solace in the simple joys of everyday life, such as running errands and buying flowers. This juxtaposition of struggles and moments of happiness underscores the resilience and optimism inherent in the narrator’s character.

Overall, “Love Of A Girl” seems to explore themes of self-discovery, perseverance through hardships, and the enduring power of love to inspire and sustain us through life’s trials and tribulations. The song conveys a message of hope, resilience, and the transformative nature of love as a driving force in navigating the complexities of human existence.

Lyrics of Love Of A Girl by The Avett Brothers

Verse 1
I got regret, soul debt
Gotta get one hit
Sunlit, unfit
Still owe my alma matter
Nightmare, slow throwin'
Haymakers underwater
Gotta get my hair right
Love you, goodnight
Gotta get cleaned up
Pressed up, dressed up
Sun down comes around
Find me with my head down
Toes turned in with my hands in my pockets
Like a present day
Hesitatin' Huckleberry Finn

So I sneak out, peace out
Peek out the curtains
Of a blacked out bedroom
Passed out cartoon
Version of a person
With a whole hДrd of sheep
Just floatin' in a circle
With some capital Z's

NevДr find me
Waiting kindly
For someone
To come remind me
Why I struggle so
Well it's all for the love of a girl

Verse 2
I got one older brother
He's a fighter and a lover
And every other day
He seems to rediscover
What the underlying meaning
Of the dreaming and the scheming is
History colliding with the soul and the showbiz
Don't save much
For a touchdown celebration
Runnin' out the tunnel
On a hundred foot elevation
Racin' through the scene
Like a drop of gasoline
Through a 427 in a Ford Galaxy

Never find me (him)
Waiting patient
For someone
To come explain it
Why I (he) suffers so
Well it's all for the love of a girl

Verse 3
It's a hard up, hard luck
Planet that we're livin' on
Heartache partaken
Of the blue ribbon
On most of the trails
That we didn't put rails on
Showing at the funeral home with bells on
Gotta get woken up
Opened up all the way
Lawyer on the phone saying
Hey I just called to say
Still two or three bills in the mail on the way
Hope ya doin' all right
Hope ya had a great day
Well as a matter of fact
I ain't really doin' half bad
I was out running errands
From early 'til half past four
And I got a good deal on flowers at the grocery store

Never find me
Waiting kindly
For someone
To come remind me
Why I struggle so
Why I struggle so
Well it's all for the love of a girl

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