Meaning and Lyrics of love. by wave to earth

Song Lyrics meaning of love. by wave to earth

About wave to earth

Wave to Earth is an indie rock trio from South Korea that has been making waves in the underground music scene since their formation in 2019. Consisting of members Daniel Kim (vocals, guitar), John Cha (bass), and Dong Kyu (drums), the band has gained a devoted following for their dreamy, atmospheric sound.

Their music blends elements of shoegaze, dream pop, and alternative rock, creating a lush sonic landscape that’s both introspective and expansive. Wave to Earth’s lyrics often explore themes of youth, love, and existential contemplation, resonating deeply with their primarily Gen Z audience.

The band’s breakout single “love..” perfectly encapsulates their ethereal style, featuring shimmering guitars, gentle vocals, and a hypnotic rhythm that pulls listeners into a nostalgic reverie. This track, along with others from their debut EP “0.1 Flaws and All”, has helped Wave to Earth carve out a unique niche in the increasingly diverse Korean indie music landscape.

Despite their relatively short career, Wave to Earth has already garnered international attention, with their music finding its way onto numerous “chill” and “indie” playlists across streaming platforms. As they continue to evolve their sound and grow their fanbase, Wave to Earth is poised to become a significant force in the global indie rock scene.

Meaning of love. by wave to earth

The song “사랑으로” by wave to earth delves into the theme of love and its transformative power on individuals and relationships. In the lyrics, the verses highlight the complex and fluid nature of human interactions and desires, comparing them to the ebb and flow of winds. This imagery suggests that each person carries their own hopes and dreams that intertwine and evolve as they connect with others.

The pre-chorus sets the stage for a personal transformation, emphasizing the idea that one’s world solidifies and takes shape when their resolve and determination reach a certain point. It suggests a journey towards self-realization and personal growth, symbolized by firm footing and a sense of purpose.

The chorus reflects on the process of love and its impact on the self. It conveys the idea that even the smallest of hearts and desires undergo a process of breaking, hardening, melting, and revealing one’s true essence and enduring nature. Love is depicted as a force that reveals the eternal self hidden beneath layers of vulnerability and strength.

In the second verse, the focus shifts to the collective experience of love. It emphasizes the power of unity and coming together in love to seek eternity. The act of surrendering body and soul to this shared experience is portrayed as a transformative and unifying force that binds individuals in a timeless bond.

The bridge brings a sense of completeness and perfection to this shared world of love, emphasizing that true perfection is achieved through love. The repetition of the phrase “사랑으로” reinforces the idea that love is the ultimate catalyst for personal and collective fulfillment.

The chorus reiterates the themes of personal growth and revelation through love. It describes how even the smallest desires and emotions, akin to gentle waves, break and recede, ultimately melting into the depths of another. The unveiling of one’s eternal self only becomes apparent when love has run its course, leaving behind a transformed and revealed essence.

Overall, “사랑으로” by wave to earth presents love as a profound and multifaceted force that shapes individuals, relationships, and a shared sense of eternity. It encapsulates the journey of self-discovery, unity, and transformation that love can bring about in both the personal and collective realms.

Lyrics of love. by wave to earth

wave to earth "사랑으로" 가사

Verse 1
사람 사이 사람
바람 사이 바람
각자의 염원이 바래고

Ooh, 발이 닿을 만큼 굳어지면
Ah-oh, 비로소 내 세상이 되어줘
Ah-oh (Ah-oh)

나의 작은 마음도
그 안에 자란 나음도
부서지고 굳어지고
그제서야 보이는 나의 영원

Verse 2
사람 사이 사랑
모두 함께 모여서, oh-oh-oh-oh
(Ah-oh) 영원을 바라고
몸 마음 묻어내면, oh-oh-oh, oh-oh

비로소 우리의 세상이 완벽해, oh-oh

나의 작은 마음도
그 안에 작은 파도처럼
부서지고 밀려와선
네게 녹아내리고
그제서야 보이는 나의 영원

Discography wave to earth

0.1 flaws and all.

Release: 2023-04-20
Label: ADA Korea
Popularity: 👏👏👏👏
1. bad
2. sunny days
3. peach eyes
4. evening glow
5. pink horizon
6. pink
7. calla
8. love.
9. homesick
10. dried flower
11. sunburn
12. akira
13. nouvelle vague
14. so real
Tracklist Collapse

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Price Range: $49.5 – 75
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Wave To Earth: 0.03 Tour

Price Range: $49.5 – 69.5
Date: 2024-09-20
Location: Fox Theater – Oakland
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