Meaning and Lyrics of Life & Death by WALKER.

Song Lyrics meaning of Life & Death by WALKER.


WALKER is a mysterious and enigmatic electronic music producer who burst onto the scene in the mid-2010s. Shrouded in anonymity, WALKER’s true identity remains unknown, adding an intriguing layer to their musical persona.

Known for crafting emotive and atmospheric electronic tracks, WALKER’s sound blends elements of ambient, downtempo, and cinematic music. Their compositions often feature lush soundscapes, intricate layering, and haunting melodies that evoke deep emotional responses from listeners.

WALKER’s breakout track, “Life & Death,” exemplifies their signature style. The song’s ethereal synths, pulsing rhythms, and melancholic undertones showcase the artist’s ability to create immersive sonic experiences that blur the lines between electronic and organic sounds.

Despite maintaining a low profile, WALKER has garnered a dedicated following in the electronic music community. Their releases have been featured on various influential playlists and music channels, contributing to their growing reputation as a talented and enigmatic force in the electronic music scene.

WALKER’s discography, while not extensive, continues to evolve, with each release further cementing their status as a captivating and innovative electronic artist to watch.

Meaning of Life & Death by WALKER.

“LIFE & DEATH” by WALKER is a compelling and emotive song that delves deep into the themes of loss, regret, and accepting the impermanence of life. The repetition of “Don’t let them fade” and “Don’t let him fade” throughout the lyrics emphasizes the urgency and desperation one feels when faced with the prospect of losing someone or something precious.

The bridge of the song provides a poignant reflection on unexpected tragedy and the suddenness of losing a loved one. The lines convey a sense of disbelief and helplessness, wondering how something so tragic could occur and expressing the pain of missing the person who has passed away. The reference to being “one slip away from darkness” creates a vivid imagery of the fragility of life and how easily it can slip away from our grasp. The regret and sorrow of not being able to prevent the loss is palpable in the lyrics, capturing the raw emotions associated with grief.

The repeated plea of “Don’t let them fade” is a cry to hold on to memories, to keep the essence of what was lost alive in our hearts. It serves as a reminder to cherish the moments we have with the people we love and not take them for granted. The repetition reinforces the idea of not letting the memories, the essence of the person, or their impact on our lives fade away, emphasizing the importance of preserving their presence even after they are gone.

Overall, “LIFE & DEATH” by WALKER is a moving and introspective piece that explores the complexities of loss, the intertwining of life and death, and the enduring impact of those we have loved and lost. The song captures the essence of human emotions in the face of mortality, urging listeners to confront the inevitability of death while also celebrating the enduring legacy of those we have lost.

Lyrics of Life & Death by WALKER.

Don’t let them fade
Don’t let him fade
Don’t them fade
Don’t let him fade
Don’t let them fade
Don’t let them fade
Don’t let them fade

I know it wasn’t on purpose
It never gave you a chance
We didn’t really expect it
How did it end up like that?
One slip away from darkness
When I was holding your hand
I know I’ll miss you in the morning
How does it end up like that?

Don’t let them fade
Don’t let him fade

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