Meaning and Lyrics of Layin’ on the Tracks by David Duchovny

Song Lyrics meaning of Layin’ on the Tracks by David Duchovny

About David Duchovny

David Duchovny, best known for his iconic roles in “The X-Files” and “Californication,” surprised fans by venturing into the music world in his 50s. Born in 1960, this New York native’s foray into songwriting came as a late-career curveball.

Duchovny released his debut album, “Hell or Highwater,” in 2015, showcasing a blend of folk-rock and alternative country. His sophomore effort, “Every Third Thought,” followed in 2018, further cementing his musical identity.

His song “Layin’ on the Tracks” exemplifies Duchovny’s introspective lyrics and stripped-down sound. The track’s bluesy undertones and poetic musings demonstrate his growth as a songwriter, even if his vocals retain a certain actorly quality.

While Duchovny’s music career may not reach the heights of his on-screen success, it represents a genuine artistic expression from a multi-faceted talent. His transition from screen to stage proves that it’s never too late to pursue new creative passions, even in the fickle world of showbiz.

Meaning of Layin’ on the Tracks by David Duchovny

“Layin’ on the Tracks” by David Duchovny explores themes of inner conflict, self-destruction, and the struggle to break free from past traumas. The song delves into the metaphorical war within ourselves, drawing parallels to a civil war that has been ongoing since before significant events like a flood, suggesting a deeply rooted conflict. The mention of a part of us being “at home in the blood” indicates a connection to our own history and struggles, symbolizing a comfort in pain or suffering.

The lyrics describe a sense of alienation and feeling lost, with lines like “Nobody knows where to find you” reflecting a loneliness or disconnection from oneself or others. The reference to the “razor’s edge” alludes to the precarious balance between control and chaos, hinting at the fine line between stability and collapse in one’s psyche.

The song also touches on themes of guilt and emotional baggage, with the idea of needing to “kill” a part of oneself to survive, yet being unable to fully overcome the resulting inner turmoil. The inability to fill the void left by these suppressed emotions or traumas is emphasized, suggesting a constant struggle to find resolution or peace.

References to societal dynamics, such as crowds gathering in “poison rain” to witness spectacle or sensationalism, may symbolize the external pressures and expectations that influence individual behavior and self-perception. The mention of an “orange man in a cheap red hat” could be interpreted as a critique of superficial or divisive figures in power who distract from deeper issues or truths.

The chorus shifts to a call for unity or solidarity in facing personal demons, with a plea to “stand with me now at the river’s edge.” This could signify a shared journey towards self-awareness and healing, acknowledging the interconnectedness of suffering and the importance of mutual support.

Ultimately, the song’s refrain of “Layin’ on the tracks, I don’t wanna come back” conveys a desire to escape from the burdens of the past or present struggles, possibly hinting at a longing for release or freedom from inner turmoil. The repetition of this refrain reinforces the sense of being stuck or trapped in a cycle of pain, seeking a way out but feeling unable to fully break free.

Overall, “Layin’ on the Tracks” by David Duchovny presents a complex exploration of inner turmoil, self-reflection, and the quest for redemption or resolution amidst internal and external conflicts.

Lyrics of Layin’ on the Tracks by David Duchovny

This civil war that we’ve been fighting in
Since before the flood
Yeah there’s a part of us that’s always been
At home in the blood
Nobody knows where to find you
Nobody knows you half the time

Have you seen what it’s like
At the razor’s edge?

The part of you that needed love
You had to kill, you had to make it pay
But It keeps slipping through the cracks
You cannot fill this shadow you can’t slay

The crowds will gather in the poison rain
To hear what they want
Scream and cheer for what was once insane
That passes for fun
It’s a killing joke that no one laughs at
A stupid orange man in a cheap red hat

Will you stand with me now
At the river’s edge?

The part of me that turned away
I have to kill, I have to break the chain
Because your suffering, it is my pain
It is my suffering
Layin' on the tracks
I don’t wanna come back
I don't wanna come

Discography David Duchovny


Release: 2021-08-20
Label: Westbound Kyd
1. Nights Are Harder These Days
2. Holding Patterns
3. Chapter and Verse
4. Everything Is Noise
5. Stay Until
6. Tessera
7. Layin’ on the Tracks
8. Playing at the Same Dream
9. Call Me When You Land
10. Mind of Winter
11. Pacific Coast Highway
12. Sea of Tranquility
Tracklist Collapse

Every Third Thought

Release: 2018-02-09
Label: Westbound Kyd
1. Half Life
2. Every Third Thought
3. Maybe I Can’t
4. Stranger in the Sacred Heart
5. Mo’
6. Someone Else’s Girl
7. When the Whistle Blows
8. Spiral
9. Roman Coin
10. Jericho
11. The Last First Time
12. Marble Sun
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Hell or Highwater

Release: 2015-05-12
Label: King Baby
1. Let It Rain
2. 3000
3. Stars
4. Hell or Highwater
5. The Things
6. The Rain Song
7. Unsaid Undone
8. Lately It’s Always December
9. Another Year
10. Passenger
11. When the Time Comes
12. Positively Madison Avenue</a
Tracklist Collapse
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