Meaning and Lyrics of June Baby by Victoria Canal

Song Lyrics meaning of June Baby by Victoria Canal

About Victoria Canal

Victoria Canal is a Spanish-American singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who has made waves in the indie pop scene with her soulful voice and introspective lyrics. Born with one arm due to amniotic band syndrome, Canal has become an advocate for disability representation in the music industry.

Her journey in music began at a young age, honing her skills on piano and guitar despite physical challenges. Canal’s sound blends elements of folk, R&B, and indie pop, creating a unique sonic landscape that showcases her vulnerable storytelling and impressive vocal range.

In 2019, Canal released her debut EP “Into the Pull,” which garnered critical acclaim and helped establish her as an artist to watch. Her song “June Baby” is a standout track, showcasing her ability to craft intimate, emotionally resonant ballads.

Canal has collaborated with notable artists like Michael Franti and has performed at prestigious venues worldwide. Her music often explores themes of self-acceptance, love, and personal growth, resonating with listeners who appreciate raw, honest songwriting.

As an emerging artist, Victoria Canal continues to push boundaries and challenge perceptions in the music industry, using her platform to advocate for diversity and inclusivity while captivating audiences with her undeniable talent.

Meaning of June Baby by Victoria Canal

“June Baby” by Victoria Canal explores the complexities of a romantic relationship, specifically focusing on feelings of vulnerability, uncertainty, and emotional turbulence. The song delves into the experiences of being enamored by someone, feeling exposed and disarmed by their presence, and grappling with the fear of getting hurt while confronting deep emotional connections.

In the first verse, the lyrics describe the narrator’s admiration for their partner, likening them to a ‘June baby’ and ‘social butterfly’ with a charismatic persona that captivates and intrigues. The mention of being a ‘Typical Gemini’ adds a touch of astrological symbolism, possibly hinting at dualities and conflicting emotions within the relationship. Despite the partner’s compliments, the narrator struggles to fully accept or believe them, hinting at insecurities or difficulty in receiving affection.

The chorus reveals a plea for honesty and sincerity in the relationship, showcasing a fear of emotional pain and vulnerability. The repetition of ‘I am falling apart’ emphasizes the fragility of the protagonist’s emotional state and their need for reassurance and authenticity in their interactions.

In the second verse, the song delves into a sense of intimacy and exposure, with the narrator feeling ‘naked’ both physically and emotionally in front of their partner. The admission of potentially loving the partner despite initial reservations adds a layer of emotional depth and conflict to the narrative.

As the song progresses, there is a shift in tone towards a more candid and straightforward exploration of feelings. The lyrics juxtapose casual encounters with deeper emotional revelations, highlighting the juxtaposition between carefree moments and intense emotional realizations.

The bridge confronts the uncertainty and internal conflicts within the relationship, symbolized by the setting of the backseat of a car. The imagery of ‘settling in’ and the question of ‘pulling away’ suggest a struggle to find stability and security in the face of emotional turmoil.

The outro delivers a raw and vulnerable confession from the narrator, expressing both fear and love towards their partner. The ambiguous yet sincere declaration of emotions encapsulates the rollercoaster of feelings present throughout the song, capturing the essence of navigating a complex and intense relationship.

Overall, “June Baby” by Victoria Canal offers a poignant and introspective exploration of love, vulnerability, and emotional upheaval, resonating with listeners through its honest portrayal of the intricacies of human connections and the tumultuous journey of falling in love.

Lyrics of June Baby by Victoria Canal

Verse 1
You June baby
The social butterfly
About to save me
Typical Gemini
Trying my best to
Savour your compliments
Honest to God, I
Can't take the half of it

Verse 2
Pretty invasive
Spotting my cover up
Hands on my body
I want you to take it off
You saw me naked
Totally freaking out
Afraid to say it
I think I love you now

Don’t hurt my feelings
Unless you mean it
I am falling apart
I am falling apart, ah, ah, ah, ah

Verse 3
You June baby
Take me to Chinatown
It's not a date we
Just kinda f**k around
Dead sober
And then you're going down
Head on my shoulders
I think I love you now

Don’t hurt my feelings (Don't hurt my feelings)
Unless you mean it (Unless you mean it)
I am falling apart
I am falling apart, ah, ah, ah, ah
(I am falling apart, ah, ah, ah, ah)

Just what I needed (Just what I needed)
Tear me to piecеs (Tear me to piecеs)
I am falling apart
Breaking open my heart, ah, ah, ah, ah

And we're settling in
In the back of your car
It's the heat of your skin
It's your voice in the dark
Are you pulling away
From the weight of my heart?
I am falling apart
I am falling apart

And we're settling in
In the back of your car
(Don't hurt my feelings)
It's the heat of your skin
It’s your voice in the dark
(Unless you mean it)
Are you pulling away
From the weight of my heart?
(Don’t hurt my feelings)
I am falling apart
I am falling apart

Outro (Spoken)
Hey babe
I'm just calling to let you know
I am afraid of you
But I also maybe love you
Okay, goodbye

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