Meaning and Lyrics of Janice by Dilaw

Song Lyrics meaning of Janice by Dilaw

About Dilaw

Dilaw is an emerging Filipino indie rock band that has been making waves in the local music scene since their formation in 2018.

Hailing from Manila, the quartet consists of lead vocalist and guitarist Enzo Castillo, bassist Jao Chua, drummer Francis Del Valle, and guitarist Silas Natividad. Their sound blends elements of alternative rock, shoegaze, and dream pop, creating a unique sonic landscape that’s both nostalgic and fresh.

The band’s breakout single, “Janice,” released in 2020, showcases their knack for crafting catchy melodies wrapped in fuzzy guitar textures and introspective lyrics. The track’s dreamy atmosphere and earworm chorus quickly garnered attention on streaming platforms and local radio stations.

Dilaw’s debut EP, “Lunod Sa Gunita,” dropped in 2021, further cementing their place in the Philippine indie rock scene. Their live performances, known for their raw energy and ethereal soundscapes, have earned them a dedicated following and spots at notable local music festivals.

As they continue to evolve their sound and expand their reach, Dilaw stands poised to become one of the most exciting acts to emerge from the Philippines in recent years.

Meaning of Janice by Dilaw

“Janice” by Dilaw is a song that speaks to the desire for a temporary escape from the complexities of life and the longing for a moment of intimate connection with someone special. The lyrics evoke a sense of fleeting happiness and togetherness in the midst of uncertainties.

The first verse invites the listener to take a risk and spend a brief ten minutes sailing into the unknown realms of the mind together. This imagery suggests a shared journey of exploration and introspection, away from the distractions of the outside world.

The pre-chorus emphasizes the idea of leaving behind all distractions and focusing on the present moment. It calls for setting aside the burdens of the past and the worries of the future to fully immerse in the present with a sense of clarity and freedom.

The chorus, repeated twice, underscores the theme of seizing a moment of togetherness. It highlights the value of cherishing the present moment with a loved one, even if it is just for a brief period. This repetition emphasizes the significance of this fleeting connection.

In the second verse, the lyrics invite closeness and touch, even if it is for just ten seconds. The act of holding hands, despite imperfections and uncertainties, is portrayed as a bridge towards the unknown, suggesting that taking a chance on love is a path to new possibilities.

The bridge introduces a sense of acceptance towards the unpredictability of life. It acknowledges that things may not always go as planned, but trust in fate to find a way. The image of running into the unknown with someone by your side, promising not to let go, conveys a sense of resilience and companionship in facing life’s challenges.

The outro echoes the chorus, emphasizing the brevity of the moment shared between two people. It serves as a reminder to cherish the fleeting connections and moments of intimacy that bring joy and comfort amidst the uncertainties of life.

Overall, “Janice” by Dilaw captures the essence of fleeting moments of connection and intimacy in the midst of life’s complexities. It conveys a message of seizing the present moment, embracing love and companionship, and finding solace in brief moments of togetherness.

Lyrics of Janice by Dilaw

Verse 1
Halika rito
Sumugal ka ng sampung minuto
Sabay tayong maglalayag sa kawalan
Sakay ng ating isipan

Iwan natin silang lahat
Tayo muna hanggang sa pagdilat
Buburahin lahat ng alaala kasama sila

Saglit lang
Tayo munang dalawa
Saglit lang
Tayo munang dalawa

Verse 2
Lumapit ka rito
Kahit na sampung segundo
Hawakan ang aking kamay kahit pasmado
Magsisilbing tulay tungo sa 'di sigurado

Iwan natin silang lahat
Tayo muna hanggang sa pagdilat
Buburahin lahat ng alaala kasama sila

Saglit lang
Tayo munang dalawa
Saglit lang
Tayo munang dalawa

At kung sakaling hindi
Umayon ang panahon
Hahayaan ng tadhanang
Gumawa ng paraan
Tatakbo sa kawalan
'Di ka papakawalan

Saglit lang
Tayo munang dalawa

Discography Dilaw

Di Ilaw Sa Gabing Mapanglaw (Live at Teatrino)

Release: 2023-12-01
Label: Warner Music Philippines
Popularity: 👏
1. Hithit Buwang – Live at Teatrino
2. Walwal – Live at Teatrino
3. 3019 – Live at Teatrino
4. Kaloy – Live at Teatrino
5. Maskara – Live at Teatrino
6. Goodnight Prayer – Live at Teatrino
7. Uhaw – Live at Teatrino
8. Janice – Live at Teatrino
9. Sansinukob – Live at Teatrino
10. Orasa – Live at Teatrino
Tracklist Collapse
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