Meaning and Lyrics of Intrusive Thoughts by Lola Young

Song Lyrics meaning of Intrusive Thoughts by Lola Young

About Lola Young

Lola Young:
Lola Young is a British musician known for her soulful and emotive sound. She combines elements of R&B, jazz, and pop in her music, creating a unique and captivating style. Young’s lyrics often touch on personal and raw emotions, drawing listeners in with her vulnerability and honesty. One example song by Lola Young is “Intrusive Thoughts.” This haunting track dives into the struggles of dealing with intrusive and unwanted thoughts, exploring the complexities of mental health and self-reflection. Young’s powerful vocals and introspective lyrics make “Intrusive Thoughts” a poignant and moving piece of music.
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Meaning of Intrusive Thoughts by Lola Young

“Intrusive Thoughts” by Lola Young delves into the artist’s inner struggles with intrusive thoughts and mental health. The song is a poignant reflection on the battle of the mind and the complexities that come with dealing with intrusive thoughts.

In the first verse, Lola addresses these intrusive thoughts as if they were unwelcome guests, expressing a desire for them to disappear. The mention of “wired all strange” suggests a feeling of being different or disconnected from what is considered normal.

The second verse delves deeper into the turmoil caused by these intrusive thoughts, with a sense of desperation to quiet the noise within her mind. The lyrics vividly capture the torment and confusion that these thoughts bring, blurring the lines between reality and imagination.

The chorus paints a vivid picture of the overwhelming nature of these intrusive thoughts, likening them to an army constantly besieging her mind. The irony that they don’t intend harm but still cause distress adds a layer of complexity to the internal struggle Lola faces.

As the song progresses, Lola confronts these thoughts with defiance and frustration. The reference to increasing medication highlights the lengths she is willing to go to silence the intrusive thoughts that plague her peace of mind.

The darker themes in the fourth verse showcase the depth of the turmoil Lola faces, with thoughts of self-harm and feelings of isolation. The raw emotion in these lyrics reflects the intensity of the internal battle she is experiencing.

The chorus is repeated, emphasizing the overwhelming nature of these intrusive thoughts and the internal conflict they create. Despite the chaos within her mind, Lola questions if a harmonious co-existence with these thoughts is possible.

The outro takes a different turn, offering a sense of acceptance towards these intrusive thoughts. The imagery of inviting them in and offering a gesture of hospitality with “I’ll put the kettle on” suggests a willingness to acknowledge and make peace with these intrusive thoughts.

Overall, “Intrusive Thoughts” by Lola Young is a raw and introspective exploration of mental health struggles, challenging the listener to confront the complexities of living with intrusive thoughts while also highlighting the artist’s resilience and strength in dealing with these inner demons.

Lyrics of Intrusive Thoughts by Lola Young

Verse 1
Hey, there, intrusive thoughts
You don't make sense at all
Wish you would go away with some paracetamol
Hey, there, intrusive thoughts
Maybe I'm wired all strange

Verse 2
All these intrusive thoughts
Don't know what's real or not
They scream inside my head
Wish I could kill the lot
I've got intrusive thoughts
Maybe I'm wired all strange
All strange

A thousand of you like an army
It's weird 'cause you don't wanna harm me
Kind of messed up that you are me
Can't we just play nicely?

Verse 3
Fuck you, intrusive thoughts
You intrude on everything
This better shut you up
Upping my meds again
Why do you come around
And show me I'm wired all strange?

Verse 4
I could jump off this balcony
And no one would care
And my friend wants to kill me
I know it, I swear
And I'm not what I thought
When I thought that I wasn't all there

A thousand of you like an army
It's weird 'cause you don't wanna harm me
Kind of messed up that you are me
Can't we just play?
Thousand of me at the party
Would've been nice if you asked me
Kind of messed up that you are me
Guess we just play nicely

Oh, hey, there, intrusive thoughts
We got off on the wrong
Foot back there, come on in
I'll put the kettle on
They're just intrusive thoughts
And maybe I'm not all that strange

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