Meaning and Lyrics of Iceman by The Damn Quails

Song Lyrics meaning of Iceman by The Damn Quails

About The Damn Quails

The Damn Quails is an American country music band known for their soulful vocals and folk-rock sound. Formed in 2011 in Oklahoma, the band consists of Gabriel Marshall and Bryon White. Their music is characterized by powerful lyrics and harmonies that combine traditional country with a modern twist. One of their popular songs, Iceman, showcases their unique style and storytelling abilities. With memorable melodies and heartfelt lyrics, The Damn Quails have gained a dedicated following in the country music scene.

Meaning of Iceman by The Damn Quails

“Iceman” by The Damn Quails portrays a chilling narrative of a morally bankrupt individual reflecting on their wicked ways. The song delves into themes of regret, redemption, and the consequences of one’s actions.

In the first verse, the protagonist acknowledges their despicable nature, openly admitting to behaviors such as drinking, cheating, and lying. This self-awareness sets the tone for the rest of the song, establishing the narrator as a deeply flawed character.

Moving to the second verse, the protagonist further expounds on their negative traits, describing themselves as a bastard whose presence causes distress to those around them. The use of the term “bastard” emphasizes the narrator’s lack of remorse for their actions, suggesting a hardened and unrepentant demeanor.

The chorus conveys a sense of defiance and indifference towards redemption. The protagonist shows a lack of interest in atoning for their sins, expressing a willingness to resort to violence rather than allowing others to escape unscathed. This attitude highlights the character’s unapologetic and ruthless nature.

The bridge introduces the imagery of an “Iceman,” symbolizing impending doom and retribution. The narrator warns of a forthcoming reckoning, advising others to seek shelter and protection from the impending wrath. The bridge also touches on themes of justice and betrayal, suggesting that betrayal will not go unpunished.

In the third verse, the protagonist admits to committing heinous acts for personal gain, including murder, torture, and exploitation. Despite acknowledging their sins, there is a sense of resignation and acceptance of their fate, indicating a realization of the consequences of their actions.

The outro concludes with a cryptic statement hinting at the protagonist’s desire for freedom, possibly alluding to a longing for escape or a metaphorical breaking free from their past sins.

Overall, “Iceman” paints a grim portrait of a character consumed by darkness and sin, grappling with their own malevolent nature while hinting at a glimmer of hope for redemption or liberation. The song’s poignant lyrics and haunting melody create a haunting and introspective narrative that leaves listeners contemplating the complexities of human nature and the consequences of one’s choices.

Lyrics of Iceman by The Damn Quails

Verse 1
I am a terrible man
Will be 'til the day that I die
I drink and I cheat and I steal and I lie
And I am a terrible guy

Verse 2
I am a bastard, it's true
Have been ever since I was born
Each time I pass by, the children all cry
And I am a bastard, that's right

I need not redemption
I don't want ?
I'd just as soon gut ya as let you pass by
And I don't let anyone slide

An Iceman is coming
So bolt down your doors
Tuck in your babies and pray
To the god of your choice
And if hell come to save ya
Before I get mad
Then I'll let you go and maybe you'll know
Don't ever stab friends in the back

Verse 3
Well I am a terrible man
I've murdered too many to name
For money and power I've tortured and slain
Thank God that put me away
I thank God that put me away

But I'll steal these walls one day

Discography The Damn Quails

Red Dirt, Blue Light LIVE

Release: 2024-03-29
Label: Space Brain
1. Tough Luck, Crying Shame – Live
2. Midnight Swagger – Live
3. Out of the Birdcage – Live
4. Highest Shelf – Live
5. Junkies Lament – Live
6. Monsters – Live
7. Mary – Live
8. Rattlesnakes (Through the Cotton) – Live
9. California Open Invitation – Live
10. Clouding Up Your City – Live
11. Punxatawney Rambler – Live
12. Idaho – Live
13. Dollars – Live
14. Iceman – Live
15. Everything is Fine – Live
16. Someone Else’s City – Live
17. Peace in the Valley – Live
18. Man in the Mirror – Live
19. Fool’s Gold – Live
Tracklist Collapse

Clouding up Your City

Release: 2022-06-17
Label: Space Brain
1. Monsters
2. Highest Shelf
3. Harm’s Way
4. Clouding up Your City
5. Mile by Mile
6. The Punxsutawney Rambler
7. Everything Is Fine
8. Golden Sands of Leyte
9. Peace in the Valley (King of the Hill)
10. Someone Else’s City
11. Good Times?!
Tracklist Collapse

Out of the Birdcage

Release: 2015-09-04
Label: Swomp Fyst Records
1. Out of the Birdcage
2. Tough Luck / Cryin’ Shame
3. Tightrope Walker
4. Faster Than You’d Think
5. Song of Home
6. Oklahoma Blue
7. Woody Guthrie (From the Dust)
8. Rattlesnakes (Through the Cotton)
9. Give It Some Time
10. The Man in the Mirror (The Girl On the Plane)
11. Just a Little While
12. Vastness
Tracklist Collapse
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