Meaning and Lyrics of Huperzine Dreams by Microwave

Song Lyrics meaning of Huperzine Dreams by Microwave

About Microwave

Microwave is an Atlanta-based indie rock band that has been steadily carving out their niche in the alternative music scene since 2012. Led by vocalist and guitarist Nathan Hardy, the group’s sound blends elements of emo, post-hardcore, and indie rock into a potent, emotionally-charged mix.

The band’s journey began in the DIY punk scene, but they’ve since evolved into a more polished, yet still raw and authentic outfit. Their debut album, “Stovall” (2014), showcased their knack for crafting introspective, hard-hitting tracks that resonated with fans of both heavy and melodic music.

Microwave’s sophomore effort, “Much Love” (2016), saw the band refining their sound and expanding their sonic palette. The album’s blend of introspective lyrics and dynamic instrumentation cemented their status as rising stars in the indie rock world.

Their 2019 release, “Death Is A Warm Blanket”, marked a darker turn for the band, delving into heavier territories both musically and lyrically. The album’s standout track, “Huperzine Dreams”, exemplifies their ability to balance crushing riffs with melodic hooks and introspective lyrics.

Microwave continues to push boundaries and evolve their sound, garnering a dedicated fanbase and critical acclaim for their raw honesty and musical prowess.

Meaning of Huperzine Dreams by Microwave

“Huperzine Dreams” by Microwave is a reflective and introspective song that delves into themes of self-discovery, letting go, and embracing moments of clarity. The lyrics paint a vivid picture of various experiences and emotions.

In the first verse, the song opens with imagery of mundane yet meaningful moments, like staying in three-star hotels and engaging in impulsive actions towards loved ones. The reference to toes in the deep end and speaking in tongues suggests a sense of vulnerability and intimate connection. The mention of pausing the screen and seeing God’s face burned in the TV invites contemplation about the nature of existence and perfection. The lyrics challenge the listener to consider the possibility of viewing the world with a more positive and hopeful perspective, free from a fatalistic outlook.

The second verse transitions into a more introspective and philosophical exploration of letting go and finding a sense of belonging in unexpected places. Saying farewell to familiarity and embracing the unknown is portrayed as a transformative experience where losing everything opens up a new world of possibilities. The imagery of trickling down God’s porcelain throne and running every red light conveys a sense of rebellion and defiance against conventional norms. The lyrics evoke a feeling of liberation and courage to cut ties and move forward, even if it means saying goodbye to the past.

Overall, “Huperzine Dreams” by Microwave is a thought-provoking and emotionally rich song that encourages listeners to embrace change, seek clarity in their perceptions, and find meaning in moments of uncertainty.

Lyrics of Huperzine Dreams by Microwave

Verse 1
Three-star hotels, enough is enough
Kicking someone that you're close with in an impulsive act of love
Toes in the deep end (By the pool)
Speaking in tongues
We pause the screen, God’s face burned in the tv
What if everything’s as perfect as we suspected it would be?
What if we dropped the catastrophic fatalist philosophy
And looked at what's around us as lucid as our dreams?

Verse 2
Bidding farewell to the the last thing that you know
When you lose everything, thе whole world becomes your homе
The heathen doomed welcome you to the fold
Trickling down God's porcelain throne
Getting the one-way ticket, itching to get on with it
In a pair of green shades running every red light
Feeding the flame oxygen, feeling the room start spinning
Cutting all ties, saying goodbye

Discography Microwave

Let's Start Degeneracy

Release: 2024-04-26
Label: Pure Noise Records
Popularity: 👏👏
1. Portals
2. Ferrari
3. Circling the Drain
4. Bored of Being Sad
5. Straw Hat
6. Let’s Start Degeneracy
7. Omni
8. Strangers
9. Concertito in G Major
10. Huperzine Dreams</a
Tracklist Collapse

Much Love (Anniversary Edition)

Release: 2023-03-24
Label: Pure Noise Records
1. Roaches
2. Lighterless
3. Dull
4. Neighbors
5. Busy
6. Drown
7. Vomit
8. Whimper
9. Homebody
10. Wrong
11. Dull – Acoustic
12. Wrong – Acoustic
Tracklist Collapse

Death is a Warm Blanket

Release: 2019-09-13
Label: Pure Noise Records
1. Leather Daddy
2. Float to the Top
4. The Brakeman Has Resigned
5. Hate TKO
6. Pull
7. Love’s Will Tear Us Apart
8. Mirrors
9. Carry
10. Part of It
Tracklist Collapse

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Price Range: $29.5 – 39.5
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